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Parkour since 2008 (coaching: 2013), tricking, kendama, contact & acro staff. UCL Parkour training officer. Physics/Chem Eng PhD @UCL, London, UK. Similar users

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@liam_serious_ellis has really upped his YouTube game recently, and his instagram edits are miles above anything else you see on this platform (I mean seriously, who else puts out 4k content?) Go give him a follow! The full video with music is in the bio too. I'll be back with some of my own training footage tomorrow ^^ #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


A little while ago I posted the rest part of this video I made a few years ago, so I thought I'd share the second half. You can see the full thing in the link in my bio! I'm so ready for summer ahhh #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Solid dead-legged @chainstoregym session with @jordanbewater, @alejandro200211, @shiruilah and many others. First time I've done cat pass step speed swing through gainer, on hard floor too woooooo #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Had a fun day in Brighton with @uclparkour and @thenewdivide_. I'll definitely be back, we only made it round three spots before it got dark and we called it a day. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #loveucl


A quick couple of chill clips from the end of the fire night yesterday at Imperial College. Didn't have much time to film anything new (I was meant to do more vertical contact studf but forgot) but thought I'd share anyway. #flowarts #flowstagram #acrostaff #contactstaff #firestaff #firespinning #spinning #bostaff


Fun lil pre-coaching session with @uclparkour @movement_toolbox @ovrhuman @marty_mcflyz @nicolnogradi @zak_morgan0 My legs were mush but still managed to get through a couple of cute lines. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips #flow


Quality all-day session with @marty_mcflyz and @eline.balavoine today in Archway. Ticked off loads of challenges and worked more close-to-max sized jumps, including the thief plyo arm jump that has taken me years to get around to achieving. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flow


New ideas performed badly by me, plus some magic from @oscar_circles from this week's @watford_circus_arts session. I learnt so much from him though, now to develop the ideas into something that isn't a mess hahaha #flowarts #contactstaff #bostaff #spinningstaff #flowstagram


A rare dry and mild day in what has been a very cold and wet London winter. Went to imax to measure the distances for @grootjumps and filmed some basics too. Really pleased with how consistently I was hitting the long line from one side of the spot to the other. Dive roll to aerial was new! Also drilled my standing broad and vert jumps, they were both pretty close to max. The last clip is a work in progress, I'll swing it into a cheat gainer next time! I find stepping down and into the swing from the box really hard as it's quite high and you have so much momentum coming from the cat pass. Also I was going to film some stuff at my favourite Vauxhall spot but walked all the way there to find it's a construction site now #parkour #freerunning #tricking #chill


Rather than my usual pre-coaching training, this week I dropped in to @vauxwall with a couple of the @uclparkour lot. Definitely beats training in the pouring rain! #climbing #bouldering #rockclimbing at VauxWall Climbing


Went to Beckton having trained the day before and blew all my strength on combos in the first hour that I didn't film, so then spent the rest of the session just drilling things on the track. With @eline.balavoine @jgbfitnessandnutrition @zachldn @urban_brick_toucher among others. Oh, plus two bonus mobile clips from yesterday's session! First time doing running 360 precisions. #parkour #freerunning #tricking


Some bits and pieces from the last indoor session with @uclparkour. Everyone is progressing really well! I hate fronting over stuff so was proud to hit chest height on flat, I would never have tried it had it been a wall or something. Also 360 precisions were the best I've ever done, apparently not trying them for six months works wonders lol. The clips at the end were after the acrostaff session: first time I've done BS9 in years and some backflip "precisions" on the coloured strip on the floor. I've never tried them ever so it was cool to know I could do them if I ever wanted to! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #loveucl #uclparkour at UCL


This was a #stopdropandspin from @garrdian. Nominating @oscar_circles @elliotcircusarts (no idea if you guys bother with these, it's my first time doing one!) ------------ I spent working on the first combo, felt neat to combine the staffwheel with a contact acro move in the same line. I wish I'd gone for the gainer out of the scoot but knew that I'd never get the whole line right if I made it any harder than it already was. I'll come back to it for sure though! I was happy just to get the steve into the contact macaco. The second clip was completely improvised, which is how I usually spin but never how I normally film my staff work (I usually attempt pre-set sequences). I'm really pleased with how it turned out, to be honest! #flowarts #flowstagram #contactstaff #tricking #bostaff #spinningstaff #stopdropandspin #ucl #loveucl at UCL


Had a really fun pre-coaching session with @eline.balavoine yesterday where she made a tonne of progress and I got revenge on the line that twisted my ankle the other day. Also managed to get a rare clip at the end of @janvier_zhuang doing more than one precision! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #shecantrace #girlparkour


(There's a bonus clip at the end) First staff session of the year was pretty solid, tosses in the steves were new and it's the first time I've spent any time on fishtails in a while. Wooo baby steps of progress. #flowarts #flowstagram #bostaff #spinningstaff #acrostaff #contactstaff #flow


Full video (with music) in the bio! So due to illness and bad weather I've not been able to get out and train, so here's a throwback to 2013 back when people still made community edits, featuring the old HertsPK scene, including some of @marrerogang before they were Marrero Gang. #parkour #freerunning #tricking


Had a fun little session with @callumkilby and Emma in Hatfield on Thursday. The cat pass precision plyo to the second step took me way too many attempts to get right. I'm super proud of Emma (yesss) for breaking several new precisions. She's one of @uclparkour's new recruits and is progressing really well! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #uclparkour #loveucl


@weelune @weelune @weelune Ryan is a hugely underrated powerhouse who deserves way more recognition. The first reverse vault 720 has to be a world first, right?! He's super confident with j-step gainering and corking gaps too, it's all ridiculous. #parkour #freerunning #tricking

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