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Gökhan Kutluer

Cycling enthusiast working in the bike industry, writing for publications, working on a second book. Living in Bergamo for now.

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Specialized Diverge Fan Page

It's the renaissance art in Florence. It's the Gothic architecture in Prague. It's a long aria in Vienna State Opera. It's the beautiful old town of Bruges or the fascinating view of the Bosphorus. It's the French girl I kissed at the top of the San Giovanni Castle where the beautiful bay of Kotor lays down under our feet. It's my favourite meal with some spice on it. It's dream. It's passion. It's childhood. It's my best mistake. It's everything that I enjoy looking at... It's everything I remember with a small smile on my face... It's my custom steel bicycle with all its modesty. at Stelbel


Every time I see a tiny house around the mountains or valleys I have this inner voice telling me to move away from the city and focus on my writings for few years ⚫️ at Passo Dello Stelvio


In search of up with @silvia_ileanastella at Passo Dello Stelvio


Keep shining 🍻 Have a nice week, fellas 💣 #fizikofficial | #stelbeltelai at Passo Dello Stelvio


The certain advantage of living in northern Italy is that you're too close to the epic climbs 🏔 If I'm bored at home I travel to Bormio and ride there 🚴🏼‍♂️ #fizikofficial | #stelbeltelai at Passo Dello Stelvio


Working with bikes is difficult. I see new frames and bikes every other day and holding myself not to order a new one 🤦🏼‍♂️ It's like working at McDonald's and trying to stay thin 😜 #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


Here in Stelbel office, we care about safety | Safety first guys, safety first | 😜 | 🍄 at Stelbel


| @camillapizzini is the winner | 🎀 Giveaway Time 🎀 First of all I’d like to thank all my followers 🤗 Now we’re 30K and I feel like I should celebrate this with a simple competition🥇One lucky person will get a package including a Stelbel t-shirt, a pair of Stelbel socks, one Stelbel cap, one handlebar tape from @fizikofficial , one fancy water bottle by @thewonderfulsocks and two tasty bars from @clifbar | What do you need to do? | Follow 👉🏻@stelbel_official Follow 👉🏻 @gokhankutluer | Tag your two friends under this post | Post an instastory from Stelbel’s instagram feed and tag Stelbel | You should do all of them together | Good luck 🚲 | #stelbeltelai #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


Some artistic helmet free casual shots 😜 #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


Five years ago today I bought my first road bicycyle 🐣 It was an aluminium Specialized one and I was such a rookie with my ugly and big size jerseys on it 😅 What was your first road bicycle, guys? 🧐🤔 #fizikofficial at Selvino


I consider to buy a winter bike 🚲 Need your suggestion‼️ #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


I’m working with bicycles without any title | Shoot me like they’re all mine 😜 at Ciclicorsa.com


Need a break from reality #outsideisfree at Passo San Marco


Where do you ride today? I’m riding uphill, again... Well, there is no other way in Bergamo 🤦🏼‍♂️ #stelbeltelai #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


It’s my turn to carry ♥️🚲 at Bergamo, Italy


When you’ve missed all the good stuff on Rapha sale and wait for the next one 🤦🏼‍♂️ Cyclists are worse than the women who wait for the famous Zara sale 😜 It seems they smashed all the nice jerseys in few seconds 🤷🏼‍♂️ #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


When you’re too drunk to behave like a poser in town🍻 at Bergamo, Italy


Even the birds were sleeping when I was out for riding this morning 🐧🐦🐤 #stelbeltelai #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy

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