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Parkour since 2008, tricking, acroyoga, contact & acro staff. Coach for UCL Parkour. Physics/Chem Eng PhD @UCL - London, UK. Similar users See full size profile picture

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Playing with a new entry into staffwheels up on the UCL portico. #contactstaff #acrostaff #flowarts


Amazingly, even after years and years of training in this park, everything I did in this video was new. Pleased with how easily I got the cat pre over the railing once I'd got my head round it (only three step run up too). I'm bad at round offs out of websters lol. Yay for my usual glacial rates of progress! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


First edit of some jumps from Wednesday's pre-coaching session. With @farid_herrera @lassehammer #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Been struggling to find time to edit anything, so here's five muscle ups instead. I've not really mentioned it on here but I've spent the last two and a half months dealing with wrist injuries meaning I couldn't do any pull ups at all, and as a result I've lost a lot of stamina. They're healed up enough now that I can start training pull ups/muscle ups again, looking forward to hitting a sets of ten soon. Handstand cameo: @movement_toolbox #calisthenics #parkour #muscleup


A few more jumps from yesterday. I really enjoy sticking the first two precisions hahaha #parkour


Playing with shorter and shorter edits for instagram to fit with shorter and shorter attention spans. Two variations on a fun challenge I worked on yesterday #parkour


@liam_serious_ellis hit me up with this edit to share with you guys of his latest vlog with the new gopro 7. You can find the link to the full video in the bio! @goprouk #gopro #parkour #freerunning #tricking


Quick little session where I bumped into @nicky.freerun before coaching. Felt reasonably strong and did a few new things, including finally ticking off the plyo up from the blue roundabout thing. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


I've not really had a chance to train and even less of a chance to film anything, so here's a photo we bothered a tourist into taking for us @hedgehog_on_hoop #acroyoga #london #stpauls at St. Paul's Cathedral


Decent gym session with @lassehammer. Drilled a lot, and all three longer combos were new. I've never done aerial_bs9 before, please forgive how crap it was! I just wanna be like all the cool kids extending combos with bs9_hook hahaha. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips #calisthenics


Super dead pre-work tricking session from last week and a flow with @hedgehog_on_hoop with two new ideas: rolling into backbird at the end of a ninjastar, and a press from reverse bird to star press (that needs a lot of work on my part!) #tricking #acroyoga #flow #flips


First upload in a while! I'm sitting on some acro and tricking footage, but had a good steve based acrostaff session today so thought I'd share this first. Finally learnt the easiest version of the contact cartwheel! Finally!! I've wanted it for the last year and it randomly clicked today. Now to smooth up the exist... Continuous prayer steves also clicked today, suddenly went from being able to do two in a row to ten in a row. #acrostaff #contactstaff #flowarts


Probably the technically hardest combo I've landed from last session, followed by a neat flow @hedgehog_on_hoop and I did after the gym session. The combo was actually not too difficult as the muscle memory for most of it was largely built in, but my legs were burnt out and finishing it off was hard work. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #acroyoga #flow


Hype to finally be training in my @breachgram joggers. They've been waiting for me for way too long hahaha Guess who finally committed to doing fulls in combos after years of doing them on mats? A lot of them weren't that great but I'm proud of them anyway. @hedgehog_on_hoop smashing out the deadlift at the end #tricking #freerunning #parkour #calisthenics


Rounds 2 and 3 of what had originally meant to be just two rounds of this washing machine. I dropped my arms in the reverse bird of the first round and wasn't content, so dragged @hedgehog_on_hoop through an extra go. It was right at the end of many of hours of training; can you tell we were exhausted at the end of it? hahaha #yoga #acroyoga #acro #flow


Blew all my strength this week on acro, so just had a chill little session squeezing some silly things out of this rail before a bit of coaching (and then it rained). If you visit this spot and manage the last challenge, or have done it before, tag me! There are some other silly variations of it for the adventurous #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


One of those sessions where nothing I wanted to do worked, and what did work I had to work really hard for. Pleased with how the first line turned out, and that the plyo was so easy - I'll have to hit it standing soon. #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


First tricking session in ages ended up going really bloody well - all the parkour and acro has definitely made my legs stronger as I breezed through a bunch of grass firsts, including the long combo ending with gainer_cart_full. I hit it first attempt and then again consistently several times in a row. Really like how my tricking is feeling at the moment, just wish I was better at pointing my toes in my kicks! Some of them are getting better, but things like my c/v7s are still pretty ugly. Counter balance at the end with @thismidgetplays #tricking #flips #acroyoga #acro

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