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@theselflovesummit #AdventChallenge Day 11: SELF ADORNMENT. It’s so fun to express yourself through what clothes and jewellery you wear. My favourite clothes are flowy, patterned or plain clothes that are comfortable and pretty. That’s not to say that activewear and jumpers aren’t great (because I live in them too 🙈). I love crystals and silver and beaded jewellery. It makes me feel like a total goddess. With work and sickness this week, it hasn’t been possible to wear my favourite clothes but I’m counting down (8 more sleeps!!!) until I can just chill in whatever I want in Queensland!!! Tbh it will probably just be bikinis ✌🏻👙 #Throwback to penny’s wedding 💍🎩❤️


@theselflovesummit #adventchallenge Day 10: MIRROR WORK. The challenge today was to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you need to hear. The truth is I’m at home sick and feel yucky so this was not the ideal day for this haha 😅 I think when you’ve been single for a long time, you do start to wonder what’s missing or if maybe you’re just not pretty enough. So here’s what I need to hear today: You are beautiful. 🥰 inside and out! What is it that you need to hear from yourself today?


Graceful arms and turnout have always been my best qualities 😂😂😂 #not #omg #throwback 🙈 #AdventChallenge day 9: GET CHRISTMASSY. Took a walk down memory lane and looked through old photos from Christmas time 🥰 Here’s one of me and Britt back in 1997. Obviously another lounge room ballet show 😂💃🏼


#adventchallenge Day 7: PLANS FOR YOUR DREAM LIFE. So I’m living my ideal life right now! 🥳 Each year I learn more about the behind the scenes action that goes on, when a show is put on. Future Sara will put on shows one day! So this is a step towards that 🤩🎼💃🏼Yay!!!


Thanks for coming to my show guys!!! @mitchy_rayner @lillianhchan @fifilaulau and mike!!! These flowers are divine!!! 😍🌹🥰


Ballerinas 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ at Ken and Joan Smith Auditorium


Flowers from my family 💐😍


Another ballet concert done and dusted 🥰💃🏼 #Backtothefuture @lcda_rda at Ken and Joan Smith Auditorium


#AdventChallenge Day 7: SELF CARE. I woke up sick today 😭 So today in the midst of rehearsals and shows, I drank lots of water, went to the doctors tonight, bought medicine and am planning to get a good nights rest. I think sometimes self care can be the basic stuff that will make you feel a whole lot better 💙 I’m keeping my fingers crossed for better health as I’m in 2 dance shows tomorrow! 💃🏼🤞🏻


#adventchallenge Day 6: YOU DO YOU. Tonight I set aside time to just journal and meditate with my candle🧘🏼‍♀️👌🏻 🙏🏼


Got my first Christmas present today! 😏🍬


Last class at RDA till the Show!! #Excited 🥳 at Roseville Dance Academy


#AdventChallenge Day 5: GRATITUDE. I am grateful for sooooo many things!!! So here goes. I am grateful for: a positive state of mental health, a healthy and fit body, my family, God, my friends, that I live in a lucky and safe country Australia, that I have so many passions, that I have a great smile, jobs I love, amazing guides and mentors looking out for me, a beautiful dance family, a fun staff team, a roof over my head, my cat Billy, aeroplanes for travelling in, books, hammocks, the ocean, paints, yoga, sunshine, my freckles, all the exes who have been there for a reason or a season and the lessons they have taught me, AFL, my height hahaha (it’s taken a lifetime to love being a shorty 😂) and lastly i’m grateful for life’s journey- all the highs and lows that have shaped me into the positive, resilient, knowledgeable goddess I am today 💁🏼‍♀️💜


Ready for musical show #2 !


#AdventChallenge DAY 3: 3 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF: 1️⃣I love my creative soul 💫 I always loved drawing and making things and putting on ballet shows for mum and dad in lounge room. I love that when i listen to music, I can see a dance, when I see something beautiful I can imagine the lines you need to draw it and I love living in a city with at bands and ballet companies perform ALL the time so I can go be a creative arts appreciator 😍 2️⃣I love my feet. Yup. My bendy ballet feet- I’m so grateful for them!! 3️⃣My eyes. Hazel eyes change colour all the time. It’s so fun to have eyes that can look grey, blue, green or a mixture of both on any given day!! I’m so grateful for both @iammelwells academy work and working with @rhiannajade27 because I’m finding it hard to stop at 3 things I love about myself!!! A few years ago, I dreaded this question and now I am tots in a new headspace and am so grateful for this new lease on life 🥳


@iammelwells #AdventChallenge DAY 2: BUY YOURSELF SOME FLOWERS! These are actually flowers I picked from my garden 😍 My garden is in full bloom at the moment!! Which one is your fav? 💐


I am taking part in @iammelwells Self Love #AdventChallenge. 25 days of self love!! 🥰🎄✨ DAY 1: I AM PROUD OF MYSELF FOR.... living my dream life!! Most people don’t understand why I do everything that I do because my life isn’t practical. I have realised I am a multipotentialite. I love lots of things and have fashioned a life where I get to do everything I love and get paid for it. I am proud of myself for following my heart and teaching ballet as well as becoming a classroom school teacher in a school that I absolutely adore. I am proud that I am using my health background and the years of self development work for @iammelwells to spread the message of self love and body positivity. For most people it doesn’t make sense that I travel an hour one way to get school everyday. It doesn’t make sense that I work a few part time jobs to make up the hours in my working week. It doesn’t make sense to people that I still dance 6 days a week and NO I’m never going to be a professional dancer and NO I’m never going to be a size zero and NO that isn’t a prerequisite for being a ballerina either 😉 For a long time I tried to justify it and explain it but the truth is, your dream life doesn’t have to make sense or be the norm. Your dream life is the one that makes you feel fulfilled, happy, satisfied and in love with yourself, the people you surround yourself with and in love with your purpose in life. I am proud to be living my dream life 🥳 I am proud to be working alongside the most amazing people in Team Mel, at my school and at the ballet school. These people inspire me everyday with their passion, knowledge and experience 🙌🏻


Besty 👯‍♀️ @emjlinds

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