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chasing shadows: Iceland at West Fjords, Iceland


I’m reading 5 books right now (and i’ll probably only finish 1), and I swear I just saw Amazon give me condescending look as a bought another one. at Singapore


It’s beautiful here in the NW now that it has decided to stop raining! The last few months I have practically lived in my @spyderactive jacket. It’s rain and waterfall resistant 😉 - #SpyderActive #ad at Latourell Falls


6️⃣ at Hell’s Kitchen - Marafa


Summer? Is that you? at St Regis * Sanya * Yalong Bay


Koh Samui Bueno Amigo at The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui


A while back I started shooting with my grandfathers old Leica IIIF. Let me tell you folks, it is not easy. It is like shooting a black powder musket. It’s wild, temperamental, and lends itself to a lot of guesswork. It’s quite refreshing to shoot honestly. - Most of the time the photographs I take (digital) are very carefully shot. I take thousands of shots and way too much time. I do my best to make sure it feels perfect in camera before I let myself move on. - With complete contrast, this photo was taken with no planning, no shot list, no production, on a date with Anna in Paris. It took a fraction of a second and one click of the shutter. I honestly just lined it up and hoped for the best. Some times you just get lucky! 🤷🏼‍♂️ at Versailles, France


Mohammad Yusuf - Laisamis, Kenya - for @worldvisionusa at Laisamis, Eastern, Kenya


Hell’s Kitchen - Marafa, Kenya at Hell’s Kitchen - Marafa


Versailles #ShotoniPhone at Versailles, France


just being weird with your best friend at Hell’s Kitchen - Marafa


Hey friends! ✨Buy this print or one of my others, available now!✨ —— (Link in profile) If there is another photo you would like, shoot me a DM, and I will do my best to make it available for you. at Tunnel View

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