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Gökhan Kutluer

Cycling enthusiast working in the bike industry, writing for publications, working on a second book. Living in Bergamo for now.

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This is something I say when I fall in love but I have zero idea about what I do and where I look at here 🤷🏼‍♂️ . . . . . . . . . #fromwhereiride #cyclingshots #roadbikes #roadbike #cyclingpics #roadporn #baaw #roadbikes #bikeporn #stravacycling #cyclinglife #cyclingphotography #wymtm #wtmtm #cyclestyle #italia #ilikeitaly #visitbergamo #cinelli at Bergamo, Italy


Yeah, I have this thing with road bikes. It doesn't matter whether the bike is mine or not. I should align their cranks otherwise I can't stand seeing their photos. It's like having a photo as your eyes closed. Besides @canyon bikes don't deserve to have average photos. That's why @elevenspeedloservincent was there with all his magic ✨ Swipe right to see the result 🖤 #MyCanyon at Canyon Bicycles GmbH


When I woke up on Friday morning, it was nearly 4:00 AM. After preparing my backpack, I gave a goodbye kiss to my cat and left home. There was only one sentence in my mind as I walked to the shuttle station to get to Milano Malpensa airport: ‘’I hope it's worth it!’’ A bus ride that lasted over an hour, a fresh panino with tons of mozzarella in it, double espresso and ‘’I did it my way’’ of Frank Sinatra in my ears… Ready to fly! It took me a while to get to Koblenz after getting off the plane, but the punctual German trains took me where I wanted to be; to the people I wanted to touch. After a couple of Glühwein, loose nerves, Rhine river and quality time with my new friends, I found myself in a huge and well-structured facility just a few kilometers away from Koblenz. In this facility there is a brand that passionately manufactures bicycles, sells smile, happiness and satisfaction to people. Its name is Canyon. A big family with serious German employees and some other ones from all over the world in order to balance the sense of humour there. Simon, the head of marketing, Roman, the modest owner of Canyon, Valentina, the hands of Canyon in Italy, and lots of other successful people, who serve their talents and passion for the company. If you want to do something inspiring in your life, you need to know ‘other’ stories. Not to imitate them, but to take courage from them… You don't have to fill your life with successful people. But still you better be sure that every new person you take into your life will enlighten you in some way because the things that will keep you in the flow are curiosity, inspiration and self awareness. #MyCanyon at Canyon Bicycles GmbH


Dreaming takes a huge place in my life. It's not a disorder. It's a choice of living, a strategy to step into the new adventures, and a way of creating your own luck. Keep dreaming! Be a daydreamer! It's much better than sticking to a single plan and wasting your whole life for it. I failed a lot. I had the answer 'no' many times in my life but it never changed my direction. If you try long enough, life brings you the right people in the exact moment that you need them. at Bergamo, Italy


Just landed 🇩🇪 I'll update you with some content from @canyon 👊🏻 Follow my stories 🚲 #canyon at Bergamo, Italy


🤦🏼‍♂️ Me being troubled about early morning flights. I’m an early bird but not that much… Tomorrow I need to wake up at 05:00 AM because I’ll fly to Germany for an event 🇩🇪 at Bergamo, Italy


Coffee ride with tubular tyres 🐝 What a wise move 😅 You know that everything you buy has a unique smell. It's a smell which hits your nose when you open a new book or a new box including your shoes. The smell of a new car, new furniture and so on... They all have an identical smell just like these tyres. Oh, that fantastic rubber smell... It's almost the same smell as peanut butter and I love it 😅 That's why I've been using only Veloflex for almost 5 years 🥳 at Bergamo, Italy


Take the less taken path. It surely leads you to something beautiful as long as you never give up. People just talk. Don’t listen to them. They’re mostly average and they don’t like watching you while you’re catching your dreams one by one. They don’t have any tolerance for insecurity and adventure. They just talk from where they’re stuck and do the best they can… bitching about others. at Somewhere on the Earth


Zero motivation to be in city after my weekend on the mountains 😔 at Bergamo, Italy


Power off, please 👊🏻 It's time to have some Italian breakfast with a chocolate brioche and cappucino 🥐 #inmyelemnt | #wahooligan | #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


Some winter riding ❄️ at Bormio


People on the street stare at me and my bicycle but who cares 🤷🏼‍♂️ Leave me alone 👀 Those legs need to have rest 💤 #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


Road bikes with disc brakes 👍🏻 Best option for winter riding ❄️ 📸 @ciclicorsa | #fizikoffical | #cinelli at Bergamo, Italy


Half fisherman half cyclist. at Bergamo, Italy


I love the fancy colours of @cinelli_official road bikes 🍊 #happytomakeanotherriderhappy at Bergamo, Italy


Lock and load 👊🏻 Leaving the city and expecting not to be iced while I’m descending through the valley 🤞🏻 #fizikofficial at Bergamo, Italy


I deleted more than 20 Black Friday e-mails (excluding spams) this weekend and I was decisive enough to keep myself away from spending money 😜 #fizikofficial | #stelbeltelai at Bergamo, Italy


Finally a bit of sun to put my ass on the saddle 🍻 #fizikofficial | #stelbeltelai | #beautyofcycling at Bergamo, Italy

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