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A powerful photo of a New Zealand police officer standing guard outside of a Christchurch cemetery — while wearing a black headscarf with a red rose on her lapel and holding a rifle — has become an image of “respect” for many around the world. - Women from around New Zealand shared images of themselves wearing headscarves on social media, with the hashtag #headscarfforharmony. - According to Stuff, Headscarf for Harmony was organized Friday by a group of women wanting to show solidarity with the Muslim community after the terror attacks and mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand. - 📷: The image was captured by Stuff photographer Alden Williams. at New Zealand


An overweight ex-factory farm chicken named Colorado has been given a new lease on life thanks to her new wheelchair. - The chicken was rescued by Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary in Oklahoma, along with 25 “very sick” birds from a factory farm. - When the rescuers noticed that Colorado’s legs were unable to support her weight, they built her a wheelchair. - “Ever since she got the wheelchair, her sparkle’s back,” Jennie Hays, a worker at the sanctuary, said. - “We honestly believe here at Oliver and Friends that every animal deserves the chance to live their best life as pain-free as possible.” (📷: @oliverandfriendsfarmsanctuary) at Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary


Do you know who the ‘angel nurse’ is? - Ben Freudenthaler is seeking the nurse who helped him after he was involved in a car accident on an Alberta highway in November, 2018. - He was driving to work from Calgary to Edmonton around 7 a.m. on Nov. 19 when the car in front of him hit a deer, causing his truck to roll across three lanes of traffic. - “This nurse had pulled over to help us and she did CPR for me until the ambulance showed up… She identified herself right away and said: ‘Don’t move. Lie on your back,’ and held me in a spinal recovery position,” Ben said. - Ben ended up fracturing his C7 vertebrae in his neck. - “In my soul, it would feel good to acknowledge her and what she did,” Ben added. - Ben can’t remember what she looks like, and while EMS confirmed there was a person who was tending to the patient after the collision, there was no information on the woman’s identity. - Ben and his wife, Christina, are asking the nurse to reach out to them so they can thank her properly and in person. - If you have any insight into who this ‘angel’ nurse could be, the nurse’s contact information is asked to be sent through email to [email protected] at Calgary, Alberta


#OnlyInAustralia: “I noticed some fluffy ears in the backseat and realized there was koala in the car.” - A very polite Australian man and his canine companion were surprised to find an adorable koala trying to beat the heat in the Aussie’s air-conditioned car. - 🎥: Tim Whitrow at Australia


Spotted: Yogi bear in Yosemite National Park in California acting curious around some of the bear-proof trash cans, and attempting to break into one...with his bear hands. (📷: Yosemite National Park) at Yosemite National Park


Christchurch students paid a powerful tribute to the victims of the New Zealand mosque attacks by performing a traditional Indigenous Maori dance called a haka. - The students then laid flowers and held a moment of silence. - Fifty people have died after two mosque attacks were carried out by a gunman. (📷: Reuters) at Christchurch, New Zealand


“You are my friends. I will keep watch while you pray." - A man who stood outside a Manchester mosque after the shooting of 50 people at mosques in New Zealand said he wanted to "respond with friendship" in an interview with the BBC. - Andrew Graystone brought up the idea on Twitter, asking people to come with him to his local mosque in order “to stand guard over our Muslim friends while they pray.” Images of similar acts around the U.K. have also gone viral. - 📷: Twitter at Manchester, United Kingdom


Meet Abdul Aziz, the #christchurch hero who chased the attacker away on Friday. - When the gunman advanced toward Linwood mosque, killing those in his path, Abdul Aziz didn’t hide. Instead, he picked up the first thing he could find, a credit card machine, and ran outside screaming “Come here!” - - Aziz, 48, is being hailed as a hero for preventing more deaths during Friday prayers at the Linwood mosque in Christchurch after leading the gunman in a cat-and-mouse chase before scaring him into speeding away in his car. - Latef Alabi, the Linwood mosque’s acting imam, said the death toll would have been far higher at the Linwood mosque if it wasn’t for Aziz. - 📷: Vincent Thian/ AP at Christchurch, New Zealand


Who do you think would win this standoff? 🦅🐿 - A photographer captured this image in Maine earlier this week. The photo shows a massive bird and the lunch-sized rodent squaring off in a staring contest, perhaps waiting to see who will make the first move. - I couldn’t have made this up,” Photographer Roger Stevens Jr. said in is Facebook post. - In an interview with CBS, the photographer said the squirrel appeared to be defending its babies, explaining the rodent kept darting into a hollow in the tree. - 📷: Roger Stevens Jr. at Lincoln, Maine


No kid-ing around here! A three-year-old goat named Lincoln was sworn in as the honorary mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont last week. And what did the new mayor do on his first day? Pooped on the floor, leaving cleanup to the police chief and other attendees. 🐐💩 at Fair Haven, Vermont


A dognapping is over in the Okanagan and an elated family has been reunited with their golden retriever, Atlas, thanks to the RCMP. - “The police called us. They said they had Atlas,” Taylor Galt, Atlas’ owner, told Global News. “They opened up the back door and he came running into my arms crying. - It was “an emotional outburst of joy for happiness for the family and I’m sure the entire animal loving community, as well.” - 📸: Supplied at Kelowna, British Columbia


A wild turkey has been spotted chasing a Canada Post employee while on his daily delivery route. 🦃 - Twitter user Don Cumming said he witnessed the encounter first hand on March 6. Cumming said the postal worker told him that the turkey chases him every day. - A Canada Post representative told Global News they were made aware of the “turkey’s aggressive behaviour” and launched an investigation. - 📷: Don Cumming, Twitter at Mississauga, Ontario

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