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An other sunset trip with my friend @schnelli_pictures at Rohrspitz Yachting Salzmann GmbH


at Großer Widderstein


...the last autumnal sunrise at the #kalbelesee in #Austria #Vorarlberg #exploreromantikcontest at Hochtann Mountain Pass


Mountains & Lakes that we love and we were once again for you on the road... #steigauf #exploreromantikcontest at Warth-Schröcken


Our new spot for Sunset view to the Wallensee high above the mountains, of course, this spot works with sunrise also. Come with us into the mountains... we are not waiting!


... it's getting dark I'm still sitting on the top of the mountain and enjoy the last rays of light at Tschuggen, Graubunden, Switzerland


We have just this view from our sunset tour around the Alvier ... here we look into the Weisstannental and in the background various Swiss mountains ... at Tschugga


It is absolutely not important how many peaks you mount or how high your mountain but whether you can see the beauty! #procooph at My Home


Mountains are my home Friday night most people goes to the disco I prefer to go to the mountains :) at Alvier


at Klöntalersee

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