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First tricking session in ages ended up going really bloody well - all the parkour and acro has definitely made my legs stronger as I breezed through a bunch of grass firsts, including the long combo ending with gainer_cart_full. I hit it first attempt and then again consistently several times in a row. Really like how my tricking is feeling at the moment, just wish I was better at pointing my toes in my kicks! Some of them are getting better, but things like my c/v7s are still pretty ugly. Counter balance at the end with @thismidgetplays #tricking #flips #acroyoga #acro


Super tough post-work staff session. I've been starting work early and finishing late so trying to grind out any sort of progress with new tricks is really hard in everything I'm training at the moment. I'm still proud of how this flow worked out! There'll be some tricking content up this week from today's session. #flowarts #contactaff #spinningstaff #flowstagram #loveUCL


Quality session with @nathaniel.berger and others in Archway. I've never really used touch down a-twists in lines or on hard ground in general so feels nice to mix them in. Last wall scale was surprisingly hard to get nicely out of the curved, short run up which I didn't space well at all but oh wellll #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Haven't posted for a while so here's a consistency check from a little while ago with @izzie_0716, where we worked through three washing machines in a row all revolving around stars. #acroyoga #yoga #acro #flow


Solid session with @eline.balavoine and @sofia_powerpuff around Archway. Proud of managing to squeeze the front flip out of the hefty drop pre to the boulder, and finally committing to reverse wall spin s/t cheat gainer! I've wanted to do it for years and it ended up being totally fine. Forever proud of the way Eline moves, it's so much fun being able to train the same lines together now. It was also the first time Sofia and I had trained together in years and daaaamn her progress has been sick! #parkour #shecantrace #freerunning #tricking #flips


A variation on the "spider roll" washing machine that @izzie_0716 has christened Circling the Drain. The transition from star to backbird/bend was new, and it's the first time we'd used a canonball in a flow for a while #yoga #acroyoga #flow #acro


I can't climb up or stand on walls #parkour #freerunning #tricking #fail #acro


Thought I'd break up all the recent parkour posts with this acro flow with @izzie_0716 from yesterday. She's disappearing off for two months so there probably won't be another one for a while! We learnt every element of this video in the last week, glad it all came out as clean as it did. #acro #yoga #acroyoga #flow


Another small snack from last weekend. First couple of lines were ones I initially thought up and then the three of us decided to try them each our own way. Sandpit stuff was fun - taking off of the grass around the pit was less than ideal (hence the dead scoots) so I'm happy I chucked a few corks and fulls anyway. @theoelbabouin @movement_toolbox @nathaniel.berger @callumkilby @marty_mcflyz #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


With @movement_toolbox @theoelbabouin First of three little edits from this weekend. I always end up going out to do Parkour already aching from other training but lately I've really surprised myself with how strong I've been despite this. I guess all the other training is paying off! Ten years in and apparently the key to maintaining progress is just to progress really, really slowly lol #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


A few bits and pieces from a short session at UCL with @nathaniel.berger and others, and then a cool if rather long-winded washing machine with @izzie_0716. Couple of the climb ups at the end were quite fast, and I don't show off my best ones very often, so thought I'd include them to keep them on record. @4theloveofthecity made me do them as up and overs for once, sad I didn't film any of them! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #acroyoga #acro


Shamelessly inspired by @wizardofflow: before seeing his recent post I'd yet to find a style of contact juggling that really clicked with me. I'm mainly sharing this to recoed my progress as this is a very crude interpretation of something he does a million times better. I feel like the ideas are there, and since filming this video a couple of days ago I've been labbing it hard and started working some new things out for myself. Hopefully soon I'll be able to develop my own style rather than having to copy other, more talented people lol #contactjuggling #flowarts #juggling #TooManyHobbies


Sorry for the lack of posts recently! Work has been manic, and while I've managed to fit some a to and climbing in I've not been filming much, and I've not been able to do any parkour at all. This is probably a good thing as I overtrained last month and my body has definitely needed a bit of a break. Here's a little staff from this morning to keep you going ;) #flowarts #acro #acrostaff #contactstaff #bostaff


@izzie_0716 and I were inspired by @londonacroladies to try the first shape, so thought we'd chuck it into a flow that contains probably one of the weirdest washing machines we've tried yet. The bird to throne in hands transition is actually really cool, and the iron cross style shoulderstand was new too. Standing on hamstrings is ridiculous tho hahahah #yoga #acroyoga #flow #acro


Some raw footage from last Sunday's jam in St albans with @marrerogang @uclparkour @jamiedesmet @callumkilby. I didn't do much but technically both the cat pass pre from the two step run up and the front out of the old hop to stride challenge were new and easy so yay progress? #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips #loveUCL


When @liam_serious_ellis offered to edit together some of the clips of me from his new vlog bloody hell was I not expecting this masterpiece. For a link to the full experience, you know where to look ;) Do me a favour and follow him too please! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips #4k


@liam_serious_ellis has just uploaded his vlog covering my time with him in Salisbury and holy crap it's ridiculous. The 4K glidecam footage makes everything look better than it is aha. Link is in the bio! #parkour #freerunning #tricking #flips


Short combos, long combos, and my first ever btwist swing. It was ugly but as you can probably tell, I was pretty proud of it. S/o to @s.jubey for the advice! I'll nail jackknives by the next time we train! I wish I trained in gymnastic gyms more regularly. Bonus candlestick variations at the end - @izzie_0716's back flexibility levelled up again and we worked out how to balance the bendier holds. #tricking #flips #parkour #freerunning #acroyoga #acro #contortion

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