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Inspired by my friend @sgoralnick to beachcomb, she is a master at Chilmark, Massachusetts


An island staycation that was simply 💯 at Chilmark, Massachusetts


Casual scene stumbled upon on morning walk at Chilmark, Massachusetts


Introducing Elliott, born five days ago. ❤️ at Chilmark, Massachusetts


Here’s a few more from Daisy Helman’s dreamy garden on Martha’s Vineyard shot for @marthastewart at West Tisbury, Massachusetts


Welcome to Daisy Helman’s secret garden- hands down one of the most beautiful I’ve ever spent time in. I honestly didn’t know a home garden could even look like this. This was shot for @marthastewart and is out in the current issue. See more in my stories. at West Tisbury, Massachusetts


Summer is here ✌🏻 at Chilmark, Massachusetts


First sunset of the season snuck up outta nowhere at Chilmark, Massachusetts


The art in our home is almost exclusively photographs. Could not be more thrilled with this early bday gift as the first painting to adorn our walls! 🙏 @andrewtarlow for your beautiful strokes and to @tysone for indulging me. at Bedford-Stuyvesant


The recent shoot I’ve been posting was from back in 2016, but just published this spring hence the sharing. The best thing about this shoot was that it not only was the first assignment I went on post giving birth but also was a travel shoot that I was able to bring my 2 month old daughter and husband on! A win for everyone. Forever grateful to @lindadenahan and @val_suas and their support of working mothers! at Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec


Last batch of travel images from the Magdalen Islands shot for @cntraveler at Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec


Few more from the Magdalen islands shot for @cntraveler

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