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“Just Don” @chicagodonc x @timberland. It’s brick season on the streets of NYC. Stay warm my guy. at New York, New York


when you’re too hard on yourself you start to feel everything with so much intensity. be kind to yourself. sometimes i have such tough love with myself that it reaches that intensity point. @kuwallatee at New York, New York


i just flipped the switch ⏬ @inklawclothing at New York, New York


Train your mind. One thing i’ve been working on within my career is choosing my thoughts, focusing on the good and visualizing my success. Most importantly... REPEATING that cycle often. You may ask “why is it taking me long to get what i want?” & it’s simply because a lot of us are holding ourselves in a vibrational pattern that doesn’t match the vibrations of our desires. @kuwallatee A/W ‘18 at New York, New York


Don’t Rush Something You Want To Last Forever ⏱⌛️ @hommefemmela at New York, New York


I’ve taken the time to go back through my work. 2016 days. Days where @luxeluce00 & I would take trips out the city to just explore and create. I literally found inspiration in my old work. A place i don’t visit too often and should... that’s where i just want everyone to take a chance and look at where they have started. Revisit the roots. Thankful to be on this journey & I definitely love how much my work has evolved over time. at New York, New York


Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self. Don’t worry about who is achieving what and when. Stay in your own lane, whatever pace you’re going. You’ll get to your destination with self-belief and hard work. @hommefemmela at New York, New York


Over-communicating to the ppl you love is always the right thing 🌹❤️ @akingsny Varicks & Rat-Race T-shirt at New York, New York


Keep yourself in check like that dollar run out. You ain’t better than nobody based on your dollar amount 🗣💯🖤 at New York, New York


THE RAT RACE 🖤💨 @akingsny at New York, New York


Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that 🖤🗣 @inklawclothing at New York, New York


if you not fucking with me now, it’s too late 🖤✌🏼 Denim: @akingsny at New York, New York


Work with ppl who you vibe with. Can’t stress how much a subject + photographer connection/vibe is so important. Not only does it make work fun and less like “work” but you see the connection through the work you put out. So work with people you fuck with! Huge amounts of love to @inklawclothing for being one of my favorite brands that I’ve grown a connection with over the past year. at New York, New York


Take a step back & evaluate the people in your life. Are the people around you growing mentally, spiritually & financially? Let your company be the reflection of the person you want to become. Very grateful for these two: @carlosdharrisjr_ & @nickgetek. You guys are family to me. at New York, New York


Checks Over Stripes ✔️✔️✔️ . . . #hypebeast #highsnobiety #denim #travisscott #hsstyle #fashion #hsdailyfeature #nyfw at New York, New York


Linked with the good homie @carlosdharrisjr_ while he was visiting NYC. Always a great time linking with him because we are always on the same type of time... surrounding ourselves around hard-working individuals. See you in Dallas soon big homie!! 💪🏼🙌🏼❤️ at New York, New York


Don’t Get Attached 🖇✂️ @tainted_ at New York, New York


I’m on pace. I figured out this shit ain’t no race. I been getting closer to God. Not in scripture we been talking direct, straight line. Model: @aerincreer Styled by: @snowwstormz at New York, New York

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