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“My child isn’t my easel to paint on. Nor my diamond to polish. My child isn’t my trophy to share with the world. Nor my badge of honor. My child isn’t an idea, an expectation, or a fantasy. Nor my reflection or legacy. My child isn’t my puppet or a project. Nor my striving or desire. My child is here to fumble, stumble, try, and cry. Learn and mess up. Fail and try again. Listen to the beat of a drum faint to our adult ears. And dance to a song that revels in freedom. My task is to step aside. Stay in infinite possibility. Heal my own wounds. Fill my own bucket And let my child fly —Shefali Tsabary" #freerangekids


This is a face of a child who just had two slices of chocolate cake and discovered a chocolate egg in her party bag. What a luck! :))) When we were picking up presents for birthday and Christmas we really struggled with ideas for our little My. Liucė is the easy one. She loves drawing and all the crafty stuff but Magdė is a different story. The only things she loves are sweets, sweets, sweets and you can throw few stickers in this mix :))) Two days ago she surprised me one more time. While me and Liucė were sorting out baby clothes in the bedroom and Karolis was working in the studio, Magdė sneaked downstairs and secretly took a jar with healthier version of gingerbread cookies that my mom makes for the girls and they always have one in a day. Not because they are not allowed to have more but if they have more than one it means they won't last long :) I only realised what she's doing when I came downstairs and noticed the cookie smell in the kitchen. She was hiding under the table and no one knows how many cookies she ate. I would never ever expect something like this from Liucė :))) #freespiritchild


I've seen quite a few people taking part in #10yearchallenge and everyone looks much better now so far. Can't tell the same about myself but yesterday I decided to have a sneak peak into my old blog because it's the only place I can find old photos of myself. I haven't done that for ages but it was interesting to go back in time. So what have had changed? I had less tattoos, I used to dye my hair black although my hair style haven't changed :) I still have fringe and cut my hair short occasionally :) I used to wear only vintage/vintage inspired clothes and I was skinny. I used to buy all my clothes in second hand or thrift stores. Well, at least that haven't changed much :) You still would be able to find most of my vintage dresses in my wardrobe even though I'm not sure what's the point of keeping them as I don't think I'll ever will be able to fit in them but I just can't get rid of them... This photo was taken by my friend @vita.zekaite. She documented our life during all these years. She took a photos in our wedding, she did my maternity shoots and took photos of my postpartum life. She was the only one that took my nude photos. I posed for her so many times and she made the best photos of me. Even though I always was self conscious so definitely not the best model to work with :)))


City life. I was born and grew up in the second biggest city in Lithuania. I remember as a teenager I was so sorry for myself that my dad and mom moved to there instead of the capital Vilnius. I was into alternative music and lifestyle and growing up with lack of tolerance in my city was a thought journey. I remember myself and Karolis in young adulthood and how we wanted to live in an old flat in the old town. Oh how everything changed. Karolis asks me sometimes do I regret that we waited so long before we decided it's time to try complete our family (we've been together 10 years when Liucė was born). I don't. It seems that sometimes he feels like he wasted his 20s. I think if we had kids earlier we would have been different parents. We would have chosen different parenting path. We would have been different persons after all. I'm glad we can focus on the same direction right now. I remember how Karolis told me he doesn't want to live in the village when I offered him to move to small town. Even though he grew up in the small town :) I'm glad that now we both want to move somewhere rural or at least to much smaller town and we work toward that. It seems that everything in our lives happens just in the right time but we have to wait and be patient which is extremely hard for me. Now we have to grow our business that it would allow for both of us work from home. Even though when I remember my own struggles in my teen years I sometimes think how girls would take this change when they got used to the busy city life but I'm sure everything will be just fine :) #citylife


For all the strong mamas around the world! For a really long time I was considering to make a separate listing in our etsy shop for this pendant with different gemstones/birthstones as we had quite a few orders from mom's who never had a loss but wanted to buy it for themselves or their moms, friends and loved ones. This one with Swiss blue topaz was a gift for a new mom. I have to make one for myself but haven't decided what gemstone I do want in mine as they all look so nice :) At the moment I'm thinking about 5 mm black opal as I really like how it flashes in light (scroll photos to see it) but I'm not 100% sure :) Also, should we offer few chain lengths? #motherhood


It's oficial - Christmas is over. Everyone is back to normal and we even visited our favorite museum today. We stripped off our Christmas tree only yesterday. We meant to do it on three Kings day but were busy so left it a little bit longer. Karolis suggested to make some nature blocks of the the stem of our tree. It will be a nice addition to Liucės wooden nature blocks and we'll know that our Christmas tree wasn't a waste. We got rid only of branches. It's probably a time to start sorting out baby clothes as now they're piled all around the house everywhete and even though I'm pretty sure that this baby will go overdue like his sisters. 9-11 weeks still seems like ages away but I'm sure they'll fly by #christmasisover


