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Chiapas feels like it’s truly untouched. No crowds, no worn in hiking trails, no lines. @andrewthompson and I had an amazing experience. @visitmexico @sectur_chiapas #ad #VisitMexico #AWorldofitsOwn #FoundinMexico #MexicoLove at Chiapas, Mexico


Las 3 Tzimoleras was stunning. We had the whole place to ourselves all day. Check out my stories for more! @visitmexico @sectur_chiapas #ad #VisitMexico #AWorldofitsOwn #FoundinMexico #MexicoLove at Chiapas, Mexico


Spent an amazing weekend in Chiapas. @andrewthompson and I fell in love with the untouched scenery and the tacos. Click the link in my bio to read the letter from @visitmexico, “Dear USA” @visitmexico @sectur_chiapas #ad #VisitMexico #AWorldofitsOwn #FoundinMexico #MexicoLove at Chiapas, Mexico


Hanging on to summer for a few days longer. at Koh Samui


Had an amazing time with the @stregishotels team and @sentebale in London a few weeks back. It was a truly amazing event with great folks like @nachofigueras and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. #LiveExquisite at London, United Kingdom


Today marks 3 years of marriage with @annamaewoodman. Life is so sweet with you Anna! A lot of people have ask us about this photo over the years so far, so I thought I would describe it for you all. Anna was getting ready at @vanessaschmidtco apartment in NW Portland. I got ready down the street. I was feeling courageous having all my best friends around me, so I walked over with everyone and told the girls to get Anna into position. There was sort of a back way into the room, so I stood behind the wall and said hi to Anna. She was nervous and so was I. I had been working on this song ‘white dress’ for a few months at this point (still wasn’t finished writing it). Not seen in the photo is our whole wedding party, they were all standing where @benjhaisch was while shooting the photo. Anna and I have been apart a lot in our relationship, so the words to the song hit home that day. “love i’ll take you home with me, miles gone just memory, and all these days will fade away, time is just a game we play” Happy anniversary Anna! (and happy 4th to everyone else!) at NW 23rd Avenue




Growing up with a good dad should be required reading for life. Along with Hemingway, Tolkien, Austen and Rowling everyone should have a Terry. Have you seen those videos of baby giraffes walking for the first time? They are awkward and gangly and looking at their parents unsure. I grew up with a watchful eye, keying off of my dad, and how he did things. Step for step I always wanted to be like dad. My dad introduced me to all of my favorite things. He was clever and used baseball, basketball, and hikes to teach me patience, perseverance, and hard work. He introduced me to The Beatles, Frank Lloyd Wright, Matisse, Elton John, Gursky, and Fleetwood Mac. I fell in love with photography watching my dad shoot film. He showed me what good composition is and how to make people feel valued from behind the camera. I know fathers [men in general] are a tough subject for almost everybody these days. I cannot imagine what most of my friends’ lives are like without their dads. Or even more, having dads who are judgmental, passive or toxic. One thing I love about my dad is that although he doesn’t agree with all my life decisions, he loves me anyway.


tiny Anna at Skógar


spring in paris at Paris, France


chasing shadows: Iceland at West Fjords, Iceland


I’m reading 5 books right now (and i’ll probably only finish 1), and I swear I just saw Amazon give me condescending look as a bought another one. at Singapore

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