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:): ×lVly creativity relies heavily on daydreams. +∆rtsy graphic fragments of my imagination. •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=• For prints and more.👇 Similar users

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Solitude / Rebellion ××× Assorted - 2 / 3 ××× In one word, what do You feel looking at this?


Pixel damage. ××× Inspired to make this by a recent work of @nickansted ××× I'll be making a series to complete the grid with similar abstract pieces. And by the way if this got you pumped you should check out @cyberart_by_justin he makes similar stuff like this big time! ××× Assorted - 1 / 3


Don't let the silence erase you. Don't let the negligence take the best of you. ××× Glitched the selfie of @misterjay13_ hope the wait's worth it. And since two is better than one.. ××× How did you like this series? Which one of the two styles is your favorite? Hit the comments y'all.


Eugene. ××× Glitched the selfie of @sgt.glytch ××× Two versions here, which one do you like better!? I kinda had fun doing this one cuz the hair made it quite moody already ××× How do you feel about it? If you want me to ruin your self portrait DM me an 👽 emoji! I'm thinking of doing this for a while. Peace!


Erasme. ××× Glitched the selfie of @eeshxni ××× Turned it a bit spooky. Didn't plan, just went with the flow and this is what we have here. ××× How do you feel about it? If you want me to ruin your self portrait DM me an 👽 emoji! I'm thinking of doing this for a while. Peace!


I will kiss your scars literal-ly This heart is not pri-mary .. ××× Op: Mine Tool: 5napseed ××× #lightpainting <3/3>


And we were so lost in the "wanderlust" that, we forgot about the journey :) ××× Op: Mine Tool: 5napseed ××× #lightpainting <2/3>


Happy-ness. ××× In our hoodies & sweatpants, suedes and what not. Let's ride our bmx-es into the midnight. To witness the sunrise on the other side. Where our feelings are fearless and hugs not so meaningless. Loud joyous screams the only communication and our vision perceives everything as a beautiful creation. Let's get lost in the oblivion. Me and my wolf pack. For this youth is burning like gasoline, and it will never come back again. :9 ××× Op: Mine Tool: 5napseed ××× #lightpainting <1/3>


Enter The Void. ××× There's also a movie with this name. You can watch it when you have too much time, some patience and are hanging out all by yourself. It's good. ××× Three images blended from @unsplash .. guess it's legal. Made in Affinity. ××× You can buy this design and "support" what I do on- (Worldwide / Link in Bio) (India) ××× Track of the day: Kasbo - Bleed It Out ××× #psychedelic #mextures #m3xtures #smoke #rsa_blends #blending #thedesigntip #digitalartlook #designattack #graphicdesign #d_expo #agameoftones #vsco #visualsoflife


Dusty. ××× Tune credits : @_iamjsan ××× OP: @pixitesource #pixitesource #pixiteweekly ××× wordporn - !!!


It is what it is. Never been so easy. Would it be worth if it was otherwise? I think it's messed up, yet not so much. So simple that it's stupid. But you're afraid, we'd make a fool. We is you. What are sacrifices? ××× wordporn - !!


Listen up close. ××× wordporn - !

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