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farm fresh herbals & salts...handcrafted on our organic farmette in Maine. Please do not take pictures from my gallery without permission.

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All cooped up...the hens are being a bunch of chickens and staying in today, avoiding the falling snow. They’re missing out on some quality snow angels 🐔❄️ at Maine


Mid-morning coffee/bird break…thank you so much everyone for all your kind words about my winter bird friends🙏 Several folks have asked where I get take these shots, and it’s pretty much from two places…either the windows over my kitchen sink that overlook our deck or the big picture window next to my desk that looks onto a huge hemlock. Pretty exotic places, I know. The birds make the shots so easy, it’s keeping the windows clean that’s the hard part😂 I wasn’t planning on spamming everyone with back-to-back bird shots, but this pretty Goldfinch was looking too darn cute, sitting in the snow, munching on hemlock cones this morning, that, well, I just have too💚 at Maine


It’s good to know someone appreciates my pine cone bird feeders🐦 The Tufted Titmice have been the biggest fans so far, but the Chickadees are starting to give them some competition. It’s been so nice to see the Goldfinch and Juncos return, and a bit surprising to still have so many Mourning Doves hanging about. A gorgeous, striking Cardinal popped out from the snow this morning, as woodpeckers of all sorts drummed up a storm. Happy, little bird land. Cheers to a good week💚 at Maine


Let rosemary beget rosemary! While you can start some herbs from seed no problem, rosemary is usually not one of them. With a combination of low germination rate and slow growth, growing rosemary from seed is a lesson in patience. Growing rosemary via stem cuttings is a whole other story. The cuttings I posted last month are now shooting out roots. Out of the ten cuttings I started with, five have survived, so be sure to snip a few extra stems to offset any loss. And make sure to keep swapping out with fresh water every few days. Come January, these cuties will hopefully be transplanted into pots and ready to grow, grow, grow. Anyone else grow rosemary via stem cuttings? Care to share any tips with us 😀🙏💚 at Maine


The garden has officially been tucked in for a long winter’s sleep❄️ With another snow storm coming on Tuesday, it looks like we won’t see ground again for the foreseeable future. Rather, we’ll play my favorite winter game of watching the whiskey barrels disappear. Snow after snow slowly buries the barrels until they become past memories. Ta ta til Spring my garden💚 at Maine


Rosemary’s grand finale🌿 One last garden harvest to close out the year. While I dream of growing huge, hulking bushes of rosemary, the reality is rosemary is an annual in these northern parts. So, I was content just to extend the season a bit, by moving the garden rosemary into the greenhouse back in October. Our greenhouse is unheated, so I was planning on harvest whole plants by year’s end, but it’s still bittersweet to cut down something that looks so happy and vibrant. But, now that it’s been done, look at this big, ol’ basket of rosemary✨ It smells sooooo good! I foresee eating, crafting and creating with all things rosemary over the next few weeks…kind of excited😀💚 at Maine


Set adrift on pine cone bliss...I was all prepared to write about what great, easy fire starters pine cones are, and mind you, they are. But what I realized I was really doing here was basking in the happiness of collecting. Give me a pail, bowl or basket and I’ll roam the woods in complete happiness🌲💚 at Maine


Looks like my garden grow cloth is also good for growing red squirrels🤔 at Maine


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” is playing in constant rotation in the background, but in my mind, this is what I’m seeing. My @bakercreekseeds seed catalog arrived last night and with the willpower of a saint, I dared not to open it until this morning. I’m still anxiously awaiting a slew of other catalogs, but given that I’ve already put in two seed orders so far, unless I suddenly inherit a farm, there may be no believable reason as to why I’ll need any more. As it is, I’ve already convinced myself why I need to grow pretty much every variety of bean Baker sells. Who else’s seed willpower is waning✋❤️🌱 at Maine


Holding on to the harvest...or at least attempting to. Trying to rationalize still having pumpkins and gourds everywhere by painting some silver and gold. Is it too early in the season to claim cabin fever🙄 at Maine


A bit different post for me...but I had to share my @goodwillintl score from last night...all $10 of it😀 How pretty are these? I feel like I need to up my entertaining game now...or at least start drinking my tea a whole lot fancier☕️ And imagine the stories that go with these treasures, some are over 100 years old. Anyone else score finds at Goodwill? at Maine


Sure it’s December, no better time to start talking radishes🌱 Unlike the majority of other crops, radishes provide an almost instant sense of growing satisfaction. Sow them, and seemingly mere moments later, they germinate. By month’s end, it’s time for a little noshing. The key to happy radishes is to grow them in cool weather. The tricky part is, that in order to germinate, the seeds need warmth. A way to work with this is to cover your planting area with black plastic for 4-5 days prior to sowing. Then, pull back plastic, sow and recover with the plastic. After 3-4 days, take a peek under to see any germination. If you see sprouts, remove the plastic and let them grow on their groovy way. Cheers to a marvelous Tuesday💚 at Maine


Monday mornings are made better by the company of a charming Tufted Titmouse❤️🐦 🎶 at Maine


Retired from wreathing…well, it was a good 24 hour run. After spending the morning all filled with fa-la merriment as I made this wreath for the bus house, I did something I never do, I asked my husband to take this photo for me. Well, that quick decision led to the destruction seconds later of that wreath. See, my husband was also holding our lab’s leash. Right as he snaps, Cobbs takes off in a full sprint towards the road. I lunge forward to catch the base of his leash. I snag it, and while still clutching the wreath, Cobbs (all 90-pounds of him) drags me horizontally down our driveway for at least a good 20 feet. The wreath did not survive😞 at Maine


Riding this wreath making wave...onto crafting one for our boys’ bus house 🚌 Commonsense has already warned me this will probably be knocked down upon the first slam of the door in the morning, but it’s a beautiful Sunday out and I’m feeling optimistic😀 What’s shaking with everyone else today? at Maine


Since I already downed my second cup of coffee and it wasn’t even 7am yet, I decided to head out into the woods to gather some fixings for a little wreath making. I’m particularly proud of this one because it’s actually finished🙌Normally, I lose my enthusiasm for making endless greenery bundles around 2/3 of the way in and set it aside to come back to later…which, let’s face it, I rarely do. This almost motivates me to make another…almost. Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday💚 at Maine


Gourd-bye November...greetings December! My boys not so subtly hinted to me yesterday (“Mom, when are we replacing all these oranges with real garlands?”) that it’s time for all things autumn to turn to holiday. When I look around at the hoard of pumpkins, gourds and herbs hanging about everywhere, I guess they may have a point. But, let’s be honest, those oranges aren’t going anywhere, I’m simply going to mix in some greens and lights with them. The pumpkins and gourds on the other hand, well, I’m committing a personal sin and spray painting some of them silver and gold. Normally I would never do that, because the paint will make the gourd rot that much quicker, but I have to remember my January 1st freak-out when I take down not only all the ho-ho-holiday, but pretty much anything else that can be deemed clutter, and that would be those precious gourds come then. So, I’m painting away today so these gourds in December can stay💚 at Maine


Lookie who dropped by for a little afternoon winterberry nosh ❤️🐦 at Maine

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