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Quispe of the Hatun Q’eros, direct bloodline of the Inca.


Patchamama waking


Looking down valley from the walls of Waqrapukara, Incan fortress of the horns. Built into the sheer cliffs of a split mountain thousands of feet above the Apurímac River valley, relatively little is known of the fortress or its inhabitants. I would guess they were a) not afraid of heights b) had pretty jacked quads from their #homemadestairmaster c) enjoyed lovely nature views despite not having instagram. hmu if you have any more relevant information on the area as I have read every internet morsel I could find in both español and british and have found very little in terms of archaeological or anthropological research.


Shadowfax at Ollantaytambo


There are few places in the world that have moved me, few people who have taught me, to the extent that the sacred valley and the children of the Quechua have. I came here first with my family, some twenty years ago on a two month journey of “immersive experiential education” that resulted in life long friendships and a deep connection to this corner of the world. It’s a connection that has spanned chapters of my life and work, and I count myself lucky each time the world spins me back into the calloused and lush embrace of these ancient ridges and rhythms of land and people. at Ollantaytambo - Valle Sagrado de los Incas


Sacred Strides XIII // The things we choose to carry. How often we choose to carry pain. Carry anger. Carry fear. Only to act surprised that they have followed us. As if the chests and minds that hold them, the legs and limbs that carry them, are someone’s other than our own. Listening at night around the campfire to the stories of the runners, I was marked by the grace with which many acknowledged pain, fear, and anger and then set it aside in order to carry on with hope, resilience, empathy and love. As the sun winked and grinned over the sandstone mesas on our final day, what she found was not anger, not violence, not fear; rather a slow line of men, women, children, and elders, running, walking, shuffling and occasionally stumbling up the sandy draw to the West of Comb ridge, moving forward together in prayer, in power, and in healing. #sacredstridesforhealing #protectbearsears at Bears Ears National Monument


Sacred Strides XII // “A lot of activists expect that for every action there is an equal and opposite and punctual reaction, and regard the lack of one as failure... But history is shaped by the groundswells and common dreams that single acts and moments only represent. It's a landscape more complicated than commensurate cause and effect. Politics is a surface in which transformation comes about as much because of pervasive changes in the depths of the collective imagination as because of visible acts, though both are necessary. And though huge causes sometimes have little effect, tiny ones occasionally have huge consequences. History is like weather, not like checkers. A game of checkers ends. The weather never does." - Rebecca Solnit


Sacred Strides XI // Alicia Littlebear. We began our leg of the prayer run in Alicia’s Pueblo in the foothills of the Jemez mountains in Western New Mexico. Along the run Alicia and her fellow runners stopped in neighboring Pueblos to gather the blessing and prayers of the local governors and war chiefs. At the elementary schools they ran laps around the schoolyards with the kids and gathered to talk about why they were making the long journey on foot to Bears Ears. Over the course of the following days, as Alicia and her band of runners worked West, up and over the snowy Jemez mountains and into a shifting landscape of faded sage and sun baked reds, they received word that children in schools across the Southwest were running laps around their home tracks in solidarity with the runners. Over the course of the week, thousands of miles would be logged, not just by those who made the journey to Bears Ears, but by many who ran in solidarity on their home turf. @wings_of_america @a.littlebear


Sacred Strides X // If you’re in the business of making kids, make a kid like Paul. Make a kid that cares. #protectbearsears #unsolicitedadviceoftheday @wings_of_america at Bears Ears National Monument


Sacred Strides IX // Remember. There is magic still in the old ways. A song on the wind and wings that thunder over golden plains. Storms that whisper horizon lines on the edge of night. No one can teach you what you’ve always known; take off your shoes, dig your toes in the soil, press your cheek to the gale and your chest to the sun. Remember. Remember you arrived. Remember you will depart. Remember to do your best in the space between.


Sacred Strides VIII // Dustin. Artist, athlete, mentor and motivator. Cares about the land, cares about the youth. Takes no shit. Gets things done. One of the driving forces behind the Sacred Strides for Healing run, Dustin (@quinnthenavajo) is also the program director for @wings_of_america. A natural leader and role model, Dustin uses running as a medium to empower native youth, passing on stories and knowledge of native running traditions to empower the next generation of great athletes, while also quietly offering the tools to explore connection to the land, and what it means to be willing to work hard for something beyond ourselves. #protectbearsears #protectthesacred #wingsofamerica at Red Mesa, Arizona


Sacred Strides VII // To run in prayer is to run for something beyond your self, your ego, your fallible human body. #protectbearsears

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