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The stories of a NYC girl in LA w/ 2 Cavaliers, a husband w/ a beard + a cat who thinks she's a dog. I ❤PLANTS + flowers + making stuff w/ fibre.

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Last one of the day. I created a neighborhood. 🤪 #imadethese #indiainkandwatercolor #rowhouses #colorful #iwanttogotothere at California


#stellathecat still loves to play! 😻 #thisissixteen #meow #ninelives #instacats #mackereltabby at California


just messing around in the studio with india ink and watercolors. this is my saturday evening. #theartistlife #creating #haventdonethissincehs #obviously #moretocome #imadethese at California


sometimes I really don’t understand human behavior. days like today where I wake up and cry about the state of this country...I feel like we are so discombobulated and disconnected. this cycle of shooting and the outrage and then the nothing. the nothing the nothing the nothing that happens!! I realize that there is a vast spectrum of beliefs on guns in this country. but why can’t we look at it like we did with cigarettes. at one point in this country smoking was the norm. today it is not. why? because we adopted a social attitude that smoking is bad and unhealthy. and now most people know that and believe it. even if they still choose to smoke. why can’t we approach guns in the same way? acknowledge the existence of firearms but have an educational campaign to inform people. the members of the NRA and Congress are complicit in the deaths of innocent people and the families left behind. It is time to be sensible and work together to solve this complex problem. That, is what I think makes this country great. Our ability to work together. God help us. But more importantly we need to help ourselves. This problem isn’t going away! Unless we deal with it. Examine it. Talk the hard talks about it. Fuck!! I am so goddamn pissed off that I have to wake up and see this tragedy play out again and again and again. STOP!!!! Are we really so beyond civil discourse in this country? I hope not. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know what to do. But I feel like I have to do something! I’m willing to ask the hard questions. Have the tough discussions. I am willing to listen. But I don’t know what argument could convince me that kids getting shot when they are at school in a place where they are trying to learn is okay. We are broken. Really broken. Sigh... Where do we begin to fix his? #brokennhearted #stopshooting #sensiblegunlaws #needednow at California


c’mon america, we can do so much better. #stopkillingkids #stopshootingpeople #stopshootingchildren #sensiblegunlaws #needednow at California


Momma face has decided that putting my hair up when I eat is more ladylike. Whatever. But don’t I look like Princess Leia? 🙄😳🤪 #princessbrooklynbuckles #ckcs #cavlife #cavitude #cavproblems #cavaliersofinsta #cavaliersofinstagram #cavaliersoflosangeles #doofydog #doglife #dogsofinstagram #dogsoflosangeles #instadogs #tricolorcavaliers at California


Feeling like sunshine today. 💛☀️💛 #yarnporn #yarnmakeseverythingbetter #yarnmakesmehappy #yellow at California


our new rug situation is making me verrrrrry happy! 😍 #interiordesign #newrug #oldrughadpeeonit #itwasthecatsfault #upgrade #lovingtherug #happydance #myhouse #micasa at California

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