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Kim Kardashian West

Wishing my handsome king a happy 41st birthday!! ❤️ you DKS!!!


I was honored to photograph @jmaxferdinand, talented musician, award-winning choral director and friend. Bow tie: @_dapperdude_ #giannasnellphotography


Taking care of Me Monday! I Had fun getting my skin pampered and then getting makeup by This year is all about taking care of myself better and what better way to start than with my skin? ☺️


Every day I love my job but some days I REALLY love my job. 😍 when Message Magazine asked me to photograph my hubby for their article on the @black0utnow movement, I happily obliged! ☺️ Hit the link in my bio to read my latest blog post. “It wasn’t easy but it was worth it!” #giannasnellphotography #proudwifey


“You don’t have to love someone for their looks, or for their clothes, or for their fancy car - but because they sing a song only you can hear.” - Oscar Wilde . That sweet moment when @darien_omar was singing to his wife, @ashleycbryant . . MUA: @courtsidepretty . #giannasnellphotography #huntsvillephotographer #5yearanniversary


So I learned an important lesson. When it’s below freezing, it’s NOT a good idea to have your bare hand holding a metal object 📷 for more than a minute. I was so enjoying watching my kiddos in wonder that I didn’t realize my hand was frostbitten! 😂 until the pain hit!! Ohhh it hurt soooo bad! BUT After thawing my hand out, and digging out my gloves, I had to jump in and get one with my ❤️’s. #giannasnellphotography #glovesstayreadynow #frozen


If you spot a girl with a snowball, you better run! #giannasnellphotography


#fbf I wouldn’t mind if today was a snow day again...I loved capturing my heartbeats at play!! #giannasnellphotography #huntsvillelifestylephotographer #theblackmancan


#fbf to those Alabama snow days when we got to play in the 1 inch snow with our kiddos! #giannasnellphotography #alabamalifestylephotographer #huntsvillelifestylephotographer #theblackmancan


It’s chilly today. And allegedly we got some snow flurries last night here in Alabama! #fbf to those snow days we had a couple weeks ago! We had fun playing in the 1 inch of snow we got. 😂 #giannasnellphotography #snowday


It’s time to elevate your brand! Your headshot is not just another photograph. It’s a marketing tool. I’d love to help you create the best representation of “you” with professional, personable images. Image of Dr. Nicole Haughton, pediatrician. MUA: @lorealjonesmua #giannasnellphotography #huntsvilleheadshotphotographer #huntsvillebrandingphotographer


Behind the scenes doing headshots for Dr. King. Swipe to see the finished image. I love my job!! ☺️ Thanks for snapping this Vernee Norman! 😊 #giannasnellphotography


We had fun doing Dr. David King’s headshot/branding session for King Dental. Thankfully, after several days of snow and ice, we had a beautiful shooting day. He’s smiling so good because his beautiful wife @meghanki is off to the side cheering him on! I was honored to have the privilege to work with the Kings again! #giannasnellphotography #huntsvilleheadshotphotographer #huntsvillebrandingphotographer #alabamaheadshotphotographer #kingdental


When you find out tomorrow is another snow day! ❄️☃️ #5dayweekend #giannasnellphotography #schoolsout #huntsvillelifestylephotographer #alabamalifestylephotographer


“I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough.” Vanessa Palowski . . . Birthday shoot with @mz_cas MUA: @demihowell3d #giannasnellphotography


Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start again! . . . One of my favorites from @mz_cas birthday shoot! MUA: @demihowell3d #giannasnellphotography #huntsvillephotographer #alabamaphotographer #birthdaygirl


"The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze." - Gustavo Adolfo Becquer . . . MUA: @sylviapromakeup #giannasnellphotography

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