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Roaming around alpine lakes in the morning is probably my favorite thing to do during summer. Especially when you catch some glass 👍🏻 at Alpine Lakes Wilderness


Still don’t understand why everyone leaves before this happens. at Washington


The only waterfall I’ve seen where there’s an island in the middle. Find the tourist that accidentally made it in to the frame and I’ll give you absolutely nothing 🙃 at Alberta


Winding up forest roads, blasting some music, Brock trying to crash his drone into mine. Truly a great evening. at Washington


Would much rather be rippin down the parkway than being stuck inside due to snow. Although the sledding has been primo 🛷👌🏻 at Banff National Park


Watching the peaks of GNP play hide and seek at Glacier National Park


Deep in the dense forests of Oregon 🌲 at Oregon


From a rather M O O D Y day in BC. Should probably go back and explore more of this spot. Then again I say that about everything basically all the time so I probably won’t. at Vancouver, British Columbia


It’s freaking cold out yo 🥶 at Washington


Snow is in the forecast for Washington in the coming week. Not keen on that. At all. at Icefields Parkway, Banff, Alberta, Canada


Still my favorite beach I’ve ever been to. Would very much like to see some waves soon. at Olympic National Park


Back from one of my favorite evenings last summer with some good people. at Mount Baker Wilderness


The lake we almost ended up going to. But instead we decided to kill our legs some more and see it from above. at Glacier National Park


If I didn’t bum lenses off of friends I would probably have like 4 pictures from the parkway 🙆🏻‍♂️ at Banff, Alberta


This waterfaüss did in fact rip. Hard. 🌊 at Pacific Northwest


Going back through photos from Canada has me missing their blue water big time. at Alberta


Early morning drives down the parkway 🚗 at Icefields Pkwy, AB


The trip that just keeps on giving. Went into this hike honestly not expecting anything and it ended up being my second favorite trip of the entire year. It’s hard to have a bad time backpacking in the summer. at Alpine Lakes Wilderness

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