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If New Hampshire looks like this, it’s time we all load up in an antique @landrover and head up that way. Photo by @mcmenimon at New Hampshire


We’re headed to Seattle this week to take in all the beautiful natural landscape bounties of the autumn season. We’re headed to photograph maker made goods in epic locations. We’re headed to photograph American made works in the natural wonders of the American landscapes. We’re headed to Seattle, Snoqualmie, Mt Rainer, La Push, Bainbridge, Forks, an a few places in between. Hit us up if you’re going to be around, or if you have recommendations for must visit photo moments. at The PNW


@betterrugged’s adventure in the Pacific Northwest continues. This image from Third Beach is by @peter_lobozzo at Third Beach


@betterrugged’s adventure through the PNW continues with this gem by @lukerenoe


@peter_lobozzo is out in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with @betterrugged. This image is by Peter. at The Green A Frame Cabin

15 and I are headed out to Seattle next week to shoot landscapes. @betterrugged is already out there shooting the most epic seasonal content with some of his friends. Over the next couple days I’ll be sharing a few of their images. This is the first.


Where is your next dream destination? Photo from Glacier National Park by @davey_gravy at Glacier National Park


A pup in the PNW. Photo by @mr_brandonbaker


Fall is my favorite season to shoot in. Today I wasn’t feeling like dealing with the 85 degree Kentucky heat, but I forced myself to go up to the top of the hill and shoot a few moments as the sun began to set. I grew up on an old farm that had barns, and lakes, and creeks, and old farm houses, when we sold the farm I was sad to no longer have all those spaces to shoot in, but I’m thankful to have this little plot on top of the hill to get my autumn scenes in each year while the grasses and the goldenrods are at their peak wildness. at Kentucky


Foster Falls. Today I started following @blakecheekk and think that perhaps you should too! at Foster Falls


Finland. Photo by @thatbloom at Finland


Autumn vibes coming in strong. Photo by @zachallia in Scotland. at Scotland

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