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I'm a Girl Raised In The South livin' the dream in NYC. I have a great hubs, 2 adorable munchkins, & a fluffy pooch. I ❤️🚴 See full size profile picture

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Ermahgerd, proud mama moment - school photos came in. These kids make me wanna pull my hair out MOST of the time (especially now), but gosh darn do I love them... Thank goodness for them. #lifewithlexilou #lifewithbabygabe #kidsarehard #mylovekeepsmefromkillingthem



How much paint do you think he ate? Answer: A lot... ... 10-min to set up, 7 minutes of entertainment and 5 minutes to clean him up... ... #quarantinelife


Passing time on this rainy Sunday with a puzzle... #lifewithlexilou #quarantinelife


Social Distancing with a little bike ride and solo picnic. #coronavirus2020😷


Celebrating #internationalwomensday watching the most badass soccer team on the planet. Thx to @mbravestyack for inviting us! USA, USA, USA 🇺🇸! #uswnt #shebelievescup #lifewithlexilou #messyhairdontcare


Lexi may be 1-1/2 years older, but this video still stands the test of time, so I’m posting it anyway. Happy Women’s History Month everyone! I’m going to watch this on repeat to console myself @senwarren not being president... #teachthemyoung #girlpower #littlefeminist #lifewithlexilou #parentingachievementunlocked


Mes amours! Missing you on this V-Day! #lifewithlexilou #lifewithbabygabe


Happy birthday to this humble and steadfast dude! Without @kipstones1 there would be no Lexi and Gabe...and god only knows where I’d be! Thanks for being our rock in this crazy world! I hope 20 (that’s how old Lexi thinks Mike is) is less sleep-deprives & spit up filled...and filled with more adventure and love!


2020 is off to a great start...filled with bikes. Some ⚡️ and some 🚲💨. The love I have for my #specializedvado cannot be overstated. 15-20 min commute to work with a pretty spectacular view! #2020goals #commutelove #iamspecialized


Today was filled with bikes...and that’s a good day! 2020 is off to a GREAT start. Here’s to a year filled with more of this...and to gearing up for some fun #gravel events! #specializedroubaix #2020goals #iamspecialized #ridenyc #smootherisfaster


2019. The year of letting go. Letting go of my body during pregnancy and the birth of my son. Letting go of my freedom/sanity while figuring out how to balance life with 2 kids. Letting go of my life/career at Specialized and in California. Letting go of riding bikes as much as I’d like. Letting go of some of the expectations I have for myself. In letting go of so much, I opened up room for so much more. Here’s to a 2020 where I recapture some of what I lost, and open myself up to even more. Here’s to more love, family, laughter, bikes (indoor and out) and adventure! #lifewithlexilou #lifewithbabygabe #2020goals