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Thank you Ontario California for a great weekend. We Packed the Improv out had to add extra shows!! Someone snuck a video in I’m glad they did this time. Every struggling comic watch this video!!!! Don’t ever give up on your dreams!! #NeverGiveUp #200Dollars #GetSome


Greensboro, NC I’m coming to the Greensboro Coliseum Nov 11th. I’m bringing some funny ppl with me @jesshilarious_official @tonytroberts @therealearthquake @tylerchronicles go to for tix info. #Greensboro #FunnyAssShow #GetSome


Bengals lost again to the Steelers. That’s 8 of the last 9. At what point do you get sick of losing to the same mutha fuckas. #FrustratedFan #Arghhh #StillRootingForThemThough


3 shows at the Ontario Improv last night. Lines were around the block. I remember coming here for 200 bucks years ago. I had 2 kids in diapers I needed that 200 just to get by. To see all the ppl last night just reminded me of the grind. I told my wife when we didn’t have any money she had to trust me. I’ll make it. I never took a side job or had a plan B. It was Stand Up that’s it. Last show tonight Ontario California at 7pm. #LoveMyJob #ontariocalifornia #GetSome at Ontario Mills


Random elevator picture. Not sure why my forehead is so shiny? Oh well. #DoinWhatIDo #LoveMyJob #GetSome


#GetSome Podcast EP7 - I'm bringing the funny about my boy @iamjamiefoxx, plus... I talk about filming Def Comedy Jam and Meet The Blacks 2, my botched my knee surgery, my #Bengals, and a lot more. Full video on ➡️ Subscribe Free on iTunes & Google Play


I added a 3rd show tomorrow night at the Ontario California Improv. My man Joey Toliver is coming to the show. He wanted to send a message on my IG. #OntarioImprov #JoeyGetsTheLadies #AtLeastHeThinksHeDoes #GetSome


Me & my daughter @kennedydss taking a selfie in Starbucks parking lot. We riding around & we getting it. #CoconutMilkLatte #ILikeItHot #ShesNotALittleGirlAnymore at Ontario, California


Classic #tbt this little girl would grow up to marry a funny ass white comedian. @trulykenya I see you rocking those stripes. #BayAreaSwag #CuteKid at Ontario, California


Shout out to my guy Dave Chambers @dcpresentshyb for always taking care of me when I come to Phoenix. If your going to Phoenix you wanna follow Dave always has the hottest parties in the city. The black guy on right not sure I think he photobombed this picture 🤔 #ItHappens #OntarioImprovThisWeekend #GetSome


Southern California I’m coming to The Ontario Improv this weekend October 19-22. Get your tix ASAP shows are already selling out. I’m going to add more soon. Go to for info. #ontariomills #CaliNotCanada #GetSome


Trump supporters are everywhere. They may not say it to your face but trust they out here on the low. Someone asked me yesterday who I voted for. #DoinWhatIDo #PplWillThinkThisIsReal #GetSome at Atlanta, Georgia

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