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Founded in 1939, Gerber is an American brand that is dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving tools. #HelloTrouble Similar users

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The production crew on @jasonaldean's tour knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. On any given day, each crew member executes their own to-do list while taking on the unexpected tasks that inevitably pop up. The need for a versatile tool is a no-brainer - if it's on their toolbelt, it has to do it all. The Center-Drive got right to work, with 14 tools that could handle literally any job the crew asked of it. #HelloTrouble


Gift idea? Say no more. Take note from Badassador @nickkoumalatsos and pick up the new limited edition StrongArm, now available with an upgraded BDZ-1 steel blade and Tactical Grey colorway. That was easy. #HelloTrouble


If anything represents Unstoppable, its icy tundra, motorcycles, and an epic journey across the unknown. Follow @wheretheroadendsmoto to see where they are now. #HelloTrouble


Nothing is packed by accident on a hunting trip. Ounces turn to pounds, and pounds turn to pain - is what you are carrying worth it? Leave one more tool behind when you carry the Vital Big Game Folder, an exchangeable blade knife that operates with only the push of a button. No extra tool needed.


Find yourself a couple of EDC items that don't mind getting dirty. Badassador @lm4photo's Sharkbelly and Impromptu look up to the task.


Mechanical issues can happen anywhere. Unfortunately, that includes the frozen tundra. The @wheretheroadendsmoto crew fights frostbite and strong winds as they fix their bikes to get back on the road. #HelloTrouble


"This is a superb little blade. The edge is super long and the flat serrations are like nothing I've ever seen. I really, really dig this." Mark B. on the Sharkbelly -


The weekend is calling, so what are you waiting for? Get out there. #HelloTrouble


When you’re on the trail as much as Renee is, Trouble is bound to catch up with you – often in the form of foot pain. Check out @wearehikertrash’s in-a-pinch solution for foot pain that just won’t subside. #HelloTrouble


"The moment you walk up to an animal and lay your hands on it is when the gravity of everything hits you. The fact that you were successful, the work that you put in, the things that went wrong, and the things that went right, all intersect at that very moment." - Badassador @remiwarren


In a lot packed with tour buses, D3 has a long list of to-do's. As the tour's set carpenter, he is the go-to man for anything that needs to be built, repaired, or re-worked. On this particular day, he was tasked with building multiple @traegergrills for a cook-out with the whole crew. He was able to get the whole job done using only the Center-Drive. He shows how having the right tool can be time-saving - and on tour every minute counts. #HelloTrouble #Theydontknowtour


"This sweet piece of steel comes with the highest credentials. Applegate - Fairbairn's endorsement is the final test of quality. I also have a Fairbairn dagger and I used it in Nam." Scott -

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