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farm fresh herbals & salts...handcrafted on our organic farmette in Maine. Please do not take pictures from my gallery without permission.

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Current's a big of a tricky shot given that the garden is now only ever cloaked in shadow with spotlights of sun here and there, but check out the sun's glow on the woods 😍 So mesmerizing that I had to take a break from hoeing to soak in one of the last hurrahs of Autumn 🍁💚 at Maine


A rainbow of garden mulch...the plus side of gardening surrounded by the woods is that, come this time of year, Nature lends a hand when it comes to mulching 🍂 Beds, paths and herbs have all been topped with a collection of colorful leaves...and a few acorns, or two, or a thousand 😶 We're back in a balmy patch, so underneath all the leaves, zinnias, morning glories, sweet peas and calendula are all peeking out 🌼 There are even pole beans and cucamelons blossoming...nutty! How's your garden growing? 💚 at Maine


Rosemary dreams 🌿 Mediterranean and Maine don’t go exactly hand in hand in terms of growing climate, so I rejoice at growing rosemary that gets to a foot-and-a-half high, but dream of those towering rosemary bushes that I see growing carefree in warmer climates. Normally, I don’t bother to try to overwinter my rosemary, because frankly, I’ve had zero success at that. But this will be our first season with the little greenhouse, so I’m transferring all my garden rosemary into a fresh bed of compost inside there. I’m just hoping to keep these plants healthy and happy long enough for me to do some stem cutting to root for next year’s plants as growing by seed is seemingly slower than evolution. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes...or should I say, grows 😀💚 at Maine


Look at who came to visit me yesterday 🦋 I was so excited to have this majestic Monarch join me in the garden for a bit. It’s only the third visit from one all summer, and at first, I almost missed it because it flitters about much like the falling leaves that are tumbling down all about the garden 🍂 She (or he?) is probably making the long trip down to Mexico. I looked up migration times and it seems like she’s a bit behind her friends who passed through here in early September, so keeping my fingers crossed for her safe journey ahead. Cobbs and I found some milkweed seed pods on our walk this morning, so can’t wait to add these to the outer garden perimeter to help beckon more of these beauties next year ❤️🦋 at Maine


Happy, crazy, wet pup who is totally loving these gorgeous Autumn days. Bluebird skies, phenomenal foliage & the perfect temperature...brava Mother Nature...brava 👏🍂🐶 at Maine


Today’s harvests & some gifts from the garden fairies…plucked up some more goodies from our seemingly ever-bearing Autumn garden, but was most excited by this gaggle of volunteer gourds that grew out of one of our compost bins 🙌💚 at Maine


I own dozens of baskets, yet rarely ever remember to bring one out to the coop to collect the eggs 🤔 at Maine


Profusely thanking the garden hard frosts have hit all around us a few times now, I'm in almost disbelief that my garden has been spared. I go out each morning with one eye open timidly peering at the Nasturtiums and Morning Glories, only to be joyfully surprised when their glorious blooms call good morning back out to me 🌼 Also, so very thankful that there are still nibbles to harvested, like these pretty rainbow carrots. Hope everyone is having a good one 💗 at Maine


Bean there, done that…there’s still a gaggle of Scarlet runner beans to pluck from the trellises. These unassuming browning pods hold the prettiest treasures inside. To save the seed, stop watering the vines one month prior to harvesting. Ideally, leave the pod on the vine until dried. But if that’s not possible, pick the pods once the leaves on the vine begin to die back, this ensures that the bean has had a chance to grow to maturity. Selecting the largest and healthiest pods, bring inside to a well-ventilated area to dry either in pod, or shuck and dry beans on newspaper. It’ll take two weeks or so for the beans to fully dry. Once dried, story in an air-tight container and keep in a cool, dry space. If stored well, seed will be viable for up to three years. Happy growing 💚 at Maine


A blustery Autumn day in the garden. Jotting up a list of must-dos before we close up for the season. We're back in a wacky warm weather spell this week. Though we've come close, we haven't had a killing frost yet. Not trying to jinx it, but this is pretty unheard of for here. Normally we're lucky to make it to the first week of October. But you never know when the cold weather will decide to come to year, it snowed the day after I got my garlic in (albeit late that year) and never stopped snowing for the rest of the winter ☃️ So taking advantage of days like this 💚 at Maine


The changing of the gourd...I love how gourds continue to change hues weeks after harvest. These fetchingTennessee Dancing gourds start out a rich dark green, that slowly ebbs to a bright green that then fades to a soft yellow. Not just eye candy, these gourds double as spinning tops…just hold one by its neck and give it a quick spin. Hours of fun, I’m telling ya 😉💚 at Maine


Popping peas & watching leaves 🍂 at Maine


Good morning! Hope you're all having a gourd-geous Sunday! It's kind of gloomy out here, so hanging inside trying to rediscover our dining table which is buried under a mass of baskets, bins and trays chocked full of garden goodies. I've come to the realization that I compensate for the garden winding down, by trying to bring as much outside inside as possible. Garden harvests aside, I also have endless bins of pinecones, acorns, leaves, bird's nests and branches...and a very tolerant family 😀 Cheers to a good one 💚 at Maine


Daily shot of Autumn's awesomeness...taken on the way home from the orchard-cider, apples & doughnuts in tow 💛 at Maine


One more color blast...thrilled to find these cucumbers hiding in the vines, along with a few pepper and tomato stragglers. The lone Cornflower is still popping out bursts of blue, as the Calendula turn their focus on ripening their seeds. And check out these fuschia one told them it's mid-October 💖 Autumn leaves are cascading down all around me as I weed rediscovered pathways. To make the day a little more quintessential Fall, a flock of geese just flew overhead. All is good 🍁💚 at Maine


Still a little more nibbles for the picking...the more I clean-up the garden beds, the more harvest discoveries I'm making. I love these kind of surprises, as opposed to the kind I had a few minutes ago, when I unknowingly disturbed a mouse's nest as I turned over the greenhouse beds 😱🐭 What's going on in your garden this weekend? at Maine


More Autumnal happiness...One of my favorite things about our road are all the gorgeous stone walls. Eons ago, I spent just a mere two days helping build a stone wall and it was by far one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever done, so to build something like this, well, that just has me in awe. Mind you, this pretty wall of perfection is of a neighbor’s down the road. Our stone wall has a bit more of a rambling, wild character…at least, that’s what I’d like to think…others might say that it’s just slowly falling over 😉💚 at Maine


Tomato swan song...Jack Frost paid a visit last night ❄️ He only hinted at the damage he could do, but supposedly, come Sunday night, his hints won't be as subtle. So it's time to face the harsh reality and harvest the last tomatoes 🍅 I'll be back out later to harvest the celery, broccoli, cabbages and some kale too. Thankful to have had garden fresh goodies this long. I'll now have to garden vicariously through all my southern IG friends 👋👩‍🌾💚 at Maine

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