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Food & Travel🍴✈️ Austin, TX
SHAYDA TORABI | Austin Blogger

We visited Wimberley, TX for the first time last weekend 🙌🏼 Haven kicked off turning FIVE with her first horseback riding lesson 🐴❤️ She loved it so much that we signed up for a few more classes, which means lots more Wimberley adventures in our future. After lessons, we celebrated with some skillet mac n' cheese. Have you been to Wimbereley? What must we add to our list⁉️ at The Leaning Pear


Where do you lunch when @whatjewwannaeat is in town!? @hummus_amongus_atx of course! 👯‍♀️ I’m still thinking about this Brisket Shawarma Hummus over here & missing Amy like crazy! ♥️ at Hummus Among Us ATX


Tell me your favorite pizza toppings! 🍕🍕 If I'm not ordering a margherita, it's either pepperoni or spinach/artichoke/feta for me 🙋 at Home Slice Pizza


I've been eating a heck of a lot of @picnikaustin lately ❤️ Alternating between the regular menu tacos and the special menu { #whole30approved} tacos, it's become my go-to after work meet up spot! at Picnik Austin


The @nextlevelburger in the downtown Austin @wholefoods is officially open 🙌 #ad Our favorite 🍔 at this 100% plant-based burger shop is the Classic @beyondmeat burger with special sauce - it's so darn delish! I love that Next Level is committed to sustainable practices in all aspects, from offering meat-free meals to to using compostable packaging. Is sustainability important to you? In what ways do you try to minimize your impact on the 🌍? at Whole Foods Market


It’s a boy!! 👶🏼👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 And what a time to raise a good boy! We are completely in love with the little alien inside my belly and spend so much of our time thinking about who he’ll be. Haven helps us imagine too - he’s already a regular character in her games of pretend. And since Kody told her my belly button is a microphone that goes directly to the baby, she’s constantly glued to my stomach, telling him stories and how excited she is to meet him {that’s definitely less awkward now that I’m starting to show🤰🏻}. His kicks have become recognizable over the last few days, which is both CRAZY and incredible! And I could go on and on, which is probably reason enough to dust off Wordpress and start blogging again 🤓✌🏼♥️ at Austin, Texas


We barely left the house this weekend & it felt 🙌🏼😁🙏🏼 Other than a hike & a trip to @satencoffee for one of my all time fav lunches, it was a movie watching, pajama wearing kinda weekend 🙈 The chicken katsu plate with anchovy garlic toast, kale salad & macaroni Fuji salad {for $11!!} was about the only thing that could have convinced me to break from the cozy-ness 👟🚘🍽 at Sa-Tén Coffee and Eats at Airport Blvd


Friends‼️ It’s starting to feel real, real that our kidless weekends are numbered 😱Like, this upcoming weekend marks the official countdown of 10 kidless weekends until our due date⚠️⚠️ And while we’re all sorts of excited to meet our newest munchkin, we’re also hyper aware of the need to make the most of our time together. This means hitting up our favorite restaurants & ordering our favorite dishes {like this oyster mushroom toast from @launderetteatx!}, planning road trips, checking things off our Austin bucket list, saying yes to plans with friends, and staying up past our bedtime 👵🏼👴🏻 So please, give me all of your suggestions on activities we should do before baby! ♥️🙏🏼 at Launderette Austin


Double tap if you’re a fan of potstickers! 🥟🥟 #ad I’m a super fan of keeping @bibigousa organic veggie potstickers in our freezer for busy nights or to satisfy emergency cravings. They’re jam packed with organic veggies and oh so delicious! #sharekoreanflavor #bibigo #bibigousa at Costco


How do you smoothie bowl⁉️ I’m pretty much on board as long as there’s 🥝🥝 at Southern Pressed Juicery


🎉SURPRISE🎉 Haven will be skating her way into the role of big sister this March 👧🏼👶🏼 AD I’ve been majorly concerned about how I’m going to navigate a stroller & a big kid when out & about and the @stokkebaby Trailz stroller with sibling board is the most perfect solution 💯🙌🏼 Major bonus points that I’ve had a crush on this stroller since I first started looking at baby gear! It just might be the most hip thing I own right now and I’m totally ok with that 😆 Full details on the stroller & the pregnancy will be posted on the blog when I muster up some energy ⚡️⚡️⚡️ at Sprinkles Cupcakes Austin


But really, my veggie consumption would increase by 💯 if all veggies were served on a stick with some nom sauce 😏🥕🍢 at The Brewer's Table


Three day weekends = three days of brunchin’ #amiright 🍾🍾 Where did you brunch this #labordayweekend ?? ☀️☀️ at Native Hostels


You won’t catch me ordering anything but the margherita pizza at @40northpizza {it’s my fav 🍕}, but what you will catch me doing is convincing my meal date to order the burger so I can have a few bites 🤗 I love a delicious, uncomplicated 🍔, and this one is totally worth an order! at 40 North


Reubens are one of those things that I always order but often disappoint me. Things that get me down? Fatty meat, not enough sauerkraut, greasy bread. But @littledeliandpizza had me covered with perfect proportions and ingredients. It took me 6-1/2 years to make my way to their counter, but I promise you’ll be seeing me here more often! at Little Deli & Pizzeria


Can’t believe it’s already been 2-1/2 months since we eloped 👰🏻 I’m still getting used to saying husband and often say my.. my.. Kody. Haven still calls me Kristin but is fascinated with the fact that she has a stepmom. I let her know she could call me whatever she wanted and she was like “I know, Elsa!”. So Kristin it is 😝 Names aside, I’m so happy they’re mine! The biggest surprise {that shouldn’t have been a surprise at all} is how my family absorbed Haven as a grandchild/cousin/niece so quickly and so naturally. I couldn’t be more grateful for my given family and my chosen family. I’m truly a lucky lady ✨✨ at Valley of Fire


Sign me up for anything on toast 🙋🏻‍♀️ ..especially if it’s seafood 🦀 I just found out the entire dinner menu {drinks included} at @oliveandjuneatx is 50% off M-F until 6pm & I couldn’t be more thrilled 🙌🏼🙌🏼 at Olive & June


Lots of new #summermenu items over at @lacondesaaustin ☀️💃🏻 I really enjoyed the Summer of Ceviche specials & think this ceviche {poached shrimp, golden tilefish, melon, serrano} paired with the lump crab guac & an ice cold marg is the perfect summer meal 🙌🏼 at La Condesa Austin

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