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If you ever wondered how the life of small business owner looks I can tell you one word - multitasking :))) While I was giving finishing touches and packing some orders yesterday, girls decided to ride their tricycle/balance bike/scooter/you name it on the pavement in front of our house so Karolis took the chair outside to enjoy some sunshine and keep an eye on the little ones. Our front garden is buzzing from bumble bees taking nectar from my lavenders so Karolis took few photos with my camera which usually is used only for taking photos of our jewellery :) And then me and girls had a lovely walk to post office. We usually go to the further one because nearest one isn't great :)


Sometimes I still surprise myself. After years of dying my hair, plucking my eyebrows, painting my nails, using eyeliner every single day, I finally embracing my natural look. Maybe it comes with age? I still use a little bit of make up everyday but as you can see my eyebrows has the natural shape and look, I already have grey hair, my toe nails have a single red dot on each and my my friend asked me today is it a remains of varnish or it's supposed to be like this :))) And I couldn't care less :)


It's so hot again today. I wish I could spend time somewhere by the stream or sea instead of just lying on the sofa :) Girls are happily playing with water in our back garden. I must confess - I can't wait for the autumn to come. I'm struggling really badly in this hot weather.


'I'm a healthy being full of love and light'. Because everyone needs a reminder now and then.


I've finally managed to take better photos and list this ring our etsy shop. Link in bio


Not sure if you've noticed but I usually post on my IG on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I lost Monday somehow and Karolis with the girls had a trip to Museum yesterday so I spent the day packing orders and chilling rest of the time. I'm sure you've seen this photo on my ig stories but even though it's not the best one but I decided it's worth my feed and let it be about backpacks :) After Magdė was born I switched my bag to backpack and never looked back. I had few from Catch Kidston before @fjallravenofficial but fed up with the quality and decided to give a go for this one. Do you love backpacks or still prefer bags? :) So today me and girls are going to visit my friend and we leave Karolis in the studio working on open orders :)


Oh rain, everyone and everything were waiting for you. Don't stay too long though :))))


When you were born you were given the most sacred seeds; the ones of life force, the ones that are you. You weren’t meant to be a pot plant on the windowsill, or a bonsai; constantly snipped for peoples pleasure. You have a wild forest in you, a sensory garden that can feel the world inside and out. Seek the fertile soil where you feel safe to grow, seek companion plants as friends who help your growth rather than attract flies and slugs to you. The seeds you were given have never existed before and won’t ever again. You are magical, you are life, you are nature. Nature needs to grow, to root, to die, to rebirth and to shine. Let yourself be the wild medicine garden that you are, let your seeds of life force grow beyond the pot, let them seek out the rich nutrients of wisdom, truth and self love. You are the gardener of your soul and the keeper of your sacred land. It’s time to stop pouring roundup on your heart, to ditch the bright green mono cultured lawn and over cultivated ornamentals in favour of wild herbs that calm, relax, stimulate, strengthen, nourish and care for your body and soul. Dig up the concrete, release the trapped parts of yourself you buried under there, invite the wild in and make medicine from what you grow. You are a witch and potion maker of your feelings, the alchemist of your forest, turning dust into life. ~ Brigit Anna McNeill


Last week our friends showed me a beautiful and perfect place on the other side of town. Liucė was saying it's a shame we live so far from it (we had to take 2 buses) and Magdė calls it simple - 'that beautiful place' :))) This week we decided to slow down things in our studio and took a day off. It was really busy because of the school holidays.Too busy for mine and Karolis liking but we've managed to go a little bit further and I even had a short nap next to the stream. This is a rare photo of me. Reminded me of the days when I used to write blog :) Little bit out of focus, the shadow under my eye makes me look like Alex from clockwork orange but somehow I like it. I don't feel very well recently. I don't like and trust my body anymore but this @offonclothing linen dress makes me feel special...


'And you were just like the Moon, so lonely, so full of imperfections. But just like the Moon, you shined in times of darkness' Unfortunately, most of the amazing moon faces are carved from animal bones or mother and pearl and we didn't want to use them for ethical reasons. The ones carved from gemstones not delicate enough for my liking so we were looking for the solution quite long and finally found it. Copper and sterling silver moon goodness ring will be in our shop soon. Swipe for more photos :) What do you think, guys?


Make a wish, my sweet child


We had in mind this project for ages but life happens and it took us longer than we thought but finally it's here - coffee bean pendants. The coffee bean mould was made of a reall coffee been and filled with 99% silver clay. I hopefully will be listing those in our etsy shop tonight and you could choose 16/18/20 inches chain. What do you think, guys? I'm totally in love and keeping one for myself :))) Make sure to swipe for more photos :)


'Life is so ironic, it takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence' This ring is listed in our etsy shop now :)


We subscribe to printer paint service and at the moment I can't print my own stickers because there's only black ink left in the cartridges. I had to find other ways to pack our jeweller and handmade @papergrapeprints stamp is the saviour :) I hope our customers like it to. I was saying recently that I'm a bit mad about lavenders at the moment so I sneak some lavenders in our packages too :)))


Mom's guilt can hit hard when you don't expect it at all. Sometimes it's enough for someone to say something unrelated to you but you take it really personal. Well, at least I do :))) Before I had kids I thought that I can't be alone. I hated spending time on my own. I was denying that I'm an introvert but now I understand that I'm. I'm an introvert. I'm not natural with kids as some people/parents are for example like my mother in law or sister in law. I don't like to play with kids and I barely do that. I love spending time with them, going to places, exploring, discovering new things and etc. Our little Liu is super mega crafty and she spends a lot of time cutting, glueing, painting, drawing, creating you name it, she does that :))) And I always was feel guilty that I don't do all those crafty projects with them that you can see on Pinterest :) Today was so hot but I promised Liucė that I'll buy some pipe cleaners so off we went :) She picked up some colourful paper as well and started to work on her project straight away when we got back home. She did everything on her own so I had to capture this little flower fairy :)


I promised you a better photo of our newest silver and copper ring and here it is :) I'm in love with my new ring. I left few of my rings for my mom while we were on holidays so this babe was created just in time :) I'm keeping a prototype for myself but I would be grateful if you could help us to decide should we list an oxidised version in our etsy shop or a shiny one. I'll do a poll in my stories and show you both. I went for oxidised look because oxidised silver always is a good idea :))) Swipe for more photos.


It's that time of the year when lavenders are blooming in our front garden. I remember how I planted them 5 years ago when we moved in into this house. I thought they won't survive but every year the shrubs are getting bigger and bigger and this year I'll have to harvest all of them so now you'll find lavenders everywhere - in mine wardrobe, kitchen, under the pillows and in my tea cup :))) Do you love lavenders? How and where do you use them? I don't take much photos where you can see the right side of my face so I braved this time to show my birthmark in all it's rawness. Not filtered, not hidden. The part of my face that was a cause of my anxiety for so many years...I'm embracing it. Also I wanted to show you my new ring with garnet. I took better photos and I promise to show you them. It's made of silver and copper and you can see it better in the second photo. The amazing linen dress is made by @offonclothing


'my child is not giving me a hard time, my child is having a hard time' ❤️ As a mom of super emotional and sensitive child, I have to remind this to myself quite often. I was and still am the same but I was growing in the Soviet Union and was raised totally different, I often wasn't allowed to cry. I can't remember much from my childhood. It seems like my brain is just blocking all the bad memories and is hard to find the end of the veil and understand where the a lot of emotions are coming from....

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