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Cheyenne, Wyoming - Aug 2018


Auto sale Denver, Colorado - Aug 2018 🚌 This one is for @tagchristof (I thought about one of your photos at that moment)


Denver, Colorado - Aug 2018 🌼 Some cities need an alternative map for tourism, to get lost in the most beautiful way. at Denver, Colorado


Morning Cheyenne, Wyoming - Aug 2018 For the record, the curtain has a buffalo pattern. Just saying. (🧡) at The Historic Plains Hotel


Morrison, CO - Aug 2018


GET Cheyenne, Wyoming - Aug 2018 at Cheyenne, Wyoming


Denver, Colorado - Aug 2018


Lingle, Wyoming - Aug 2018 - 1- I would say that 80% of my photos are vertical shots, and during this road trip, it happened the opposite. I have mainly horizontal shots, and I’m quite surprised as it for me a different way to feel a composition. What do you think ? 2- This one was shot at the back of a bank - what I didn’t notice. A guy was telling me something through the window of the building, so I waved at him. Actually he wasn’t saying hello, but just that it was forbidden to take pictures. I tried to explain what I was shooting, when he came out. He stared at me. Then, looked at this scene. There was a big silence, and then he left. I guess he is still wondering.


Badlands NP, South Dakota - Aug 2018 The tones change slightly after each curve, from soft to pastel. Wild life is there, somewhere, waiting for your city eyes to see it. at South Dakota Badland


Circle View Ranch Interior, South Dakota - Aug 2018 at Interior, South Dakota


Interior, South Dakota - Aug 2018


South Dakota from Tucson 🚗 Somewhere in the Black Hills, SD Aug 2018


Lingle, Wyoming - Aug 2018 🔻 When I took this photograph, I first thought that the red element was a door in the wall. It appears to be the back « door » of a pick-up (my guess). Which is way cooler. Sometimes I think about leaving a thank you note.


Some painting skills here Denver, CO - Aug 2018


Symmetry 4-3 Rapid City, South Dakota -Aug 2018


Parts Hot Springs, South Dakota - Aug 2018


Back alley of a car wash Rapid City, South Dakota - Aug 2018


Lusk, Wyoming - August 2018

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