Last week was dedicated to friends. We've seen friends, we visited friends, they visited us, we went to different places together as this week everyone is back to normal (school). The only thing about HE I'm not happy about is that girls doesn't have any home Ed friends that they see on regular basis or are close enough. 99% of their friends are in schools. They interact with other home eders at activities we do and we'll try he drama next week. After they play in the park or play around each other but it's not the same...Liucė has one unschooled Lithuanian friend that she adores but they live in London so we don't see them often. It doesn't seem that the fact all their friends are in school bothers them it probably bothers me more :) #lifewithoutschool


Yesterday girls received a postcard sent by @ir.prancuzijoje.gyventi.galima. It's a beautiful illustration from @rasa_kaper and @evadace book about teddy bears and their adventures. The quote on the card is really spot on. It made me think about the new year. Before setting any goals and resolutions for a new year the most important thing is to answer the question what do we really want and wish for. Not what society, family, friends, strangers, social media tells us. Sometimes it's hard to answer this question as it the answer hides deep beneath and it's not always easy to find your own path when you feel the presure but who else but you can know what you like most? In the end it's only you and your loved ones that really matters and I wish this year to find those answers and start the change and even if you go the wrong direction it's ok and it's never too late to admit it and make another change #naturallifestyle P.S I want to slide few things in this photo with my finger and make the composition better :))))


Yesterday I was thinking about my life and decided that there's nothing I could complain about. Few things could be different but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. 2018 was a great year for our family and business especially compared to 2017 that was the worst year in my entire life. 2018 was a year of growth for our business and I hope it keeps growing and one day it allows our biggest dream to come true. I'm grateful for all the support and encouragement throughout the year. I don't set up any goals or resolutions because I'm rubbish at planning and organising but I can't wait to see what universe prepared for us in 2019. I'm sure it will be a great challenge to run business with a newborn in a tow and we'll have to find our new normal but I'm sure everything will be great in the end because if it's not OK, then it's not the end :) #simplelife


Honestly, I forgot today is the start of another journey around the sun for me :) I know you've seen this photo on my stories but in this household we have a special power to loose photos so we mostly have only the printed ones and the ones that were posted on my Facebook so I decided to post it here in case I'll loose it again. I don't have much photos with my girls and I don't think we have any photo as a family at all so it would be nice to change this in near future. Happy 35th birthday to me :))) #momentsofmylife


Even though our jewellery is made to order and we don't stock ready to ship items in our shop recently we didn't have much time for custom orders. This simple ring with hammered band and 5 mm rose cut amethyst was on order for customer in Netherlands. It will be listed in our shop soon. Our original plan was to reopen on Boxing day but we decided to spend the rest days with family members. My sister in law leaves today and girls are really upset (she moves to Madrid) so we'll try to get out of the house before her. We'll go to feed squirrels to keep us occupied if the weather remains nice #dienospokaledu


I'll join those people who said that it's a shame #dienosikikaledu is over now and even though at the beginning I wasn't sure about posting on Instagram every day but I really enjoyed it, hope you did as well :) Christmas is over as well and after all I think we had a great time. Without rush and Christmas madness (although Karolis wouldn't agree with me as he was working a lot) but me and girls had a great time and after closing our shop Karolis had a proper rest too. We did everything at our own pace and even on Christmas eve girls were playing Cafe with my mil till 2 pm. We made food all together and didn't eat too much or had leftovers. We borrowed stuff from our friends this year as we don't have big enough table, enough chairs and glasses. Girls had good amount of gifts this year as well. Most of them were really thoughful and didn't clutter our house. Especially having in mind both girls were born in December. We followed our tradition and watched Snowman on the wall on Christmas morning and made a new tradition a hike to the forest. It's a shame we don't drive and public transport doesn't work on Christmas day so we didn't have much choice but we walked 15 km and had a great time. It was hard for me and I was surprised as I walk 8-10 km nearly every day. Karolis tries to convince me that it's going be harder and harder in next 11-13 weeks but I refuse to embrace this :))) On our way we spotted a swing in the tree and I took few photos to show a beauty of Liucės rainbow silk wings from @sarahssilks. It was her Christmas present and we bought it from @myriadnaturaltoys. You can see better view in second photo. Today we'll go to cinema to watch Mary Popins and in couple of days we'll see a play in Old Vic theatre. Magic doesn't have to fade with the end of Christmas.


