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Huntsville, AL Full-service Portrait Artist. Seen on Huffpost, Good Morning America, Essence, People, The Knot. Would โค๏ธ to capture you! Similar users

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Loving yourself is where it all begins! Read about how Nerieqa learned to do it despite being called fat, sloppy and chubby as a child. Visit my blog, link is in my bio. #giannasnellphotography


For Nerieqa Williams, 38 is a milestone birthday, not just because of the number but because she is finally letting go of all the lies that people told her about her weight. This confident, beautiful woman is now loving the skin she's in! To see more images from her session, visit my blog: #giannasnellphotography


"I've made a conscious decision with the help of God to stop shaming myself, and to accept that this is the way I was made, and that I'm really not fat!! I'm none of the things others said. I can finally tell myself that I'm a beautiful queen, wonderfully created by my Master! I'm perfect just the way I am!" -Nerieqa Williams To see more images of this beautiful queen, visit my blog. Link is in my bio. #giannasnellphotography


Celebrating 4 years cancer-free with @ml6!! ๐Ÿ’• #giannasnellphotography


Isn't she lovely?! My beautiful cousin, @ml6 celebrating 4 years being cancer free!! More of her story and amazing session coming soon... #giannasnellphotography


Celebrating this win with my cousin @ml6! 4 year anniversary of being cancer-free!! It's been an uphill journey and it continues daily but we celebrate healing, hope and health for Micha and all our sisters/survivors! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’• come back throughout the month of October to view more of Micha's amazing story! #giannasnellphotography #breastcancerawareness #pink #ml6 #alabamaphotographer #breastcancerawarenessmonth #october


Got a case of the Mondays? This adorable family's session is up on my blog and they will make you smile! Link is my bio. . . . Meet Kirk and Kanique Nugent. They are the proud parents of two beautiful children, they love to travel abroad and they place a premium on quality time together and capturing memories. Every year, no matter where they live, they do a family photography session! Every year! I think that's awesome because our children grow up so fast! As a photographer myself I will admit that I am not diligent about updating our family portrait annually, but now I will. The Nugent's shared their photos with me from from their wedding up until 2016 and I was able to see their children grow up before my eyes. We can't get these years back so it's important to celebrate every year with a family session! These will be treasured memories for generations to come!!! #giannasnellphotography #familyphotography #familyphotographer #couplegoals #couple #huntsvilleal #huntsvillefamilyphotographer #alabamaphotographer #alabamafamilyphotographer






Some of life's most beautiful moments aren't planned. This was not our planned session location, not a planned pose, just ended up here in the grass right next to a CVS and let the bubbles flow!!! This area in front of the trees was speaking to me and at the last minute I changed location. I'm learning to let go and let moments happen organically...and trust that it's ok, if they happen in front of CVS, in mid-day sun! โ˜€๏ธ I'm learning that this is the stuff good memories are made of! #giannasnellphotography #family #familyphotographer #alabamaphotographers #blackbloggers


Jarrod and Keshia โค๏ธ . . . #vowrenewal #vowrenewals2017 #africanfashion


"The challenges that come with having a growing family became overwhelming," recalled Jarrod. "And after several failed attempts to resolve the situation, we ultimately had to walk away from our first major accomplishment, the center of all of our family life, and the source of many memories. It hurt. At a different point in time, it probably would have broken us...." To read more of this amazing couple's story, and view the images from their African-inspired vow renewal, visit my blog. Link is in my bio! #giannasnellphotography #alabamaphotographer #huntsville #huntsvillealabama #alabamaphotographers #vowrenewal #vowrenewals #africanwedding


You know the kiss is too long when one pastor has his eyes closed and the other has to just look away! And look at the grip she has on her man! ๐Ÿ˜ I'm not mad at you Lucinda!!! To see a video clip of this infamous kiss and all the rest of the goodies from the wedding day, visit my blog. (Link is in my bio) #giannasnellphotography #murphyandlucinda #never2latecouple @never2latecouple


"Slow-dancing with him to "Always and Forever..." that was a great moment," said Lucinda. For more quotes and images from Murphy and Lucinda's wedding day, visit my blog. (Link is in my bio) Reception Decor: @hi__im_amanda of @hearts_and_minds_llc . . . . #giannasnellphotography #murphyandlucinda #never2latecouple #nevertoolatetofindlove #aftertheaisle #couplegoals #dancing #wedding #alabamaphotographer #huntsvillephotographer


"The moment I saw her, I had to fight to keep it together," said Murphy of his bride when he saw her walking down the aisle toward him on their wedding day. "Her beauty, her smile- it just overwhelmed me. I just could not believe that she was for me!" . . For more of their wedding story and favorite images from the day visit my blog! Link is in my bio. . . . #giannasnellphotography #murphyandlucinda #never2latecouple #nevertoolatetofindlove #couplegoals #couplesofig #alabamaphotographer #huntsville #huntsvillephotographer #bgwac #aftertheaisle


The groom was so smitten with his bride as she walked down the aisle that he just stood! The pastor had to nudge him and tell him, "Go get her!" The sanctuary erupted with laughter as he hurried over to her! Photo cred: Norman Usher #murphyandlucinda


Murphy and Lucinda had theeee longest wedding kiss ever!! Then they followed it up with another one right before the pastor announced them husband and wife! The pastor wasn't ready at all! Lol! Photos by: Norman Usher #murphyandlucinda

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