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The full @chefaz webisode has DROPPED and it is 15 minutes of pure Taiwanese food deliciousness—caviar farms, street food, soup dumplings, hotpot and so much more. Watch the rest on our YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/journy or hit link in bio! at Taiwan


Despite calling herself the "noodle queen" and eating dumplings dumplings approximately five times per week, Emily Fedner (@foodloversdiary) had never been to Asia. So we thought she might like to go with us. Check out our story to catch some of her fav Taiwan bites!🍜🥟


We took photographer @dave.krugman on his first trip to Asia and he took some of the most stunning photos we’ve ever seen. Watch now and check link in bio for more! 📸✨ at Taiwan


Mochi is 💯 a ‘QQ’ Taiwanese food. What is QQ? Some say: like Italian al dente. @leitihsu says: so much more. Peek at our Insta-story now or visit gojourny.com/stories to understand this special Taiwanese texture. #journyxtaiwan at Taiwan


Everyone has a vehement opinion of their favorite rendition of any particular dish—and where to get it, down to the stall number. Get ours at link in bio now. #journyxtaiwan at Taiwan


“It’s a VERY serious food town!” We took @chefaz back to show him Taiwan’s latest and greatest. Full webisode dropping soon—get AZ’s ultimate guide at link in bio! #journyxtaiwan @andrewfilmdp at Taiwan


It’s like seeing streets and crosswalks with a beginner’s mind...or eye—we’ve been mesmerized by @johnny777’s captures. #gojourny #streetphotography at Tokyo, Japan


🇭🇰 in 🇺🇸 Team @gojourny operations maven Steph Park @lilsoyoung and cofounder @leitihsu joined a dumpling making lesson with chefs Mak Kwai Pui and Leung Fai Keung, creators of the @michelinguide-starred @timhowanusa. 🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟 A taste of Hong Kong to celebrate their brand new midtown Manhattan location in case you can’t board a plane there ASAP! ✈️ at Tim Ho Wan USA


Our founders @susan_ho and @leitihsu caught in the wild. They’ve been traveling, dancing, eating (and drinking) together since 2006. Guess how many cities they’ve now been to together? Photo: @dave.krugman #journyxtaiwan #timefortaiwan at 寧夏夜市 Nin Shia Night Mrket


It’s like Where’s Waldo except with the #journyxtaiwan gang. Can you spot @leitihsu @bohemiantrails @sana_xc? 👀 Photo: @dave.krugman #gojourny #taiwanscene #mytaiwantour at 太鲁閣 Taroko Gorge


Word on the street is that this lantern-lined former gold-mining mountain town was the inspiration for the beloved 2001 animated film “Spirited Away,” even though director Hayao Miyazaki denies it. Team #journyxtaiwan braved a day and night of constant downpour to get these shots. Photo: @dave.krugman #timefortaiwan #mytaiwantour #taiwanscene #gojourny at Jiufen, Taipei, Taiwan


Dizzying array of activity—but upon closer look, meditative moments like this one. Locals gather for prayer, study and offerings at the temple on a Sunday. Captured by @dave.krugman for #journyxtaiwan. #timefortaiwan #gojourny #taiwanscene #mytaiwantour at Long Shan Tang Temple

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