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Jamila (pronounced as user😉)

self taught kiwi🥝 business/promos>dm me Similar users

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lara ♥︎ | 65k!
sara harvio

See bio bc @parisplattbyrnes said so🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ - Ya I don't like looking at my front aerials either I'm working on themmmm


Montage but my account is barely aliiive lol - ib: @pascy.phillips xo


w/ @ameliaatumbles ❤ - Idk what happened to all of my views and followers but it's just fun posting so idk🤷🏻‍♀️


Shotties to @jenzytumbles for filming me but she didn't tumble bc she was eating😒 - @jazz.broughton @miratumble @cloudtumbles @charliietumbles @lenaflipz @usmantumbles approved😘


Literally LINED UP with the LITTLE kids to film this😂 so that's why there are like no clips in this it was too stressful to film🙄


I can't get used to the airtrack it's so bouncy!😛 - W/ @ameliaatumbles ❤(her airtrack)


FAIL at the end😋, w/ @ameliaatumbles 😍(blank top) - fun fact: we actually met at the end of 2016 at an open gym session but we didn't ever know about each others tumbling accounts until recently😂


Jamila+weeks of no tumbling=💩😭


not that happy with my feed atm😂 at 昂坪360纜車 Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car


Not the best skill but this video just holds proof that I came here because I miss this area already😕 - app: @gymteredits @jenzytumbles @tumblorne @riotwists ❤ at Tsing Yi Park


Random re-edit in my camera roll to wish @lily.tumble a HAPPY 15TH BDAY🎈 I'm so thankful to have you in my life because you help me in the ways that other people can't so have a good one and make the most of your exchange trip❤❤❤❤


what happened to my needle at The Peak Tram, The Peak, Hong Kong Site


couldn't rly film bc I just ate and my fam were laughing at my facials so I started laughing too it was fun at Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail


filmed a bit but I can't edit till I get home but ahh im having sm fun rn and I want to focus on that :)) at Tsing Yi Park


Just to prove i can do the splits hehe


Edit: i can do the splits lol i didnt want my shorts to get dirty😒😤 - approved by @ameliaatumbles (underrated😍) - Excuse my form because I was tumbling on a downwards slope towards the sea 🌊 - vc+phone: @natalie_schoonbee


I put the nasti in gymNASTIcs🤸‍♀️darn even the emoji cartwheels better than me


I feel like I'm posting too often so here's an unedited clip🙃 (I have shorts underneath)

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