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Exercises to reduce side fat! Tag a friend who'd like these workouts! ✅💖 Follow us @gymtouches . All credits to respective owner(s) // @boutinela @physiquetutorials @creatorofthings . #abgainer


Awesome workouts for that Summer Body!💕✅ Share & Save this if you find it useful!❤️ 🏅Like ~ Comment ~ Save 🏋️‍♀️Follow @gymtouches for more workouts! 📸:


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Upper Body workouts you can do at home!✨ 💪🏻 Via @brightgram 〽 Follow @gymtouches for more!


OH MY! I found these two clips on my old computer the other day. Let’s just say everybody starts somewhere! Even though I find these clips a little bit embarrassing 🙈 (you know the feeling when looking at old photos/videos of yourself lol) I wanted to share them with you because I’m sure someone will find motivation and inspiration in them and that’s what I’m here for! 🤗💕 (Ps: I realized after filming I used the wrong leg on the 2nd video but I’m sure you get the picture). No ones born a pro! Go get what you wish for tiger 😏🙌 Never ever ever ever give up! - Follow us (@gymtouches ) for daily tips & inspiration!💪🏼💛 . Credit:@linnlowes 👥Tag a friend who would enjoy our tips!


ABBBBBBSSSSSSS 🔥🔥🔥 Can be done any place, any time! You only need yourself and a small weight for this one. No dumbbell?! Use a bottle of water. Let’s make no excuses to GET IT DONE 💪🏻 . NGL you will feel like you’ve been butted by a goat in the stomach after this BUT it’s worth it 🆗😉 . . . Credit: @kimfrench87 #Fitness #fitfam #fitspo #motivation #workout #workoutvideo #gym #bodybuilding #aesthetics #gains #nutrition #healthy #physique #girlswholift


Slim body workout! Double Tap & SAVE these workouts for later use! ❤️️️️ cc: unknown


Learn which exercises will help you burn fat and get rid of cellulite NATURALLY ! 💕✅ Via: @fitonomyapp


Progress is feeling slower than a 🐢 these past couple weeks but it’s still a forward direction 💪🏻. Training on interrupted sleep is no joke. My little guy has been so good to mommy and spoils me with his minimum 13 hours straight STTN. This heat is killing us and his sleeping at the moment. I honestly attribute a majority of my physique and ability to make the progress I have to Ryze allowing me to STTN (for the non-mommy’s-sleep through the night). When I see and hear all the other Mom’s dragging their butts to the gym with babies who are over 1yrs old and NOT STTN, I’m like... “hooow?!” You ladies are incredible!!! 💪🏻 . Credit: @brittanyperilleee


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16 MIN VACAY CHALLENGE! - 50 seconds on - 10 sec off Repeat for 4 rounds and go hit the beach 😎! cc: @ainsley


How i #weighttrain 😆 #middlesplits = my nemesis I’ve been especially trying to work on my middle splits flexibility since fall...i feel like my femur bones just don’t rotate that way. 🔹 It’s finally starting to feel like an enjoyable stretch, so i thought I’d share how i normally practice this pose and teach it to students: with a block under my tailbone to create a slight arch, and with 3 pounds of weight on each leg - make sure to put it below or above your knee (sand bags or light ankle weights would work better if you have them - place them on your ankles!). Engage your legs and inner thighs to press your legs down. Use your hands by your ears to push your hips against the wall and breathe! Alignment tip: try to keep rotating your legs (avoid collapsing the inner arches of your feet to the wall) 🔹 *Please note: this pose depends on your anatomy! Each hip joint is different, some hip joints are limited in extreme external rotation (which is necessary for this pose) - don’t get caught in aesthetics and finding 180, just let this be an enjoyable stretch for your adductors ☺️ cc:

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