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Living a slow, handmade life in an old italian farmhouse with 3 sweet boys, a flock of woolies and the man I love โ€ข Knitting patterns, yarn & more: Similar users See full size profile picture

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Out with the first light of day for an {extra early} walk down the road.. โ˜† This morning we woke up to discover that Old King Winter had brought us a tiny bit of snow... it wasn't much at all - barely more than a gentle dusting of frost.... But the excitement was huge, and so we went out to admire all the beautiful "ice-diamonds" before heading back inside -with icy hands, and heads full of wild ideas- to sip spiced tea, snack on yesterday's biscuits, and practice our reading skills! ๐Ÿ™Œ . . . #thesimpleeveryday #embracingtheseasons #folkgood #folkgreen #liveauthentic #livemoremagic #winterlight #chasinglight #neverstopexploring #morningslikethese #waldorfhomeschool #seasonspoetry #waldorfeveryday


Second Advent Sunday, and today we celebrate the light of plants by adding some more greens to our seasonal wreath...ย We've brought in a little spruce, and will hang some freshly dried orange slice garlands around the house โ€ข I guess in a way our journey through the advent time could be considered a four-week festival; 4 weeks leading up to the winter solstice, 4 weeks leading up to Christmas; to the birth of Light. Four solemn weeks during which we celebrate the Light as it shines throughout the four kingdoms of the natural world. {The first week of the advent, we honoured the mineral world; the Light of stones, of seashells and bones, whereas this week we pay homage to the Light that shines in the kingdom of plants; in the fruit on the vine and the grass that nourishes our tender flock; it's the light of the flowers and the trees that never seize to each for the sun... Next week will be about the Light of beasts, and in the fourth and last week we'll celebrate the Light of Man...} And as we pass through these dark advent weeks, we turn our gaze inward, and hope to deepen our understanding of the place we have within our magnificent universe; it's infinite gifts, but also the implicit task we have to care for all that has been entrusted to us... โœจ๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ’– . . . . #embracingtheseasons #advent #livemoremagic #waldorfhomeschool #waldorfeveryday #orangeslices #seasonalcrafts #craftingwithkids #seasonalliving #liveauthentic #littlestoriesofmylife #ourhandmadechristmas #familytraditions


Quiet {almost} Winter days that feel like early autumn still... Outside everything speaks of an odd in-between kind of season; on the brink of change, but not quite there yet.... neither warm nor cold... neither grey, nor bright.... But inside the anticipation rises... as tonight Sinterklaas will visit our home to bring the boys a few surprises... ๐Ÿ™Š! . . . . . . #embracingtheseasons #seasonspoetry #alwaysreading #advent #slowlivingforlife #livemoremagic #livingroom #liveauthentic #littlestoriesofmylife #ourhandmadehome


A slow and easy start to our first Advent Sunday: the first fresh Evergreens - and a few sprigs of Rosemary - to add to our seasonal wreath {we'll gradually be adding more greens as we journey towards Christmas}, the boys opened the second little package of our advent Calendar, and we lit the first candle of our celebration ring; the light of minerals, of seashells and bones... And even though these are the darkest days of the year, I can't help feeling lucky to be surrounded by so much light ... ๐Ÿ’– . . . #embracingtheseasons #advent #ourhandmadehome #ourhandmadechristmas #slowlivingforlife #chasinglight #livemoremagic #liveauthentic #livingroom #myboys #theartofslowliving #waldorfeveryday


Out with my little tribe, just seconds before the sun set on a truly golden weekend. We didn't go anywhere fancy, and didn't really do anything special... but we consciously made time to be together; to play and plan, and cuddle and read, and in my book, that's all a weekend really needs! . . . #darlingweekend #chasingthesun #novembersunset #embracingtheseasons #liveauthentic #livemoremagic #folkgood


Mornings like these ... I can never get enough of them; moody and slow, but full of joy as my three wild boys spy on the last tufts of morning mist that come floating out from the valley below, and carefully snack on ripe rose hip fruits; when you step out with a head full of clouds and walk back in with the scent of the woods in your hair and a song in your heart. . . . . #morningslikethese #folkgreen #liveauthentic #myboys #embracingtheseasons


Today, exactly one year ago, Francesco travelled to his home region in the Dolomite Alps to bring home our very own {tiny} flock of Tingola sheep. It was a dream come true for our family, and we couldn't have anticipated all that it has brought us over these past 12 months. So many unforgettable moments... as our little one learned to walk amongst woollen flanks, and the twins grew into little shepherds that take the sheep out to pasture by themselves; playing by their side as they show them the best patches of grass and bend down young ash trees for them to nibble on the nourishing leaves... So many lessons we have learned also, as we grew into farmers through days of failure and succes... We've shed tears of deep sorrow as we said goodbye to our bottle-fed mascotte, and then last week, I shed tears of joy as I sat by one of my favourite ewes Violetta while she brought this set of adorable twins lambs into the world... But never -not even once- have we regretted that today, one year ago, we took a wild gamble and followed our dreams! . . . Also... I just hร d to have my picture taken while holding baby twins - I surely never thought I'd EVER be doing that again...! ๐Ÿ˜„} .


