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Parkour since 2008, tricking, kendama, acroyoga, contact & acro staff. Coach for UCL Parkour. Physics/Chem Eng PhD @UCL - London, UK. Similar users

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Some recent training from around Elephant and Castle with @carolinejoones. She's just started an instagram to track her progress with parkour, which I have to say is going incredibly well so far! This was her first proper session training outside with me. I'm quite proud of the hefty running precision on the concrete domes, and it was good to actually work on some laches for once too. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #shecantrace #girlparkour #flips


Some recently phone clips from birthday tricking/training/climbing yesterday and then some acro progress from a really productive session from today - with @janvier_zhuang and @izzie_0716 #tricking #parkour #freerunning #bouldering #acroyoga @vauxwall


Recent grass combos - wish I tricked more often but it often falls to the bottom of the pile of priorities. At least the weather has gotten better and I can trick on grass more now! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Super solid session in Archway with @theminigainzguy. Did some old jumps and some new ones, including the standing arm jump that I've wanted to do for 6 years. Plus a compilaton of stumbles at the end #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


@izzie_0716 and I ended up jamming for hours on Sunday, and ended up attempting a flow that put together quite a lot of new things. We filmed this at the end of the day so there were parts that I didn't do as well as I could do, but I'm still pretty proud that we managed this all the way through! #acroyoga #yoga #flow #acro


So before the last fire night @carolineanne18 finally had a chance to try some parkour outside - we'd done some at the UCLPK indoor sessions but never on real metal and concrete before. Here are some clips we managed to film before it got dark, plus a bonus ninjastar with #parkour #freerunning #tricking #acroyoga #acro #flowarts #firestaff


A bit of the fire spinning from Friday night. First time doing steve tosses on fire wooo #firestaff #contactstaff #flowarts


Some old jumps and some new ones from Caledonian road. I could spend my life flowing round that one railing. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Throwback to a couple of years ago when I decided filming some kendama was the best thing to do with a GoPro. #kendama #gopro #tbt


@liam_serious_ellis hit me up with this absolutely ridiculous edit with a whole load of cool athletes and some next-level editing. If you want to see it with music, check out his profile! (He's got the full list of freerunners there too) Link to the full video is in my bio #parkour #freerunning #tricking


The weather is still miserable so have a throwback to this time last year when Herts Parkour met up for an oldschool jam in St Albans. @marrerogang #parkour #freerunning #tricking


I've not had a chance to film any training recently, so here's a sick shot @4theloveofthecity took of me earlier this week while training on the Southbank. #parkour #freerunning #tricking at South Bank London


Had the pleasure of training with the beast that is @4theloveofthecity for the first time in nearly two years, and had a pretty solid session at that. Shoutout to the security guards at the southbank that let me have one more go at the running pre, nailed that clutch textbook stick. Had a stab at aerial to full for the first time - it's so obvious what I'm doing wrong so I'll sort them out next time I trick! #parkour #freerunning #tricking


Although I mostly touristed about for the couple of days that I was in Barcelona, I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of some super chill training. Now that the weather is better in the UK I'm looking forward to actually working on bigger jumps again, I feel like I've done enough flow this winter to last me a while aha. With @kaseiz93 #parkour #freerunning #tricking


With @thenewdivide_ Just a few clips from today, before I ended up chatting with the old woman who runs the housing association for the best part of an hour and then ended up going home... she came along to kick us off a spot adjacent to the park and then ended up bitching about london house priced with me - I guess everyone can find common ground is the lack of affordable housing hahaha #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Here's the staff work from yesterday's session that I promised! Feels like a while since I've uploaded any staff here. It was fun to do some acrostaff on grass again where you don't have to be super paranoid about the staff slipping on weird chalky concrete (UCL portico I'm looking at you) - looking forward to mixing more flips back in and learning some new moves this summer. #flowarts #flowstagram #acrostaff #acro #contactstaff #spinningstaff #staff


The first genuinely warm day this year happened to fall on a Saturday, so I went to Gordon's square to do a few flips, some staff and some acro flow with @izzie_0716. We had only learned both the twist and the paschi the night before and hadn't managed them consistently before today, yay for acro level ups :D Shout out to @wilsonmoves for all his help with this!! I'll post the acro/contact staff work in a couple of days time. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #acroyoga #acro #yoga


With everything else going on at the moment, parkour has become more of a tool to get out of my own head and just train without any real goals. Only thing with this is sometimes it leads to sessions like this one where I felt completely out of sync with my body. It was a decent session in that the precisions from the bollards were both jumps I'd never got round to doing before, and the plyo arm jump is one of my favourite jumps of all time. But at the same time the tricking session at the end just didn't work, and I couldn't get my body to do what I wanted at all (I nearly didn't include the round offs because they were so bad). Also I couldn't use any other sort of front flip other than webster as I sunk so much into the mud on the tumble attempt. Oh wellll #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips

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