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In addition to travelling all over the world, the biggest plus for me in my job is getting to know incredibly exciting colleagues. And sometimes colleagues become best friends. Lawyers, doctors, secondary school teachers, bankers, high school graduates, hotel specialists, nurses, IT specialists and social workers etc. have found their PASSION in the profession of a cabin crew member. What unites us, is the passion to be there for our guests and to carry out the SWISS brand into the world. I value each and every one of my colleagues and thank them for the dedication they show every day. ✈Sabine #flyswiss #teamwork #united #cabincrewlife #cabincrew #cabincrewcasting #b777 #swissfirst at Kloten, Switzerland


After a week of office duty, I'm off into the air again tomorrow. First of all 2 Legs in Europe, before I go to São Paulo on Sunday. On Monday we were allowed to recruit some new enthusiastic colleagues. Did you also follow the casting? Tomorrow you can look forward to the answers of the big Q&A. Sabine✈ at Zürich Airport


“Time’s stood still and that’s a good thing!” Daniel (@thepouringtales) travels back to Wales - to his favourite childhood holiday spot. #TakeMeBack Share your travel moments with #TakeMeBack #MomentsThatLast #flyswiss and win flights to the place you remember. Check out the link in our bio for more information. at Wales


Before a cabin crew member works in uniform on a plane for the first time, he/she undergoes intensive ground training at Lufthansa Aviation Training. I also went to school again this week. I had the opportunity to get to know our SWISS First a little bit better. Now I can work in all three of our classes. I had a wonderful training session with two instructors who prepared us perfectly for the new challenge. The enthusiasm for our guests on board as well as their knowledge was impressive. I am happy to share my impressions with you in my story a little bit later today. Have a nice weekend - Sabine✈ #flyswiss #lufthansaaviationtraining #training #cabincrewmember #swissfirst #cabincrewcasting at Lufthansa Aviation Training


“Travelling is what made me who I am today” With #TakeMeBack, Rebekka relives her travel experiences, 20 years of friendship with Sabrina and the indescribable feeling of freedom. Share your travel moment with the hashtags #TakeMeBack #MomentsThatLast and #flyswiss and win flights back to the place you remember. Check out the link in our bio for more information. at Bangkok, Thailand


On our largest aircraft, the Boeing 777, 8 first class guests, 62 in business and 270 in economy can be accommodated. The crew consists of 14 cabin crew members who take care of the well-being and safety of our guests. Our team is divided into two Maîtres de Cabine, three First Class Flight Attendants and nine Cabin Crew Members, who can work both in business and economy. Our flagship flies to Singapore, where I would like to take you with me. Have a look at my story. #flyswiss #swissinternationalairlines #cabincrewlife #cabincrewmember #cabincrewcasting #boeing777 #777 at Zürich Airport


Do you recognize this lake? What career opportunities are there if you take off with Swiss? Already after one year there are the first opportunities to develop yourself further. You can become an Instructor, Maitre de Cabine Europe or First Class Flight Attendant. After about two years of experience, you can take the federal professional examination. In addition, there are many teams available for you to contribute your talents to. Part-time work is also possible after a certain period of full-time employment. Have a good day! Sabine #flying #flyswiss #swissinternationalairlines #cabincrewlife #cabincrew #cabincrewcasting #cockpitview #myswitzerland at Zürich Airport


“My whole family learnt how to swim here!” Silvia travelled back to the place where happy holiday memories were made in her childhood. Share your travel moments with #TakeMeBack #MomentsThatLast & #flyswiss and win flights to the place you remember. Check out the link in our bio for more information. at Lecce, Italy


While our guests sleep deeply and firmly during a long night flight, it is wondeful to catch the first rays of sunshine and enjoy the beginning of a new day. Did you know that cabin and cockpit crew members have the possibility to sleep on real beds during longer flights so that we are fit for landing at the destination? However, even on nightflights half of the crew is always on duty. Have a good start into the new week! - Sabine #flyswiss #swissinternationalairlines #cabincrewmember #cabincrew #crewfacts #behindthecurtains #sunrise at Zürich Airport


Weekends are there for flying. 🛫🌍 Where are you heading? Sabine #flyswiss #swissinternationalairlines #airportzurich #zrh #bombardier #airbus #autumn #flying #shadow #landing #finalapproach at Zürich Airport


The weekend is just around the corner. However, for us flying staff it doesn't have the same meaning as for everyone else. One has to be a little flexible. 😉 Yesterday, I talked about the basic requirements our cabin crew members have to fulfill. What is even more important is the personality of each crew member. A SWISS cabin crew member is charming, friendly, outgoing and of course service-orientated and fully aware of the meaning of Swiss hospitality. #flyswiss #swiss #swissinternationalairlines #cabincrewmember #cabincrewcasting #dreamjob #weekend at Zürich Airport


Did you know that all our Cabin Crew Members are trained on three aircraft types when finishing their training after approxmitaly one year. They mostly start with one shorthaul rating and one longhaul rating. What basic requirements do you have to fullfill in order to become a SWISS Cabin Crew Member? ✈ • Swiss or EU-citizenship • minimum height 158cm • at least 18 years old • completed higher school education or apprenticeship • very good German and English language skills • no visible tattoos • good health • finished military service if applicable If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Sabine #flyswiss #swissinternationalairlines #swiss #cabincrewmember #cabincrewcasting #morningglory #zrh #airbus #aircraft at Kloten, Switzerland

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