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My most creative sesh ever @bouncelab_rueti 🤟🏽🔥 It felt so good trying out all of these challenges and learning new tricks🤙🏽 I didn't do that much tramp as you guys can see, but still cleaned up my full fulls and tried those fun tramp -> wall combos💜 Everything in my new @themotusprojects 👕 which is soo nice🔥 I really hope you all enjoy this edit! these tricks were all really sketch but I'm happy I got them! Really inspired to train by all the people I met at airwipp🇸🇪 // #flippingfeed @elise.bickley @rykervassallo @elis_torhall @ethan.garrett_ @denali.siruno @desheay @jayden1harris @noa_diorgina #flips #crazy #stunts #dangerous #freerunning #risky #risk #stunt #trampoline #parkour #whyareyoureadingthese #insane


My run from the Airwipp Challege Qualifiers😍😍 It was so hard to plan a run and even harder to actually train it because there were too many people on the course :( Also,I clipped my feet on the cast but Im still super happy that I participated and that I could be a part of this crazy event🤟🏽 I will definitely return next year❤️ Much love to all the other competitors, you were all amazing👌🏽


Crazy freerunning leftovers from my last day in copenhagen (3 months ago already) and another nice freerunning sesh with @explore.cc 💜 I hope you guys enjoy this edit, I've been working on this for quite a while ;) I also hope you enjoy the little fun/special thing in the beginning👌🏽 Filmcreds to my dad and explore.cc 🤟🏽 // #flippingfeed #freerunning #stunts #sick #dangerous #risky #risk #danger #arianagrande #pkfr @jessejankulovski @owenxkendall @dantemeloni at Copenhagen


DOPE GTRAMP SESH😍😍 This was such a fun session and I tried lots of creative stuff which I'm really happy with!🤟🏽 And yess, this is not my originial gtramp, we had to move out a while ago and I couldn't take the tramp with me (complicated) so that's all I have for now :(💜 I hope you guys enjoy this kind of edits, I love to make them :) // #flippingfeed #dangerous #stunts #trampoline #risky #crazy #risk #extremesports #insane #wtf #ripmacmiller 🖤 @jessejankulovski @camshorey77 @mattgia @sebbe.wennmalm @konste_popee @evanjrocha @moritz._.lm


BEAUTIFUL SYNCHRO EDIT from my trip to genua with @timo.eugster 😍⚡️ Timo and I decided to get as many synchro clips as possible and make a crazy edit out of it and I think it turned out really really well! definitely one of my most beautiful and dopest edits ever💕💕 Please check out my friend @timo.eugster this obviously would've not been possible with him and he deserves way more followers❤️ // #flippingfeed @flipsup2date @worldwideflippers @flip.world #dangerous #synchro #stunts #beautiful #sunset #sick #crazy at Genova, Italy


DOUBLE SIDE / RANDY / DOUBLE CORK / MY LOWEST CASTAWAY... 😨 In this past week in Genua with @timo.eugster , I did my best tricks I've ever done outside! I'm literally so hyped about all these! Double side was a dream trick for so long and it was insanely scary to do but I'm so happy I tried it and landed it on my 2nd attempt. Randy was really dope aswell🤟🏽 I hope you guys enjoy this edit, I really like how it turned out :)😍 // #flippingfeed #worldwideflippers #flip #crazy #backflip #doublesideflip #dangerous #beach #ripxxxtentacion #llj🕊 @jessejankulovski @elise.bickley @elis_torhall @joellarsson_ @slavenderoo @kevinfranzen01 @ernstjosua @joseph.hendo @robbiegriffith @johnstone_ms at Liguria, Italy


Chill edit with some cute 🐬 from today at @acquariodigenova 😍 I thought this looked really cool so I decided to do some flips and put together a little edit :) hope you guys enjoy💜 // #flippingfeed #dolphin #aquarium #fu2d #flips #backflip #cork #flipping #crazy #fish


BRIGHTON🇬🇧💜 Here are my best clips from exploring brighton for 1 week and trying the best runs I can👌🏽 I'm extremely hyped about the 540 roll and the side full to concrete🍇 I really really hope you guys enjoy this vid, I worked to hard on this, filming the clips aswell as editing them! 🍳 // #flippingfeed @joellarsson_ @sachakpowell @joseph.hendo @robbiegriffith @jaibattrick @callumstorror @tobycigar @elise.bickley @elis_torhall @tobipk at Brighton


Dope pics from brighton with some of my biggest inspirations💜 I had such a good time there and got so many dope clips since I've been training all day long for 4 days straight👌🏽 Stay tuned for 1 or 2 sick edits!😘 Big thanks to @aslan_steel & @jaibattrick for showing us around giving us the opportunity to meet all these amazing athletes🇬🇧


