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You may think getting everything you want exactly how you want it makes you a great “manifestor” but that’s some bull crap. The universe isn’t so boring that all it would give a powerful and whole spirit like yourself all one color and flavor all the time. The conscious mind is shallow it cannot conceive of choosing pain, adversity and struggle but the subconscious mind does not divide one world from the other. It sees how all things are in their wholeness represented in stark opposites! My baby was born a few weeks ago on Nov 1st and several things didn’t go the way my conscious mind would have chosen... 1. I spent the first week after leaving the hospital violently ill and 2. My baby has a small problem with her foot that requires her to get casting for a few months... The powerful “manifestor” would want to share with you all the good things of which the list is likely too long for Instagram but the real me wants to share about acceptance and how when we are with what is, we are with the divine. I chose these things, the week of illness, the small struggle with her foot. Her and I chose this together. My duty is only to remember the agreements I made. There is a supreme order and aligned result that dominos with all sub consciousness choices we make. That supreme order is one of geometric and sonic perfection. It’s the place where songs are born, where words go to become poems, where ideas go to become insights. When we remember and accept. Anyone else feel this to be true? Anyone else care to re think and accept what’s hard to accept? Please share here, we love the shares!


Baby GIRL Cash! 🌸🍼🎀💖♏️👶🏻🌸💖🎀


Baby Cash!!!


Today is the day. If you are someone who prays please send prayers for a mindful and blissful entry at Thursday the 1st 4pm EST. If you don’t pray send vibes, hugs, ju ju and anything else that gets you feeling groovy. This is our baby not just “my” baby! As any human with a chance of awakening has a chance of awakening us all! She has as much a chance at this as you! And you and every other you. Love you my people. See you on the other side! Image by @theglasszipper


Gathering endorsements for your work is one of the scariest things to do as an artist or an entrepreneur but it’s essential. If you want people to know that you aren’t just some wing nut, but someone doing some real things there is steps you gotta take. Step one) is you gotta remember who you are and then keep remembering. Step two) is you gotta do whatever that little voice in your heart tells you to do (which is always a surprising journey). Step three) is you need to do massive amounts of invisible spiritual work to maintain a container to hold the energy of all your findings (other wise you will leak everything you gain) and then you need to go out and BE this person. Step four) is you you need to ask for help (aka asking those you have inspired to speak on your behalf and support you... there are other steps but I will leave them for another day. For today I just want to thank @mariannewilliamson for saying such epic shit about me and my work and my upcoming book due out with @simonandschuster in April ‘Don’t Just Sit There!” Thank you Marianne for seeing me and believing in me! Anyone else find it hard to ask for support? Anyone else find it hard to ask someone to say something nice about your work and endorse it? Share here it humanizes the truth! We love the shares.


New podcast up! With @avajohanna Link in her bio!


How do you measure?


Third eye non blind. Art by @theglasszipper


To be in the ‘lower’ mind is hell. It is a problem creating and problem solving machine. All it knows how to do is create worry and problems and then work about fixing the same problems it just created. To fix your problems all you need to do is leave the mind, as outside of it there is no original problem and therefor no need to seek solutions to fix said problem. Meditation is a key ingredient to being out of mind. The state of love cannot be had while in ‘mind’, the state of love can only be held and felt when one is present. Anyone agree? Anyone feel that when they leave their mind then the ease of life is obvious and everywhere?


Women. Before giving birth it is a tradition to invite all your friends and moms that are close in your life together to usher this baby in. In my life having female friends was always tough. My mom died when I was 6 leaving me with little reference for what a relationship with a woman looked like... it was only made worse when my father fell in love with who would be my “step mom” for the next two years age 7-9 only to have her completely abandon the family the day before New Years when I was 9. My father said that I sat by the phone allll night that New Years and just waited for her to maybe call... she never did. I am an adult now and I don’t blame my innocent young mother for dying of a terminal illness at the age of 39. I most surely don’t blame this young 28 year old girl who became my step mom for two years for leaving us... I think what she did made great sense in retrospect. After years of healing I see why I took me so long to trust women and to even think they would stay and love me and not die or leave. The mind is a terrible place to get stuck. The good news is, these stories about women and these stories about abandonment only live there. Once I moved out of the mind I realized the lies. The mind loves lies cause it gives it something to do. My heart has no interest in lies, it also has no interest in “doing”... so when I moved there I found that I could just relax. There was nothing to discuss, nothing to work out. All things were neutral. A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite humans threw me this ceremony with the help of some other humans. All the humans were female.. most were moms themselves. The ushering came slowly but now it feels that baby Cash and I have formed a union like never before. I have finally fallen in love with being one with her. Even though I will lose that in two weeks. We won’t be the one anymore. She will come out and be her own little being. My mind aside and my heart open I trust this is true love. We cannot ‘know love’ when we ‘think’ about it, all we can know when we THINK is fear. at Tribeca


Ambition is a desire to share that is bigger than a desire to create. Creation is in it of itself a desire to share... however ambition is a later adaptation of desire to create. First there is a desire to create (most people fail to follow the call) then if you can make it past that then there is a desire to share, and that desire is ‘ambition’. What is anything without it’s built inn-desire to share? Here in this post I made a list of allll the things that without ambition have no wings. Like Salvador Dali said... Anyone reading this and agree with mister Dali? What’s your relationship to ambition? Is is fraught with shame? Is it healthy? Do you agree that it’s vital? Share here. We love the shares.


