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from the Dolomites, Italy 🇮🇹 the girl with the yellow jacket 💛 ⤵️ Watch my Faroe Island video Similar users See full size profile picture

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Excited to head back to the land of ice in the beginning of next year. I really hope we get to see some northern lights and the beautiful icelandic landacapes all covered in withe ❄️ at Iceland


Oh hello! Snow! 😅⛄️ Well. These shots are actually from two years ago! These were about 1-2 months into my “instagram/photography” journey! Back then I had no idea how to edit photos. I still struggle with editing winter pictures. I mean, where is the color??? Anyway, I hope you like a little bit of snow. I know the people in the Dolomites love the snow because of ski season ⛄️⛷❄️ Do you ski or snowboard? 😎 at Dolomites UNESCO


La Réunion has some of the most amazing waterfalls I have seen. The best part is that you can even swim beneath them. Although the water was freezing cold it was such an amazing experience. Shot by the one and only @jackharding 🌿 at Réunion


I have been pushing aside this topic because there are so many misunderstandings and different opinions about it. Being outdoors and seeing how our world gets destroyed is frustrating. I saw glaciers melt, weather destroying homes and beaches full of plastic. My interest in the environment developed along with my love for photography. I did things in the past that weren’t to the favor of nature, and I do feel guilty about it. I am aware that traveling around the world and encouraging you to do the same, affects our climate. However, there is so much more to it than the pollution of the planes flying across the globe. Over four years ago I stopped eating meat, in case you didn’t know, animal agriculture and meat consumption are one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, there is no need for animals to suffer. The meat industry cuts down rainforests and valuable regions to produce animal feed, and with this goes the extinction of wildlife. We all hear about the environmental issues, but yet we live in our daily comfort in the hope that “someone else” will solve the problem. The truth is, if we want to see a change we all have to do our part. Everyone loves blaming others on what they are doing wrong but never really think about their own behavior. It is incredible to see how much attention sustainability and taking care of our planet got over the years, especially through social media. Yet so many people are still not educated enough. I am trying to do my part to live more sustainable, and I hope to start a spark in you to educate yourself and do the same. There are so many good documentaries on Netflix for example. The little changes will add up, and if more people start taking action, we can make a difference. My goals in the future are working on environmental projects and use my voice to raise awareness about it. Let this world not only be a memory through pictures, let’s make sure everyone gets to enjoy our planet in its real beauty before it vanishes forever. We all have a responsibility. Thanks for reading, it means a lot! shot by @ventura_sales 🙏🏻 at Madeira


Went for a swim or two 👀 I remember looking back at all the photos and thought how cool it would be to put them together into a video. I still have so much content to edit, from the last few months 🙊 Going to spend a lot of time on the computer these upcoming weeks 😜 at Madeira


I love being by the ocean. I love the taste of the salty air and the warm temperatures. I love to go for a swim and could spend hours listening to the sound of the waves. As much as I love the Dolomites I can easily see myself living near the ocean someday. Maybe somewhere with mountains by the sea. Maybe even Madeira. Maybe even in one of those houses in the right corner 😜😍 Thanks @kayvanhuisseling for standing there for scale (you are a very good scale model) 😂👀 at Faial, Madeira, Portugal


I swear it wasn’t as high as it looks 😅 On our last day in Madeira we did a jeep tour around the island and came across this cool bridge. We had to stop and take a couple of photos. @visitmadeira #visitmadeira #madeiranowordsneeded at Madeira


FULL VERSION ON IGTV 💛 Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world? Fast fashion labels rely on consumer who want the latest trends that will be out of fashion in a heartbeat. Low-quality items have high environmental and social cost of its production. That is why we should turn to brands that promote slow-fashion and value ethical production and sustainable materials. Just like Part of the Youth. A Swiss start up brand with a team of young creatives who want to make a change in the fashion industry. Every piece of their collection is unique and individual, a timeless piece with a story, created with other people and nature in mind. “This is our world and we are all responsible for it. Our future depends on treating nature and all humans with respect” In collaboration with @py.studios #ad Music by my talented brother @petercloudmusic 🔥 at Faroe Islands


Today was our last full day in Madeira. The last week we spent hiking, exploring and capturing some of the beautiful areas this island has to offer. On this day we were exploring the coast lines and found this cool rock formation. @kayvanhuisseling captured me getting lost in the sound of the waves. Madeira you are such a dream 💛 @visitmadeira #madeiranowordsneeded #visitmadeira at Madeira Island Paradise


Probably one of my favorite mornings this year. Had some wild conditions on one of my favorite sunrise locations in the Dolomites 😍 at Dolomites UNESCO


The perfect little getaway 👀 at Lofoten


Late summer hikes to the heart of the Pyrenees 💙 at France

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