Some days with three little boys are everything you would expect them to be: full of wild action and never-ending adventures! . So here's to those golden days, when mathematics lessons turn into natural treasure hunts, and every excuse is good to bake a batch of biscuits, or whip up some fresh pasta for lunch ... Because it looks like today might turn out to be one of those days! & I hope the same is true for you!


A little throwback to that beautiful spring day when Francesco went to help our friends over at a neighbouring farm to shear their precious alpacas. Almost immediately we started dreaming of creating a yarn combining the soft fluffiness of their alpaca locks, and the wool of our own well loved woollies. Now months have passed, and finally the story comes full circle as I'm able to show you what we've made: a soft and lofty DK weight yarn in 3 delicious natural colours!! Vanilla, Toffee and Cocoa. And one pure Alpaca yarn, "Dark Chocolate". {It was supposed to be a test, but it turned out so very lovely, that we've decided to share it with you as well! ๐Ÿ™Š } The wool is left untreated, and has only been washed with a gentle, plant-based soap that respects all the rules and requirements of organic textile production! โ€ข We also worked hard to create a yarn with the wool of our woollies alone, but in the end we weren't 100% convinced by the result, and so we've decided to keep it for ourselves, and try again next year. Because sometimes things don't work out the way you hope... and sometimes hard works comes to naught... but at the end of this exciting journey, we look at all that we have learned, and look forward to what's yet to come! โ€ข So here we are.... and I couldn't possibly be more excited to let you know that today at 16.00 Paris Time, our yarn will be available in the shop, alongside a selection of different sized dolls! โ€ข Which reminds me... all the less precious parts of the wool have been carefully washed and carded, and are now being used to stuff my dolls! So you see, in the end, nothing goes to waste... ! . . . PS. SWIPE for a little preview of the yarn! ๐Ÿ™Š .


Yesterday evening -just before the dark- when we all headed out together for a candle lit walk to celebrate Martinmas โ€ข We had felted some wool lanterns and made pretty twig structures to hold them up... and the boys were just so very proud of their creations! So off we went through the woods, singing songs and telling stories while the day grew dark and clouds came rolling in between the hills... and as we walked back towards the house, I was once again reminded of how very true it is that happiness comes to us when {despite all the apparent struggles of our daily life}, we choose to honour the many gifts that fill our days; the great and fundamental ones, but the little, hidden ones too; like three happy, healthy boys, and a hearty pan of curried lentils waiting on the stove ... . . . . #martinmas #homeschooling #waldorfhomeschool #lanternfestival #thatautumnfeeling #givingthanks #seasonalliving #chasingthelight #liveauthentic #livemoremagic #thehappynow #folkgreen


Bursting out after their morning lesson; happy to catch a break between two rain showers... It's been a week of moody clouds and drying clothes, but something about this weather is also bringing me home; home to the season that is mainly lived indoors... And home to myself as well. Francesco and I have been working so hard these past months; with lots of projects to follow up and home schooling the twins {with our wild little Wolfie in tow}, that I realize I might not have been attending to my own needs as much as I should... {I guess sometimes it's just so, so very easy to overhear the whisperings of your own inner voice amidst the symphony of family life...}. But now winter is near... and as the land grows dull, and the days grow shorter - and even the clock seems to start ticking a bit slower - we retreat into the cosiest corners of our home, and I stop to let this slow, sweet comfort flow deep into my veins. . . . . . #slowliving #thoughtsofamother #motherhood #thehappynow #liveauthentic #folkgreen #folkgood #livethelittlethings #nothingisordinary #wildandfreechildren #homeschooling


Exactly one week has passed since we came back from our family getaway, and as we drove home I imagined all the pictures I still wanted to post; sunny images of happy times surrounded by ancient olive groves... But then Life happened; with a raging storm that left us disconnected and without electricity for two whole days; more rain than we usually get in a wet autumn month; a little one with scarlet fever, and adult throat aches to boot... So I guess, looking back, it's safe to say it's been "one of those weeks"... But I would be lying if I said it has been all bad, because it wasn't... there were days filled with cuddles and books, batches of biscuits and sourdough loafs cooked in the kitchen's wood stove, and candle-lit dinners too {just to name a few}; and in my book, those are all pretty good things! . . . . Magical picture by my talented friend @liekeromeijn; taken on that day our paths crossed at @le_mole_sul_farfa ... ๐Ÿ’– .

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