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Yesterday on my stories I've asked can you guess what we are making and no one answered right :) Probably because it's not a piece of jewellery :) The original idea of the customer was different but when she told what is it for, I knew straight away what I want to make so I offered and idea, made a quick sketch out of paper and wax and crossed my fingers :))) I glad my customers liked it and it was really nice project to work on. You know my love for wax seals, copper and runes :) I'm not sure how exactly this piece is called but it will be gifted on wedding day with a wedding book. I really hope that the bride and the groom will love it too.


I'm a sentimental person. Not that I live in the past but I love to keep bits that has sentimental value for me. I have boxes with old cards and letters, tins with 'treasures' from our holidays, tickets from events and etc.Quit often I cath myself listening to the music that reminds me of something. For example Amelie Soundtrack always will be connected with Liucės birth as It was what we were listening during labour and her entrance to the world. I like old houses, antique furniture, books, jewellety, clothes and things that have stories behind them. We probably are similar with Karolis as he loves old stuff too (it's maybe why he loves analog photography) and I'm glad he is just like me. This summer we visited a place from our childhood and I'm glad we shown it to the girls. I've been there last time maybe 10 years ago and only because we had a photoshoot. I'm glad we visited it because it probably was the last summer for this magical place and somehow this fact makes me sad... I even don't know why... P.S I feel that B&W doesn't fit into my thread but I'd like to post more photos made with film camera and most of them are back and white :)


October 9-15 is a baby loss awareness week. It's not the easiest topic to talk about but it happens so often so we must break the silence. 1 in 4 women will loose her baby in their lifetime. Losing 3 or more pregnancies in a row is only affects 1 in 100 women. I never in my life believed I will be a part on this unwanted club (probably like every other member of it) but I'm that 1 of 100. My first miscarriage was really traumatic and it was really hard to heal without any help. It affected my mental health, my life. I've mentioned before that I felt like I don't have the right to grieve and only now I understand that every baby no matter how small it is, leaves a print in your heart and it's never easy to loose a part of your family. When I started to speak openly about my losses I heard a lot of stories from ladies who kept it secret. Why it still such a taboo to speak about your lost babies? For me one of the reasons was that I felt, especially after my 2nd and 3rd loss that everyone is looking someone to blame and most of the time that someone was me. I was looking for the answers as well but most of the cases there ar no answers why this happens. I follow few great mom's here on IG who speak openly about baby loss and one of them is amazing and gorgeous @hannahpontillo. Her little Dexy was born sleeping. She also writes what does it mean to be pregnant after baby loss. So if you have any questions definitely go check her IG and read her blog. Over 60 in the UK raising awareness of the issues surrounding pregnancy and baby loss and we donate £5 from every baby loss piece for one of them #babylossawareness #breakthesilence #miscarriageawareness


It is funny fact that we have a cat but both of us aren't cat persons at all. We never had a cat, we never wanted a cat and both us grew up with dogs but after Liucė was born we both agreed that it's good and beneficial for kids to grow up with pets. After a lot research we've chosen a sphynx cat because every one was saying these cats are a mix of cat, dog and monkey. And really, he's more like a dog. He follows us whenever we go and whatever webdo. if I have a shower I know he'll be there when I open a door. If I work I'm my studio he sits next to me. If I read the book he's trying to snug next to me. He steals our parcels and letters that comes through letter box. Once I even caught him running with the newspaper in his mouth :))) I never had a cat so maybe this behaviour is pretty much normal for a cat :)) He's the most patient cat and has a special bond with Magdė. You can find him in our first photo as family of 4 where Magdė is only couple of hours old. My relationship with him is somewhere between love and hate :))) I can't count how many times I secretly threatened to get rid of him after he scratched his nails in my new carpet or shoes, secretly sneaked in where he's not allowed to go (only because when I start to trust him he decides to do a wee and mark his territory), ate a big hole in my favorite woollen baby grow or my woolen cardigan. But he's still here :))) And one day we'll adopt a dog friend for him :) P.S this expression was followed by 'no photos, mommy'


