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Okay, I know I can't be the only one who has a slight obsession with tiles and patterns. I just love all the colours. Who's with me? 🙋 . I'm starting to write about my adventures in Istanbul and the first blog post is about my experience of a Turkish Bath 💦 Click the link in my bio to read about all the nakedness and invasive touching, that somehow ended up being a relaxing and enjoyable experience. at Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii)


Alright, yes, I'm a little obsessed... But I promise this is the last Pamukkale shot 😁 What a beautiful place ❤️ Read more about it on my blog - link in bio. at Pamukkale Tranvanter


If you get to Pamukkale early enough you can beat the crowds and see the pools empty, like this. But you need to be there bright and early when the gates open at 8am. You should take your time making your way up through the pools; this is the quietest they will be all day. By 9am the big tourist buses will have unloaded and the place will be packed. The pools are only knee-deep at best, so it’s not exactly a spot to swim, but it’s certainly refreshing. You can scrape the clay off the bottom and use it for a bit of exfoliation too, if you please. . More on Pamukkale on my blog - link in bio 👍 at Pamukkale Tranvanter


Pristine white springs, filled with bright blue water… Obviously this place was way up on my Turkey ‘to-do’ list before I even landed, and it most certainly did not disappoint ❤️ . Read more about it on my blog, link in bio ✨ at Pamukkale Tranvanter


Oh hey there beautiful Pamukkale 😍☺️ . I loved watching sunset here, but staying til the sun went down meant that I walked back down the travertines in the dark - which gives the place a kinda spooky and mysterious look...but don’t let that distract you! Watch where you step. I stubbed my toe and now (almost six weeks later) my toe is still looking wonky! Oops. 🤣 . More info on Pamukkale in my blog - link in bio ✨ at Pamukkale Tranvanter


📍Pamukkale, Turkey... What a spot to watch the sunset 😍 . . Given that Pamukkale is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions, it’s surprisingly quiet at sunset. My guess is that this is because all the tourist buses shuttle everyone in as early as possible to make the most of the day, but then don’t hang around for the evening. All the better for you to find a spot to sit and enjoy it in peace. The top of the travertines offers the most incredible views of the colourful sky, while it reflects on the pools. More tips for Pamukkale on my blog - link in bio ✨ at Pamukkale Tranvanter


First glimpse of Pamukkale ❤️❤️ I absolutely loved this place and I'm sure the silly grin on my face makes that pretty clear 😁 . . One thing I *don't* love about this place is the crowds! Head to my blog to read about how to avoid the masses of tourists at Pamukkale 🙌 Link in bio. at Pamukkale Tranvanter


Top 5 Things to do in Fethiye, Turkey - link to blog in Bio ✌️ . . My absolute favourite thing about Fethiye is the beauty that surrounds it: mountains, valleys, beaches, islands... The best way to see a bit of it is by boat. Read about my half day boat trip and other adventures in Fethiye on my blog 🙌 . . What's the best boat trip you've ever been on? at Saint Nicholas Adası


Top 5 Things to do in Fethiye, Turkey - link to blog in Bio ✌️ . . # 4 - The Market. One might say I’m a market junkie. Everywhere I go, I make it a priority to sus out the best local markets. The Fethiye market only happens on Tuesdays, so if you’re lucky enough to be in town on the right day of the week, it’s well worth a visit. It’s HUGE. There is a section full of fruits and vegetables and local produce (more Turkish delight than you’ve ever seen in your life!) Then there’s a ‘food court’ type section with an endless array of Turkish pancakes. As well as the local food, there’s some cheap clothing, jewellery, bags, souvenirs… The list goes on and on and on… . . Are you a market junkie like me? at Fethiye Merkez


Top 5 Things to do in Fethiye, Turkey - link to blog in Bio ✌️ . # 3 - The Rock Tombs. I’m not gonna lie: I am no history buff. In fact, I was off with the fairies for most of my history lessons in school… BUT traveling the world ignites a little spark of interest in history for me and I thought this was cool. What is it? Forth century tombs, built into the side of a mountain, where the Lycian people buried their honoured deceased so the angels could reach them. Aw 💕 There's also a sick view of Fethiye and the bay from here - head to my blog to check it out! . Are you a history nerd? 🤓 Or do you just find little tidbits that interest you, like me? at Kral Amintas Taş Mezar


Top 5 Things to do in Fethiye, Turkey - link to blog in Bio 🤓 . . # 2 - Watch the sunset over the harbour. Stay tuned (or head to my blog!) to find out about the rest. at Rota Fora Cafe Bistro


NEW blog post 🙌 It's been a super hectic time, but I finally got a new blog post up: Top 5 Things to do in Fethiye, Turkey. . # 1 - Roam the colourful little streets 😍 Read the rest on my blog - link in bio. at Fethiye Merkez


Life right now: pretty stressed in my new job, still trying to hunt down my suitcase that went missing on the weekend & it's cold and dreary in London... So instead, I'm dreaming of boat trips along the Turkish coast 😍 This was the last stop on my half day boat trip from Fethiye, Turkey. Read more on my blog - link in bio 🙌 at Fethiye Oludeniz


This stunning little spot was the lunch stop on my little boat trip from Fethiye, Turkey. After eating, we hopped off for a swim and I clambered around on the rocks, getting some great views of the area. Despite the name ‘Aquarium Bay’ I didn’t spot many fish here. More info on my blog - link in bio 🙌 at Aquarium Bay


Yes, the water really is that blue..!! 😱 While I was in Fethiye, Turkey, I went on an awesome boat trip that started and ended at this beautiful beach. Read about it on my blog ✌️ Link in bio! at Oludeniz Beach


A beautiful waterfall, right?! BUT... Wanna know something a little disappointing (okay, a lot disappointing) that I didn’t realise until I was there...? Duden Waterfall is not natural. There’s huge great pipes coming out of the water, feeding back up into the top of the falls. Felt a little cheated when I realised. Buuuuut…it’s still pretty. #gochasewaterfalls Recently blogged about this place - check the link in my bio to read more 🙂 at Düden Waterfalls


The one and only waterfall I chased in Turkey 💦 I did a bit of research and found that there are plenty of waterfalls dotted all over the country, but most of them were either too far away to justify the trip, or quite difficult to get to without a car. However, the one waterfall I did see was a pretty impressive one! Read more on my blog - link in bio ✌️ at Düden Waterfalls


One last shot of BEAUTIFUL Cappadocia... ❤️❤️❤️ Check my blog for a full write-up on why I love this area so much. Stay tuned for a little bit of waterfall chasing in Turkey 💦 at Cappadocia / Kapadokya

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