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Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, PCC

🌞CERTIFIED Life & Leadership Strategist 💻Former IT Exec 🌻 #lifecoach 🌱 #leadershipcoach#mindfulleadership 🌋 #emotionalintelligence 🧠 #brainhealth

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Some truth lies in this saying. I beleive in energies that exist around us. What about the evil eye concept? Does that exist? How can it be removed? Wondering today and frankly have wondered many times in the past 3 years... at Venice, California


#bewiththem #care #carepackage #kindnessmatters We live in a busy world. We sometimes break. We get sick. We break our foot. We lose a job. We get a divorce. We lose a dear one and grieve. The people who surround us with their presence matter. Every bit of attention can warm a heart in difficult time: a fb message, a text, a visit, a phone call, a few words, a box of cookies, a response... And if you reach out and help another person, guess what? Your heart warms up too! Your mind is proud of you! Your brain gets recharged! Win- win! Huge thank you to everyone who has actively in my life made me feel every word of what I just wrote!🤗🌞 at Venice, California


#speakerlife #kindness #friendship #gratitude #leadershiptalk It happened! The broken foot in cast, wheelchair, my experiences with mind and brain and me changed some lives in a packed room of #techpeople! My heart is warm even though my foot is swollen and hurts. Drum roll of gratitude: My husband @farbodmm who tirelessly beautified my work and gave me feedback! My parents...my cheerleaders whose eye is full of believing in me. My friend @michellethemoneymentor who without her support, it would not be possible. My friend @mitra76sh who dedicated her time to make sure I get back home! My little kids who so excitedly fetched me something to wear! It was a team work! 🤗 And thanks to everyone who showed up at my talk! Until the next one!😃 at Hilton Long Beach and Executive Meeting Center


#sotec #speaking #conferencespeaker I am excited! Ever since I have changed industries from Tech to Human Capital Potential Optimization & Development, this is the first tech conference that I am speaking at! Very grateful for the opportunity. Although my foot is broken and me, the purple cast, and wheelchair will be presenting together! Thanks to my friend @michellethemoneymentor for helping me! Please join me if you are around. Everyone in #corporate can benefit from this topic: How to be a Savvy Player in Organizational Politics. at Venice, California


#magic #lifeismagic #lifeismagical My friend @mammadrc reminded me of this piece from Alice in Wonderland. How true is this! To me coaching and trying to connect with the world beyond logic, should, would, what makes sense has been magical! I use the amazing power of mind and brain to bypass the concious mind and let us connect even for a bit to what really, truly matters... Letting the blinders fall Letting the hidden powers shine Letting the true thoughts come out That is magic.. We all need to beleive in some sort of magic to ride in the boat of life and enjoy... at Venice, California


My #igtv channel is live! #Happybirthday I am excited that I finally took this step! Check it out! This first one is on #positivity and how we can build it in us! Building psychological resources in our mind and brain allows us to get ahead in life when it comes to things that really matter: deeper relationships, career advancement, being healtheir and being ready for things go south!! Check it out! at Venice, California


#tichnahthanh #busyness #beingvsdoing "We live in a culture that celebrates activity. We collapse our sense of who we are into what we do for a living. The public performance of busyness is how we demonstrate to one another that we are important. The more people see us as tired, exhausted, over-stretched, the more they think we must be somehow … indispensable. That we matter." In these moments of stillness and remembering tich naht hahn teachings on his birthday, I took a pilgrimage to my wisdom 2.0 memories of listening to @joanhalifax on life and daring to be with life....🤔 at Venice, California


#sentiments #memories #psychokinesis I traveled this route to see the first place sun rises in the northern america when new year happens. It is an island in Carribean called isla mujeres. Fascinated by waves and rocks, I could sit for hours and watch the waves hitting rocks. One time, I saw a man going past the rocks to swim in turquoise water. I was very tempted to follow suit. But I knew my head won't like it. Those waves were beautiful but rough. My foot broke by waves in Pacific. Not as exciting a place, waves not as crazy and certainly no rocks. Pure power of water lifting me up and throwing me hard on the ground. I could never imagine that ocean, this ocean can hurt me. In the 1970s, Uri Geller became the world's best-known psychic and made millions traveling the world demonstrating his claimed psychokinetic abilities, including starting broken watches and bending spoons. I have been thinking about telekinesis and pyschokinesis. By the same token, there should be ability to use power of mind to move bone. Anyone knows anything about this ? at Venice, California


#empathy #compassion #altruism I entered the gathering on my crutches and jumping on one leg. The four steps to the porch felt like climbing Machu Pichu. Everyone rose. Everyone wanted to see what happened. I was flooded with advice, drs, kindness. For three years with my brain injury, I entered many rooms walking easily, looking "good" in pain with my heasache or gradually sinking into massive pain. The people who knew the story even did not know what to do. I would not what to do if I were them too. I looked OK. Only a few people close to me would notice how my face gets pale and my eyes lose their luster as the pain goes up. That is visible vs invisible injury. It reminded me of empathy vs compassion. With empathy, I share your emotions; with compassion I not only share your emotions but also elevate them into a universal and transcending experience. They are both an art. An art can motivate altruism.