I can't believed it's October already. We've been blessed with a good weather this yearband some days it doesn't feel like a middle of the Autumn at all. Me and the girls spend much time together (as always) so even my mom started to complain that she doesn't see as much but we usually come back home just before bed time and girls want some quiet time after being all day out. I'm trying to organise play dates on regular basis with Liucės friends as it seems she misses some of her friends and this year even the youngest ones started the school. We don't have HE friends that we see on regular basis and it's a bit of a shame so we try to join more HE activities this year. I need that for myself as well because it's really nice to have a chat with people who homeschooled for years and years and get some reassurence that we did a right thing. I still have my wobbles sometimes (Karolis doesn't) and feel pressure from the society as it seems our children supposed to be some kind of geniuses at this point :))) It's nice to hear the stories and differences between he'ind firstborn and the youngest child. It's probably quite normal to put more pressure on our first child...


Tuesday is the most busy day in the week for us. We go by bus to Liucės art class because we have to be there on time and after we hang out with other home ed'ers in the park and walk back home with a short break in the city centre for coffee and cake, so we're out from early morning till the bedtime. No wonder I need a quiet home day next day after but yesterday Karolis sister visited us and we don't see her often, also the weather was awesome so Liucė had an idea to visit Snuff mills. Normally we have to take 2 busses to get there but my sil came with a car yesterday so it was much easier. We had and amazing afternoon. It was really quiet and refreshing there. I took my camera with me and because it wasn't busy I had a chance to make bunch of photos ::) Liucė decided to wear new to her (charity shop find) party dress and I don't think this colour and cut suits her but she looks like a little fairy here :) And the most important that she's happy with our find :)


'We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn' We made this silver and copper ring just before our holiday and this beauty on it's way to new home already but I took some photos today and I'll try to list it in our etsy shop as soon as possible. Every ring is made from scratch including the cat's face which makes every piece unique and one of the kind. Somehow it reminds me of witchcraft hence the card in the background :) Maybe because it was made in autumn and I already see Halloween's stuff everywhere :) Make sure to swipe for more photos


I finally managed to sort our treasure that we've brought from our holiday. I assure you, it's not everything but this stuff was collected on the costline between Lyme Regis and Charmouth. I love to collect pebbles, sea glass and sea ceramic everywhere I go. And it was like this as far as I remember. Sea glass was a really rare find in my childhood and I don't think I ever found a piece a ceramic. It was something I discovered only here, in the UK. I kept all my treasures in that little old tin with a cat that my dad brought for me from Germany and it probably was the moment where my obsession for old tins started :))) Liucė was always really careful and respectful with the pieces and I don't think she ever lost one but then my wild child was born and one day, when she was old enough, she found my treasure box and that was the end :))) Gladly they're now old enough to make their own treasure boxes and to collect what they want. Magdė was collecting only blue glasd. Liucė was collecting well...everything :) Some of this stuff will go on our outside's windowsill, some we might turn to jewellery pieces in the future, some will be used in craft projects by Liucė, some for the play and rest of them will go to our treasure tins :) Do you like to collect pebbles, glass, shells and etc. On the beach?


We are back now! We had a great time. Just like I expected. We were able to start our mornings in the swimming pool. Girls loved it for the first time because it was peaceful and quiet. It's great that we have opportunity to have a break when everyone is back too school. We spend afternoons by the sea exploring, collecting pebbles, fossils and see glass. Our fossil hunt was really successful. We found more than 10 belemnites without even looking for them and Karolis found 3d ammonite in the clay, also few rocks with different fossils. I spent my evenings with the book. Girls decided to sleep in separate room and it was so odd to sleep without them next to me first time in nearly 6years but we're back to normal now :))) weather was perfect and we had rain only one day and we spent it in New forest wildlife park located in Old Manor. I took my camera with me but couldn't be bothered to carry extra weight so it was left safely in the caravan. Karolis took some photos with his film cameras but he has to develope films first and scan them so not sure when I'll be able to show something :)


Let's be honest, this is a face of a small business owner who just closed the shop for holiday break. As much as we do love our little business, we both, actually all of us, deserved a break after busy August. I'm not in the holiday mode as such but I've started my search of bits and bobs like beach shelter, armbands for kids and etc. I really want to borrow stuff from my friends that we don't have and don't use much. Wish me luck. Still a lot of to do before we go but I'm already dreaming about fresh morning swims in the swimming pool, breakfast in the terrace, lovely walks and some fossil/treasure hunting on the Jurrassic coast and the most important - time together.


