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Jamila (pronounced as user😉)

self taught kiwi🥝 @jamilazxchen Ambassador for @yushan_airtracks use my code YJ-Jamila for 10% off ❤️

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jaren michael
αilαni (ay-la-nee) || 79.8k♡
lenox || TYSM OMG 11.9k!!!
T a l i a | 2.7k ✨

GIVEAWAY ------------------------ We are hosting a back to school giveaway where one lucky winner will receive a PERSONALISED AIR SPOT where they can pick from colors: mint, purple, pink or blue, and they can choose to have their name printed on it! Here's how to enter: - 1. Repost this photo under the hashtag #yushanbtsgiveaway. You may post as many times as you want. - 2. Make sure you are following @yushan_airtracks, @tumblorne, @avasflipz, @paulines.gymworld, @cruzvernonnn, @jarennmichael @gym.ila (supplier and ambassadors) We will be checking, so don't lie please. - 3. Tag 5+friends in the comments below, they must be 5 real accounts (no celebrity or spam accounts). - The winner will be announced on September 20th 2018. Good luck!


I have exams really soon so no posts for a while! ❤️


You can’t see it in every clip but I’m wearing my purple @blingbandsport headband! Use my code JAMILA10 for 10% off any purchase on their site. When done, screenshot me proof via DM for a follow, s/o and spam❤️


The grass is wet so I can only really film concrete videos? ☹️ (old clip)


Rainbow’s End🌈 - Not a tumbling video sorry😐


Unedited for now as I’ve been super busyyy


Using my @blingbandsport headband! Use my code “JAMILA10” for 10% any product on their site (link in their bio). If you do use my code, SCREENSHOT me proof for a s/o and follow back 😊 - #yushanbrandrep ❤️


Backtuck Tutorial❣️ - I’m busy rn and it’s late, but I’ll add some tips into his caption once I’m free! - This video is just how I learnt a backtuck, there are many different versions and mine is just one of them 😊 try these at your own risk; but I do find them helpful!


[Edit: I am now!! Use my code JAMILA10 for 10% off any order on their site (link in their @blingbandsport BIO) ]I’m not an ambassador but @blingbandsport you save my baby hair - Sorry I’m not v advanced on hard floor


My backtucks are so ugly on concrete and the slo mo stuffed up for the first 2 clips but @asiatumbless approvedddd x


Edited really bad but I’ve been sick for half the day and I hate it when I’m wasting time especially in the holidays 😭 - @mayatumble.s @jenzytumbles 😄


I’m in the 🐼 top, @jenzytumbles is in the grey x


🖤 - @mayatumble.s (blue-grey) @jenzytumbles (maroon) Mee- pink+grey


this song makes me happy and sad at the same time🎼 - @maxtumbles @char_tumbles @viksgymnastics approved ily all


💞new connection at the end but it’s uglY - this took ages to film bc of the kids haha


dark and cold💨


I love using throwback audios because they make me happy


I was hoping this would turn out better☁️

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