#liveinthenow #liveinthemoment #beatanxiety "Whenever you feel anxious about your future or your past, just breathe," I was told. "Try it with me a few times right now. Breathe in... breathe out." And despite myself, I began to relax. That is how a lot of things started for me after discovering jon kabat zinn work. When we're at work, we fantasize about being on vacation; on vacation, we worry about the emails hitting our mailboxes. We dwell on intrusive memories  of the past or fret about what may or may not happen in the future. We live everywhere but NOW. How do we live in the now? We pause. We rest in stillness. We stop doing. We focus on just being. We #pausetorise. Do you pause? at Venice, California


#livewithpassion #livewithintention #wellness There are many ways to live life -- there is no right or wrong. But how about living a life in which you never feel bored or stuck?! A life where you feel excited every day? For some living a conventional life of embarking on a traditional job that doesn't excite them is scary and dreadful. To live by the rules and marry someone boring is a life in imprisonment. Which life do you live? Do you wonder what your passion is? at Venice, California


“Flow in the living moment. We are always in a process of becoming and nothing is fixed. Have no rigid system in you, and you’ll be flexible to change with the ever changing. Open yourself and flow, my friend. Flow in the total openness of the living moment. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Moving, be like water. Still, be like a mirror. Respond like an echo.” Today, we know that this state roughly correlates with reduced activation in the prefrontal cortex called ‘temporohypofrontality’, and the state is reportedly experienced by many top-level athletes and even creative types during their peak performance. It is #beingintheflow. at Venice, California


#rumi #rumiquotes #innerpeace A lifetime spent in search Search of happiness Knocking at all doors Asking any passer by Claiming my birth right And their eyes wondered And my feet felt tired Until one day I sat Tired, confused, and lost Done with all this work With this nonstop effort And as I stopped I finally heard that voice The guide to my happiness And it came from nowhere but inside me.... I just needed to sit still and listen. Sometimes it is just that simple. Kathy Hadizadeh at Cedars- Sinai, Beverly Hills


#yourvoice #silenceisnotanoption #weareinittogether I know people who boycotted news or media for their sanity and peace of mind. Understandable. May be it is a matter of changing the relationship and getting back to the game ? Silence is taking a role. It is time to research the facts, connect with heart, and root for what matters to each of us. My best friend faraway @baharakkeshavarz made me think of this quote today when she talked about the play le diable et le bon dieu (in English it is Satan and the Good Lord). Although a lot has changed, may be reading this play is a good idea as I certainly feel if there is a Satan, it has become much cleverer or folks have become more....?;) at Venice, California


#drchristineblaseyford #truth #livetruthfully She comes forward. Puts her reputation at risk. Digs into dark of her life And pours her heart out. She is bewildered by her own courage By her own words By how light it feels to get it off her chest Hearing her words He feels crumpled inside. Something is fighting hard when hearing her words. He hears the words but does not listen. Like all those many years ago when all this happened. Does he ever listen? It feels uncomfortable. So heavy in his chest. All these men watching, his colleagues All those eyes watching, his family He sobs. He cries. He is pitiful that he can not express remorse. May be he is lost. She leaves her mark in the history. He leaves his. One is dark. One is light. She can laugh again, one day. Sadly, he can't ever laugh again even when he is announced the winner. Somewhere in life truth catches up with us all. Kathy Hadizadeh Thanks @zenpop for the expressive art at Venice, California


#justbe #bepresent #beinthenow There is no certainity ever. No amount of money can gaurantee that you don't get cancer. Securing that job will not gaurantee happiness. The moment we let go of holding on to that so called security, living in the now begins. at Venice, California


#valueyourfriendships #valueyourtime #friendship In this busy busy life, what is more precious than time? Who puts time for you? Who picks up the phone and calls you? Who comes knocking at your door? No matter how sophisticated our lives are becoming, human principals of what brings us joy, satisfaction and happiness in a relationship stay the same. Having said that, I'm GRATEFUL to everyone and anyone who has reached out to me in the past 12 days with my broken foot!🤗😍🌻 at Venice, California


#walking #walkingmeditation #gratitude Such a seemingly simple thing in life: walking. I invite you to really pause and think about how lucky you are that you are able to WALK today. May be meditate on your walk even for a couple minutes: these feet, this ability to move from one place to another, this chance to go to places that you like or don't like... Don't you feel some gratitude warming up your heart?🌻🤗 at Venice, California

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