Let the magic begin! We wish you this festive season to find the magic in ordinary things. If you still have this ability then we hope you won't loose it. "Do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives.Such striving may seem admirable, but it is the way of foolishness.Help them instead to find the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life.Show them the joy of tasting tomatoes, apples and pears.Show them how to cry when pets and people die.Show them the infinite pleasure in the touch of a hand.And make the ordinary come alive for them.The extraordinary will take care of itself.' William Martin Not festive but associative photo which was taken two days ago. Liucė was really happy because she was able to see swans from such a short distance while my mother in law was feeding them from her hand. #dienosikikaledu


This photo appears 3rd time on my feed. It was taken about 5 hours after Magdė was born and Liucė met her for the first time. I can't believe it happened 4 years ago. Today in the morning Magdė woke up and asked me few times if she's 4 already. She wanted to make sure she won't be 3 again :))) Oh, our wild child. Your birth was free, you entered this world straight to your daddy's loving arms and it seems that your personality is exactly the same as your birth was. You're strong willed but most positive and optimistic child I've ever met. We've celebrated with friends already so today we will celebrate with family and go to ice cream Parlour for some birthday treat :) #dienosikikaledu


Even Little My sometimes has a reason to smile in photosl :))) I wrote few days earlier that she's coming up with something and next day we find out it's hand, mouth and foot disease. After finding few blisters on her fingers I thought it will be a mild version but it affected her quite badly. At least it didn't affect her mood :) Yesterday we made a gingerbread dough in the morning, than me, Liucė and my mil visited elfville. Magdė stayed at home with grandad. Liucės dream came true as she wanted to go somewhere without Magdė for ages but it wasn't possible. We have to think about one on one time in near future. We raided few charity shops and found a bag of beautiful marbles for their marble run but I didn't have any cash and they had a minimum for card payments so one lady kindly offered me to pay for them. It was a really nice act of kindness. When we came back home we made cookies and decorated them today in the morning. It was first time we made our glaze and girls wanted some sprinkles so they're not very delicate but we all had fun doing it together :) Half of the glaze and sprinkles were eaten for sure #dienosikikaledu


Less and less days left to Christmas but this year we're doing everything surprisimgly slow and trying to soak in and enjoy every minute of festive season. I still have gifts to wrap and make Christmas cookies with girls but it can wait :) I had my midwife appointment today and we're ofilficially in 3rd trimester now. Little bean is growing well, all good and I had a chance to listen to the heartbeat. Karolis, girls and my in laws decided to make a trip to the museum. I finally stayed at home. I made 22 k steps yesterday so It's safe to say that I can rest today :) I was considering to clean up the house before Christmas but with 3 extra adults in our house it's mission impossible to keep it tidy as it means even more extra stuff here. Oh well. Maybe next time. Or in next life :) I might just lie down on sofa or even have a nap instead. I've managed just to take a photo of the wreath we made of some berries, flowers, twigs and etc. We picked up in our wild place. It's really minimalistic and simple but I love it #dienosikikaledui And I just wondering how other plus size mom's/women manage to look beautiful, stylish, radiant, gorgeous and etc.and etc. After seeing myself in photos today I swore to myself that this is my last photo for a really long time.


Today we were busy from early morning. We had a dentist appointment for girls but we went there too late as I was sure the appointment was 20 minutes later than it really was. Magdė went on the chair first and knowing them and their personalities I was sure it's going to be this way. Liucė didn't want to show her teeth but it was necessary as she has two holes already and after she got scared when she was less than 2, she was refusing to go there by any means. We don't use awards or bribery in this house (also no punishment here) but this time we decided she has to go so we had to promise her something. Even then it was extremely hard for her so I have to lie down on the chair together and now we have 2 months to convince her to go there again. After we went to the farm with my mother in law, met few friends there, had lunch but Magdė started to complain she wants to sleep so she's having a nap on the sofa at the moment (even though she's not napping from when she was 2 ) so it might be she's coming up with something. We were planning to have a cinema date with Karolis tonight but we'll see. It depends on how Magdė will be after her nap #dienosikikaledu


It's pouring all day long today. Last Christmas orders were sent today in the morning and fingers crossed they will reach customers in time (We still have 2 non Christmas orders to make but we'll have a break first). It was a perfect day for staying in bed all day long. Or at least at home but we braved the weather and went to Liucės art class because she wanted to show everything to my mother in law which arrived yesterday and staying with us until New year's eve. Needless to say that girls are over the moon.They don't need me at all but I have to go together because my mil doesn't understand and speak English. At least Karolis finally had a proper rest :) I'm really hormonal and snappy. I was wondering why evolution is working this way. Probably it's a defensive reaction of the body to hide and protect the baby. I want to hide and hibernate but unfortunately don't have a chance to do that...We visited a Christmas town too but this non stop rain wasn't fun at all so we took a bus from city centre...Girls are enjoying their bath with tinti bath colours at the moment entertained by my in laws (I wish I was this good with kids) and it's amazing that I just can lay in bed and don't care about anything :)))) #dienosikikaledu

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