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Constant need to spread paint. Bringing the beauty of nature to the streets. 🎨Art 🌊Sea 🌱Plant Power Contact for commissions - [email protected] Similar users See full size profile picture

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I just painted one of my favorite little creatures. The Natal Tree Frog sitting comfy on a Clivia leaf. 🐸🌱 I painted it over 2 days in the cool morning time. πŸƒThanks to Eco Timbers for the rad commission. I used a forklift as an access tool. A big thanks to Darren the forklift driver for lifting me up and moving me around! Its in Progress road in New Germany for those who want to check it out. #nataltreefrog #clivia #mural #muralart #publicart #muralartist #durbanartist #durbanstreetart #bricks #freehand


A thick barrel to big top turn is, and always has been my personal favourite combo in wave riding. The feeling of a waves' energy surging through you in this combo is next to nothing in my experience. This photo is from a pumping morning in an exclusive tropical paradise south of the harbour a while ago. Just love this pic by my big bro @byrongertze #treasurebeachcrew #bodyboarding #waveriding #tropicalparadise #durban #durbansurf


I painted this not too long ago in the Shongweni township with my bro Dylan Smith @the_creative_yeti. I started painting in highschool and Dyl was friends with one of my close graffiti friends from school. We painted a few walls and were always on a similar wave. We still paint together and have worked on some epic projects together. He is true, genuine and brilliant creative. Keep keeping it real, Brother! Looking forward to your wedding next month! Mad celebrations for you both!


Next week Ill be hookin some of these into some fat cold pits I hope πŸ˜…βš‘β„ Capetown, SA champs, @ethekwinibodyboarding is coming in hot!! βœ¨βœ¨πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @sandbarkzn @saltlickecosurf @the_surf_hq @dupreezfinserv @rossiboardco @lapaside Appwise The Water Boy Maverickdigital @gravitek @clayton_holloway @Saltycrax @Hurricanesurf @ethekwinibodyboarding @verigreenza Sign Odyssey First Techknology KZN Redlong Trading


Hugely stoked to be touring to Cape Town on Saturday to compete in South African Champs BodyBoarding 2018. I am so happy that Ill be spending this momentous occasion with my fellow brothers in barrels, the @ethekwinibodyboarding team. Massive shout out to our flippen amazing Sponsors .😎 @sandbarkzn @saltlickecosurf @the_surf_hq @dupreezfinserv @rossiboardco @lapaside Appwise The Water Boy Maverickdigital @gravitek @clayton_holloway @Saltycrax @Hurricanesurf @ethekwinibodyboarding @verigreenza Sign Odyssey First Techknology KZN Redlong Trading


In just over a week I will be in Cape Town representing Durban with the @ethekwinibodyboarding team. The best team in South Africa. We are coming in with a passion for what we love to do. 🌟 Picture taken by @byrongertze A huge thank you to all the sponsors of the team! @sandbarkzn @saltlickecosurf @the_surf_hq @dupreezfinserv @rossiboardco @lapaside Appwise The Water Boy Maverickdigital @gravitek @clayton_holloway @Saltycrax @Hurricanesurf @ethekwinibodyboarding @verigreenza Sign Odyssey First Techknology KZN Redlong Trading


A bunch of spray tin creations done by 031 boys in public spaces , on miscellaneous surfaces in Durban for FREE πŸ’• Graff is fun. Do more. #durbanart #graffitisouthafrica #durbanartist #ubuntu #positivity


πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ I painted this collaborative pro-bono mural with @wedograffitiza and @heather_beth_macgregor for a homeless shelter in Cape Town called The Night Haven. πŸŒŸπŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒΊπŸŒŸ A grey place that is now full of colour. We hope this mural inspires the homeless residents to be people of value to their community. 🌟 I painted the background and flowers with assistance from Heather, my friend Mister painted the golden letters.


Yesterday and today was set aside for community upliftment- to paint this container for the children at Umzamo Pre-School.🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 Chic Mama's Do Care Durban organised for me to add some colour to this new feature at the school. They had full faith in my creative direction and so I painted this whole container out of my head. I usually have reference images but this one just flowed out of my brain and through my fingertips. My favourite murals are the ones I create on the spot with little to no pre-production. My aim going into it was to create an impression of a landscape with African Daisy's in the foreground. Im really happy with it. I hope it brings many years of joy to all passers-by and children at the school especially. πŸ‘


I painted this a few years ago in an open field in Hillcrest in memory of @delons_moody . One of the most full of life people I have ever met. Also an artist who inspired me to paint animals. He had a great love and admiration for Rhinos and their conservation. So this one was for you buddy. Im painting a wall for you in CapeTown tomorrow my bru. Another young rhino. β›…πŸŒ 🌟 at Cape Town, Western Cape


🌱Final🌱 picture from the mural I was commissioned to paint at the @housegardenshow. I painted indigenous plants and birds that are loved by me and other garden enthusiasts. I was assisted by @the_creative_yeti on the lettering and @mook_lion on the traditional pattern that runs through the middle. We are all so stoked with the outcome! It was quite difficult to get a good picture. Hoping to get another one when the info desk has been moved. #art #muralart #durbanstreetart


Day 🌱3🌱 at the @housegardenshow. Its finished but I couldn't manage a good final picture in the later afternoon light. Final pic tomorrow ⭐ With @the_creative_yeti and @mook_lion. #durbanartists #houseandgardenshow2018


Day 🌱2🌱 of the @housegardenshow 2018 mural we are busy one. Wrapping it up tomorrow 😁 With @the_creative_yeti and @mook_lion. #durbanartist #durbanart #durbanplants #durbanflora


You could say we spent some time in the green room! Blessed πŸ’™πŸŒŠπŸ’™ πŸ“·@byrongertze #treasurebeachcrew #ethekwinibodyboarding


Having hands is part of being a human. I really appreciate having these hands that allow me to create. How awesome. Opposable thumbs. I have these hands that love what they touch. I have these hands that operate the means to take me to my favourite places, my favourite faces. These hands embrace others. These hands are what holds the back of every person I have ever hugged. (I am a hugger!) These hands. Oh the things they will make. Oh the places they will take me, the adventures we will have. I so hugely appreciate you, Hands, for helping me to do everything I absolutely love to experience.


🌐πŸ₯πŸŒ‹πŸŽ‰ Spray Painted on a private residence in Forest Hills. This painting is surrounded by among the most beautiful indigenous garden that is abundant in fluorescent flowers and gleaming sunbirds. 🌟🎨🌟 #durbanartist #redhotpoker #sunbird


I made this lil rap art last week alongside arguably Durbans most dedicated graffiti writer @krewsquadgang . It was a lot of fun to blast this on a wall! 🌟 #graffiti #graffitisouthafrica #durbanstreetart #giffyduminy

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