CRAZY GYM CLIPS😍 I dediced to put together a quick edit of some leftovers I really liked! I'm incredibly proud of the sideflip pre to 540 and the roll bomb💜 Hope you guys like that aswell and you all enjoy the edit💕 // #flippingfeed #bands #comethazine #freerunning #trampoline #crazy #flips #insane @hayden.johnsonn @jessejankulovski @juan.v4 @afriedman15 @elis_torhall @elise.bickley at Zürich, Switzerland


HALF IN and FLIFFUS from 9 METERS!!😍🦑 I'm so so happy about these two tricks at my favorite splashdiving spot because I was soo scared of them and it was probably our last outdoor splash sesh this yee because it's getting way too cold :( I really love how chill and smooth this edit turned out and I hope you guys enjoy this💕💕 // #flippingfeed dedicated to @noahshn and @noeflipz / @jessejankulovski @aslan_steel @jesseheffels @jakeskillington @jeresky @samuelrapno


Crazy leftovers😍⚡️ I decided to put together a dope edit of some sick clips I never used! I‘m really proud of the dash bomb (drop clip, the castaway off of my brother and pretty much every other clip in this vid. I hope you all enjoy this kind of mashup edit type! Thanks for the support❤️❤️ // #flippingfeed #arianagrande #flipping #freerunning #trampoline @melvinjandermark @jessejankulovski @jakeskillington @samuelrapno @quinn.procter @evanjrocha


One of my best freerunning days ever!💗 I‘m so happy about all of this stuff, especially the 360 line and the frontflip over that gap⚡️ The edit is bit different from others I‘ve done but I really liked the raw sounds of the runs so I wanted to leave them in and let the clip kinda untouched! I really love how this turned out✨ // #flippingfeed #frontflipfriday #freerunning inspired by these amazing people @joellarsson_ @themotusprojects @kevinfranzen01 @elis_torhall @elise.bickley @_hanneslarsson @luca.beaufort @charles._.luong @domtomato at Zürich, Switzerland


Dope edit of some sick clips from our schooltrip to Frankfurt🇩🇪❤️ Everything in my sick new @themotusprojects shirt!!💪🏽 I really hope you guys enjoy this edit and the tricks! The side pre to wrap full line was actually pretty hard to get :) Let me know what you thunk about this vid💜💜 // #flippingfeed @max.brewman @kelan.brewman @joellarsson_ @luca.beaufort @luke.brewman @gilesvisive


RANDY IN FULL OUT X TRIPLE CODY😨😳 this was my first time doing anything else than dub back/kaboom/cody or halfhalf to stomach and I‘m still so so happy I got this! It was by far the hardest thing I‘ve ever tried😍 Also, I really really wanted to land this and I was trying for about 2,5 hours bur then I sadly had to stop because I was way too tired and started to hurt myself on the attempts :( But I will get this oneday😊 // #flippingfeed Dedicated to @noahshn because he told me to try this ;)) FILMCREDS @jump_if_you_can ❤️ @evanjrocha @moritz._.lm @sebbe.wennmalm @rammy_ig @jaxoncosina


MOST INSANE SPLASHDIVING SESH EVER😭😍 RANDY IN off 5m plus minitramp, DUB CAST from 5m and ADOLPH LANDED off minitramp onto ground!!! I‘m literally soo hyped about all these tricks and the edit aswell since I think it‘s one of my best ones yet!!💜 I would really appreciate it if you guys and girls would show some love on this post and maybe share it with your friends! I love you all💖 BIG THANKS TO @paxskills for organizing the minitramp!! // #flippingfeed @noahshn @noeflipz @jesseheffels @jessejankulovski @afriedman15 @quinn.procter @northfaarm @jakeskillington


RANDY IN FULL OUT LANDED😨😍 DUB BACK X2 X RANDY IN LANDED🔥 I‘m so hyped about randy in full out since it was so hard to land and is definitely one of my best tricks yet!💞 I also put a lot of time into the edit and I would be really happy if you guys could leave a nice comment and maybe even share this with your friends❤️ Thanks for all the support! GREAT SONG BY. @nanotruemusic // #flippingfeed @sebbe.wennmalm @jessejankulovski @noeflipz @rammy_ig @noahshn @ln.shn @jakeskillington @evanjrocha @jaydenblue.fr @will__burnett


Dope wall tricks from yesterday😍 I’m really happy about finally getting wall full and I like how the other tricks and combos look aswell! I hope you guys enjoy these kind of chill and simple edis because I really enjoy making them💜 // #flippingfeed @camshorey77 @owencrabb__ @elise.bickley @eli.bonano @nickfeehan_

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