We're are waiting for our materials to arrive so yesterday Karolis had a chance to take girls for a day and give me a break since I haven't had one for ages and I really needed it. Gladly it was a nice weather so they were able to spend all day outside :) Today I'm taking girls to art class so we will be out and about all day. Hopefully our copper arrives today so Karolis will be able carry on with open orders in child free environment :))) Have a lovely Tuesday


It's so warm and sunny here that it's hard to believe it's Autumn already. I might follow astronomical calendar which states that fall starts on 23rd of September. We've been surprisingly busy in August so in the middle of this weeks we'll be closing our shop to finish all open orders and next week we're off to South Devon for a well deserved break :) I really hope that we'll have couple of days to work on new makes that we had in our mind/sketch book for ages. I definitely will list this amazing ring in our etsy shop because I've finally managed to take a photos before it went to the new owner. It has our signature hammered band and 5 mm rose cut tourmaline. It's a perfect shade of green to complement your autumnal wardrobe. I hope you all enjoying beautiful summer/autumn days :) #autumnvibes #readyforautumn


It's a lovely rainy day here and it's so nice to spend time cozy wrapped up on the sofa. I hope you're having a great day with your loved ones. As you might have noticed I took a break from IG. We've been busy with business, life and etc.lately but the main reason was that I felt completely uninspired by my own life and ability nicely to show it in these small squares. I needed some time to recharge. Seeing all this perfect perfectness here I just felt so sorry for my own life. It's so far from how I would love to live and mostly because we just can't afford it. Simple as it is. Anyway, on Friday we decided to spend some time in the nature because city life is so busy most of the time, especially when it's a school holiday's. So we went foraging. We picked up blackberries and elderberries. Magdė was my little assistant and carried the lunch box all the time secretly eating every second blackberry but in the end we had enough for the pie :) Liucė was exploring the place, bushy dens, running wild, climbing trees and building houses from twigs and sticks. We were caught up by heavy rain and it was great that I had a blanket that my mom made from and old kilt years ago. It was a great fun and adventure :) When we came back home we made some comfort food - delicious blackberry crumble and we had it warm with an ice cream. I love spending time in nature and happily my girls do too. I always feel so fresh and recharged after.


If you ever wondered how the life of small business owner looks I can tell you one word - multitasking :))) While I was giving finishing touches and packing some orders yesterday, girls decided to ride their tricycle/balance bike/scooter/you name it on the pavement in front of our house so Karolis took the chair outside to enjoy some sunshine and keep an eye on the little ones. Our front garden is buzzing from bumble bees taking nectar from my lavenders so Karolis took few photos with my camera which usually is used only for taking photos of our jewellery :) And then me and girls had a lovely walk to post office. We usually go to the further one because nearest one isn't great :)


Sometimes I still surprise myself. After years of dying my hair, plucking my eyebrows, painting my nails, using eyeliner every single day, I finally embracing my natural look. Maybe it comes with age? I still use a little bit of make up everyday but as you can see my eyebrows has the natural shape and look, I already have grey hair, my toe nails have a single red dot on each and my my friend asked me today is it a remains of varnish or it's supposed to be like this :))) And I couldn't care less :)


It's so hot again today. I wish I could spend time somewhere by the stream or sea instead of just lying on the sofa :) Girls are happily playing with water in our back garden. I must confess - I can't wait for the autumn to come. I'm struggling really badly in this hot weather.


'I'm a healthy being full of love and light'. Because everyone needs a reminder now and then.


I've finally managed to take better photos and list this ring our etsy shop. Link in bio

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