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Madame Seven's Gypsy Palace is a line of upcycled vintage clothing, jewelry & accessories. Madame7 is also a DJ, multi-media artist, writer and chef. Similar users

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It’s best not to underestimate me—I summoned a soul into a thrift store teddy bear. See pic #2 for what he looked like before I figured out how to needle-felt some legit eyes onto his face. I’ve been curious about this craft medium for a few years so I finally got the supplies to try it out. I had no idea how satisfying it would be to poke poke poke tiny fluffs of wool until the lock up into felt. I must get a dopamine release from the mini achievements of shaping the felt. I can’t wait to explore puppet making with this medium, particularly marionette construction. This will all have to wait a bit as I am still in the midst of other projects. And of course I was supposed to be asleep hours ago. #makersgonnamake #needlefelting #stuffedanimals #artistsnotsleeping #teddybear


I ate and served avocado toast before it was a thing, at the Gravity Bar in downtown Seattle. My first vegetarian chef experience and introduction to juicing. And back then, I could freely eat wheat gluten with no bad side effects. I ate avocado toast four days a week for breakfast at work. Now I have to make it on gluten-free bread or else I get intestinal cramps, bloating and gas. Food is not the same as it was 25 years ago, for better or for worse. I do appreciate the much wider variety of milk substitutes and vegan foods. But I do miss eating bagels and pizza sometimes. To me they are not worth eating gluten-free. Anyway, this is a toast to one of my favorite vegan treats, and avocado lovers worldwide. May we freely consume avocados until the apocalypse. #veganfood #avocadotoast #avocado #plantbased


I took this photo 14 years ago when my daughter looked up from nursing at the very moment sunlight was streaming through a crystal in my bedroom window. It was one of the most profoundly magical moments of my entire life. And it foretold the magnificent being she has turned out to be. It also taught me to always keep a camera handy, back before we had a camera in our phone. @rubythibo #rainbowchild #indigochild #childphotography #babygirl #babypictures #rainbow #crystal #quartz #psychedelicart


Root beer float made with Zevia sugar-free root beer and homemade vegan vanilla ice cream (coconut cream, cashews, hemp seeds, soy milk, coconut sugar). The perfect dessert after a Thai curry of veggies and fish. #treatingmyselfwell #dairyfree #paleodiet #lowsugar #vegandesserts #rootbeerfloat #summerfoods


My cute lil honey pot. The best thing about not being on a ketogenic diet anymore. I can’t wait to refill this with honey from my friend’s bees 🐝 🍯 ❤️ #locavore #paleo


Sometimes I eats the fruits and sometimes I eats the meats. Plant-based doesn’t have to mean vegan. I am listening to my body every day and making choices based on self-care rather than rules or dogma. In the first photo: fruit salad with soy yogurt and homemade trail mix. Second photo: seared lamb shoulder with Asian pear demiglace. I’ve definitely cut down my meat consumption by at least half from two months ago and am almost dairy-free. I still have a bit of cheese in the fridge which I will eat as I say goodbye to dairy for a while. I am feeling good about this way of eating and offer no apologies to anyone who might be offended or judge me for not being vegan enough. Been there, done that, almost died. Lol. Paleo FTW. #plantbased #paleo #dairyfree #biohacking #notvegan #sorrynotsorry #selfcare #eatfoodnottoomuchmostlyplants #paleoAF


I’m not sure if I ever shared this piece on here before. It was in my Etsy shop for a while but I decided to keep it. Can anyone guess what it’s made from? #turquoise #assemblagejewelry #wirewrap #gemstone #jewelrydesigner #necklace #jewellery #foundobjectart #artisan #silverjewelry #gemstonejewelry


I used to hate summer, believe it or not. Then I discovered dance music festival culture and it transformed me in every way. I wouldn’t say I live for summer, because I still love fall and appreciate all the seasons. But my summers are so much more fun, colorful, vibrant and adventuresome now. I took this selfie at Imagine festival last September on Orcas Island. I may go again this year. Check it out @imaginemusicfestival #pnw #pacificnorthwest #edmfestival #electronicmusicfestival #festivalstyle #ageless #nothavingamidlifecrisis #seriously


My gorgeous daughter at her first EDM festival as a big kid. This is what the kids did during the day while the adults danced and attended workshops or slept off the partying from the night before. Ruby had a great time and made lots of new friends. I enjoyed myself as best I could despite a very achey shoulder. I’m glad we went but how nice it is to be home and have a few cloudy, cooler days after 95 degree heat while camping. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest next summer and you love electronic music and festive community, I recommend Cascadia Festival. You can follow on Instagram @cascadianwfest #edm #techno #festivalseason #edmfestival #electronicmusicfestival #cascadiafestival #pacificnorthwest


This was me a year ago, before I took on another parasitic housemate and then had shoulder surgery which laid me up for two months. I am on my way back to this state of vibrancy and muscle tone as I am able to do more stretching and lifting. I feel like I aged a lot this year from all the stress. I aspire to feel closer to 40 by the time I’m 50. #selfie_time #fortysomething #youthing #healthylifestyle #cleanandsober #nothavingamidlifecrisis


Heart beets. #juicing #veggiejuice #vegancleanse #plantbased


Dye and stencil work on an old faded umbrella that my daughter and I are bringing to a festival this weekend. We poured liquid RIT dye into a recycled spray bottle and sprayed it all over the fabric. It came out much lighter than we intended, once it friends. So then we got it with spray paint over some stencils. I’m not ecstatic about how it came out but it’s a major improvement from the way it was. #fabricdyeing #stencilart #festivalgear #cascadiafestival #cascadia #washingtonstate #edm #techno


Ivy reclaiming a garage in Seattle. #natureprevails #photography #seattle #cascadia #pnw #capitolhill


Look ma, no photoshop! This is one of those mysterious photographic miracles. Just a camera, a rock, and the sun. Taken at Ruby Beach, WA many years ago. #nofilter #photography #naturephotography #artphotography #abstractart #digitalartwork


Ruby and I are rewarding ourselves for hours of landscaping with Thai food in town. We are becoming rock garden pros. Pics to come after we get the plants in. #veganthai #springrolls #veganfood #plantbased #thaifood at Benjarong Thai Restaurant


Vegan chocolate pie thing. What’s in it? Cashews, silken tofu, avocado, cacao, coconut oil, vanilla, coconut sugar, agave, crust is made from dates, almonds and flax seeds held together with coconut oil. I used to make a raw version of this which is lighter in texture. This one is more dense like a cheesecake. The perfect protein breakfast. #vegandesserts #dairyfree #dairyfreedesserts #plantbased #tofurecipes #vegan #imnotreallyvegan #dontjudgeme


I think this one was shot with a digital Canon powershot because I wasn’t still developing film at this time. Ruby was 3 and Sasha was 7 here. I love this photo because it captures their very different personalities perfectly. #photography #childphotography #blackandwhitephoto #bnwphotography #canon #kidphoto

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