To the soul presence is the only food she needs. We think of air and water and bread and so often forget this simple need. However, without it, life goes unlived. It is a much harder path to give up on the present moment, to give up on your dreams, to give up on being your highest self. Sure! Pursuing these things is difficult don’t get me wrong but the ultimate truth is it’s way harder to give up on your self because then you have nothing but regrets and sadness to deal with... Image of my friend @_matthew.morrison_ and another Guided By Biet and Club Söda Guest gazing in the ancient Center of The Cyclone method I created while being reborn. Happy Birthday @_matthew.morrison_ honored to share the path with such luminous friends. Biggup to my bestie @reneemmorrison as well. Love is what we are. at Wythe Hotel


MY REPLY: Yeah but if today was then then Leonardo would have a huge social media presence. This would be one of the ways he would communicate to millions of people his many lines of genius (including miss Mona) Consciousness isn’t diminished by social media... consciousness is diminished by simply being alive. The moment we turn 7 the quest begins to be conscious. I think whether you are a huge celeb on social or if you are a hidden artist in the woods somewhere ... either way the quest to be truly authentic and useful is always a noble one and rarely achieved. Anyone here on IG feel agreement? Whats your experience with consciousness? Do you think Leonardo DaVinci would be a huge success today? Do you agree with Seth? Share here, we love the shares!


It’s easy to miss life. It’s easy to fall out of love. As humans we can much more easily see flaws and mistakes than we can be in gratitude. I wonder how many kisses we miss, how many moments go by un-lived. To me, all things are a meditation. I am not perfect by any means but I am quite clear on my aim. If I can be here now... I am awake. If I am not here now... I miss the moment. There is no in between. You are either here or you’re not. Anyone else have that experience with life? What makes you feel like you are really here? What makes you feel like you are savoring what is? Share here. We love the shares. 📷 by @heathergrayphotography


I grew up being taught love was complete passivity and acceptance. Anything that was harsh or real feedback wasn’t given. Love to me became about relaxing, bubble baths and live and let live easy peasy. So it came as a surprise to me when I learned that sometimes actually love was harsher than that. Sometimes love was the thing you didn’t wanna hear, the bad news, the rejection, the failure. What I have affirmed again and again is love isn’t one way all the time. It’s just about ‘is it true’? If it’s true, it’s love! If I look reality in the face and the unknown in the face at the same time and say, “ok I see you! Let’s do this!” That’s when I have a chance! Anyone else have this experience that this is love? Share here, we love the shares!


One of my favorite things in life is having friends who walk through fire along side me. This doesn’t mean they help me walk through fire, that’s not specifically how I find “help” works. To me it is someone growing their being by your side. The willingness to transmute your own being is what takes great courage, so when I choose people to span time with that’s on my menu of non negotiables. This image is of me with a few of my co riders. Three of us are also wearing hats by @satyatwena Thank you @enmemetemps @mikiagrawal for being yourselves and raising bars on your own being. Also tags include some more co riders. ❤️ u at Tribeca


There is only one truth for us and that truth is like a domino through the rest of our lives. The lies we tell generally can only start with lies we tell ourselves. Blind spots where we insist something is true when clearly it isn’t. In my life I have found that if I am lying about something to myself I lie a lot! Like, I’ll keep repeating the lie again and again thinking if only I say it enough then it will become true! Truth is, this is an obsession. An obsession is a lie you tell yourself over and over in effort to hide the blind spot from yourself. The domino is that when you do this you can’t be fully honest with others either. The willingness to be honest with yourself is your ability to share truth with others and penetrate their soul. Wanna hear the super wonky part? There is only one state of truth, and so when you are in it you are automatically connected to all other beings. The space between you and others disappears and all that is left is light. Are you willing to be in that kind of integrity? Do you think you know what you are currently lying to yourself about? Share here, we love the shares.


G U I D E D B Y B I E T 🐘 If you are looking for an altered state you don’t need drugs or booze or pot or sex or whatever you may think. You need an altered perception. Life is magic, we are just too blind and asleep to see it. Life is magic! I am just like you in that I can’t remember without effort. Right effort is everything! #clubsodanyc @the_numinous @guidedbybiet @kineuphorics Image by @camronbooth at Wythe Hotel

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