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Parkour since 2008, tricking, acroyoga, contact & acro staff. Coach for UCL Parkour. Physics/Chem Eng PhD @UCL - London, UK. Similar users See full size profile picture

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@gyenming photos and videos

A flow that represents a lot of recent acro progress: free stars have gotten much more solid, press to extended f2h is feeling good and pops the were once difficult feel like they're much more consistent now. With @izzie_071. Thanks to @stoov3n, @adventure_jonny and Kiran for all the help recently! #acroyoga #flow #acro


An okay webster and a bunch of sticks from Wednesday's session. Not the most inspired session, but a good leg workout nonetheless. With @jgunpeoww @thenewdivide_ #parkour #freerunning #flips #tricking


I'm not going to have a chance to edit for a couple of days so here's me trying to do calisthenics badly. 5-10-8 straight bar complex, and it absolutely murdered me (hence the poor form). Making a point of going to deadhang between reps is so different to what I'm used to with parkour and climbing haha #muscleups #pullups #calisthenics #dips


A few cute clips from three different sessions between Christmas and new year. I'm enjoying my flow more than ever at the moment, it takes so much more thought and creativity than just drilling single jumps (which is most of the rest of my training, as you can probably tell). With @callumkilby and @jamiedesmet #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


This session was the first time @hedgehog_on_hoop had ever done the tumbleweed washing machine, so here's a flow inspired by some of the elements of it #acroyoga #flow


Some recent staff work from a Boxing Day spent back in Hemel. I also worker a lot on steves and angel rolls on my bad side, which I've decided to do more of as it's surprising how quickly it makes a difference #staff #contactstaff #flowarts


Some bits and pieces from a fun session at the @chainstoregym with @nathaniel.berger. It's a bit silly, but this was the first time doing cheat gainers from j step on hard floor, finally unlocked them (used to only do them from scoots before) #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Merry Christmas everyone! I made this back in 2016 when I decided to use christmas morning to relearn arabians on grass and was inspired by my flailing hahaha #parkour #freerunning #tricking


Some bits and pieces from a staff session at UCL after training on Sunday #contactstaff #tricking #parkour #acrostaff


Fun, damp session at imax from this weekend with @daniel.3run and @thenewdivide_ in which I spammed aerials and learnt a new rolly thing #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


First time playing with my new DJI osmo 2. Definitely going to take a bit of practice to get used to, but I think some of these lines from @movement_toolbox turned out pretty smooth. Mixing the phone's OIS with a gimbal definitely works! #parkour #freerunning #flips


Shout out to @dutch.bites for at bringing some colour to this otherwise pretty gloomy session. Had a lot of fun with all three lines though, none of which were difficult but all of which turned out smoother than I realised at the time. The longer line took some piecing together and was cool to work out - I usually hate this spot so actually coming up with something I liked out of it was rewarding. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips #notanAd #DidntEvenGetFreeFoodTheyWereClosed


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! If you follow my stories you'll know I've been on holiday with @hedgehog_on_hoop and of course we did some sunset acro. #acroyoga #flow #yoga


Some chilly training from two sessions this week, with @uclparkour. Forever finding new lines in old spots! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


@liam_serious_ellis ending my drought of new posts with an amazing edit of some of his time in Morocco. Highly recommend the full video for more of this ridiculous camerawork and editing. #parkour #freerunning #tricking


Assorted snacks from various recent sessions, including some solo lines from UCL, a clip from @eline.balavoine and @marty_mcflyz, and some tired bits from my straps class with @hedgehog_on_hoop #parkour #freerunning #tricking #aerials #straps


One more from @liam_serious_ellis! Full video in the bio. Bonus points if you can name and tag anyone you recognise in the video! #parkour #freerunning #tricking


Full video in the bio! Spent my weekend doing aerials and acro so here's some freerunning from 4tlom from courtesy of @liam_serious_ellis #parkour #freerunning #tricking

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