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Founded in 1939, Gerber is an American brand that is dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving tools. #HelloTrouble Similar users

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No path? No problem. You make your own anyways. #HelloTrouble


The Sharkbelly isn't afraid to sink it's teeth into a task. What project did you knock out that you couldn't have done without your EDC? Photo: @app_mtns #HelloTrouble


"The wider jaws aid in rigging up during colder and low light conditions so you can focus on catching, not tying up, at last light when the fish are keyed into the hatch." - Eddie Mack, Fishing Guide The Freehander. #HelloTrouble


Forgo the path of least resistance, it won't lead you here. Check your ego at the door, out here fickle flies and tricky line reign supreme. Beyond the main stream, lies the place where limits are tested. It is here that the adventure begins. #HelloTrouble


Hello, Trouble. There's only one way down and the stairs aren't it. #HelloTrouble


Looking to spend a cozy night of solitude out on a glacier? @timkennedymma can relate. Check in as he explores the Knik Glacier in the Alaskan tundra. #HelloTrouble


pa-tience (noun) quiet, steady perseverance; the ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay. see also: putting in the hours, find a comfortable chair. Photo: Badassador @westseacat #HelloTrouble


"Being as efficient as possible with a given tool ensures safety and quicker times in finishing tasks. Gerber tools are designed with that in mind." - Jason Broach, Semi-Pro Kayak Fisherman #HelloTrouble


sa-vage (adjective) fierce, untamed; wild and rugged. see also: wilderness playground, unafraid to go solo. #HelloTrouble


Problem: Blindly reaching down the hatch for a hook. Solution: The angled shape of the Magniplier allows for optimal line of sight. Outcome: "Finally." #HelloTrouble


Don't bother checking the weather, you'll be out there rain or shine. Lose the 'how-to' books, experience is the only teacher that matters. Beyond the safety of the shore, lies the spirit of Unstoppable. It is here that the adventure begins. #HelloTrouble


Settle in and get comfortable because when glassing across challenging terrain, you're going to put in some hours. Luckily, Badassador @westseacat has some tips to get the most out of those hours. #HelloTrouble

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