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Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher living no where in particular. Born in San Francisco. Seeker of Truth. See full size profile picture

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In these super curious times, there is an enhanced opportunity to reflect deeply upon the transient nature of life... to meditate upon how precious and indescribable each moment of human life is... so fascinating to me how this crisis is allowing many of us to dive deeper into contemplative practice than ever before... I, for one, am enjoying and appreciating this chance to explore the more transcendent side of life and experience... timeless and profound... Of course I miss the company of dear friends and loved ones... I send you all the fullness of my heart... Love ❤️ and prayers...! Govinda... Hope to see you all sooner than later...! #govindakai #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #spirituality #corona #coronavirus


So much to appreciate about these strange times... it’s really like the whole world is going on spiritual retreat... Yes, the uncertainty of what may come may seem overwhelming and uncomfortable at times... And, it’s amazing to all this time to simply BE... to reach deep into the Self... to reflect, to feel, to rest, to fast, to meditate and to do nothing at all... what a incredible luxury... There’s the sense that you can go as deeply into this moment as you want... Hari Om...! #govindakai #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #yoga #spirituality


It’s astounding to me what’s happening in the world right now... the pandemic is nothing anyone could have anticipated of course... even more than that though are the reaction it is stirring on an emotional and mental level... there are those who say that the crisis is making people crazy... from my perspective, the situation is merely revealing the way that many are already approaching life... generally from a place of misunderstanding and ignorance... I, like many others, have spent most of my life believing that my value was based mostly on the external condition of my life... thus, I’ve lived primarily from a place of fear and anxiety, feeling a general sense of unworthiness and perpetual dissatisfaction... to face myself earnestly with honesty and vulnerability was generally avoided... It’s incredible to me that this crisis is giving me an unprecedented opportunity to be with myself, to reflect in a way that was more challenging because of the incessant aggressiveness of the mind... Now, with so many restrictions on movement and activity, I can dive deeper into myself than ever before... very uncomfortable on one hand... and, on the other hand, so luxurious and joy filled... such strange and beautiful times...! #govindakai #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #spirituality #coronavirus


Okay, this may seem trivial, but I assure you, it is not...! This is a bran muffin from @whalecitybakery in Davenport, California. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a fan of “healthy” muffins. After a lifetime of eating these kinds of muffins, I found the perfect bran muffin...! It’s freshly baked every morning and it’s perfectly baked, crunchy on the outside and most and perfectly flavored on the inside. Really... morning perfection with a cup of good, hot black coffee. As they say, Life is in the details...! #govindakai #muffin #bakery #california #morningritual


The next few months will be a time of no structure and no schedule. I’ll wander freely and spontaneously driving wherever my heart takes me, doing whatever I feel like doing as long as I feel like doing it. Long and open stretches of time to read and write, to nap and to sit silently in the mountains and on the beaches of my beloved west coast. I love these times when I can drift and reflect deeply on the nature of life. There are definite challenges to spending so much unstructured time alone without the comfort and support of loving friends. The challenge is what makes this time so rich and nourishing. It’s truly time reserved for one’s soul. #govindakai #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #soullife #spirituality


Hearts on fire 🔥...!! Love and passion healing and inspiring...! #govindakai #ashtangayoga #ashtanga


Extraordinary week at @arunachalayoganilayam in Budapest, Hungary. I’m naturally attracted to communities that are filled with intense devotion and hunger for deeper experiences and deeper truths. For me, passion, connection and love are the lifeblood of our practice and life. What’s more important in life than to surrender into love, to be showered by love...? #govindakai #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #mysorepractice #spirituallife #soullife




A life committed to truth inevitably includes a very intimate relationship to death, both one’s own and that of those close to you. Ignorance always obscures just how close we are to death. We all can easily assume that we know what is coming next. When we regularly reflect upon or meditate on death, there is a level of presence and clarity about oneself and life that is deeply empowering. #govindakai #ashtangayoga #yoga #spirituality


The moon 🌚 days are an especially good and powerful times to go within, to slow down and to remember and appreciate our mystical self. It’s easy to get lost in the practical and material side of life in these times. Spiritual evolution means we remember and connect with the side of ourselves and of life that is profound and beyond language. Beautiful and magical...!! #govindakai #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #moonday #mystical


Such beautiful and powerful times here in Köln at Santosha. The community here is deeply soulful. For me, practice extends far beyond my own skin and beyond the mat. Never has this been more clear. Love is the source and the destination. What is possible is truly with no limit. Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for this blessed life. Thank you @ibensita for the video! #govindakai #ashtanga #kirtan