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#maryoliver #maryoliverpoetry #maryoliverquotes There is news she is gone. Mary Oliver, I mean. What does "being gone" mean? Does it mean : Being forgotten? Does it mean: disappearing from sight? Your words:who can forget them? Who can forget how they tickle the sense of being a human? I never saw you in person. Yet feel so close to you. Your disappearance from this earth never means an end to your wisdom. So..you are not gone for me. You are still the wise lady who made me think one day: "What do I do with this one precious life I have?" And the rest is history. Kathy Hadizadeh Under the rain by the Pacific Ocean with a broken foot and hopeful eyes at Santa Monica, California


#humanityfirst #altruism #empathy May be this is the most touching moment that has come out of the kids staying home due to #lausdstrike2019 for me. My duaghter sat and told me that she has an idea for invention. She drew the pic and typed her idea. When she came to my office and told me about her so called "invention idea", tears came to my eyes. Read what she wrote... I was really touched with her genuine interest in people who have lost their ability to function. People who spend a life time experiencing one of the things that many.people do and never even think about it as a big deal... Thanks for the lesson of empathy, thanks for allowing yourself to think so so outside the box... قلبم وایساد وقتی بهم‌ گفتمش واقعا! at Venice, California


#wearela #utlastrong #lausdteachers My kids go to public schools in LA. In probably the richest state in the United States, we face a crisis: lack of proper funding for education and educators. A system that ties number of kids to schools budget to get $50 per head is so wrong. Education is a priority. Decent public education is a RIGHT for tax payers. The education system has been nothing but shock for me. The schools heavily rely on parents money donations. A few amazing parents called PTA work tirelessly to raise money all year round so kids can have PE and art and aides and all things that is vital for kid's social emotional health. I stand with teachers no matter how hard this situation is for me as a parent. This needs to change for better. Thanks to teachers. Thanks to anyone who has the courage to stand up for change. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead at Venice, California


#courage #fearless #fearlessleader I like this poem by Kabir, an Indian mystic poet. It has some air of liberation from fear: the underlying cause of so much unnecessary suffering: I have attained the Eternal Bliss.  There is no time for sorrow or pain,  for now I enjoy singing His glory. The tree of His pleasure has neither root, nor seed,  as revealed by the grace of the true Guru. Now there is effulgence of a million suns,  my swan has dipped in the lake of His knowledge. Says Kabir, listen, O wise brother,  Now comings and goings have come to an end. by Kabir at Beverly Hills, California


#lifehack #experiencecoaching #coachinglife #icfla Yes, it is Jan and time for our coaching cafe! In 2000, I moved from industrial engineering and manufacturing world to information technology. I beleived that IT and internet will change the way we live. And it definitely did. After I discovered the world of life and executive coaching, it is my beleif that more and more humans will need this "life hack". Why?, you ask me. Because of technology! We are drowning in a sea of overwhelm. Burdened by our massive to-do lists and stifled by the requisite needs of familial, career and business obligations. We are glued to our phones. With email and smart phone, we are engaged in 24*7 business life. With each passing day, it seems we get further and further away from our goals even if we find time to think about them. What attracted me and many others in this Digital Age of technological revolutions and conveniences to tech, seem to beckon us at every turn. What was once hailed as life-altering benefits in this real-time era of instant-and-always-on communications afforded to us by the internet and its subsequent birth of social media, has left the masses feeling distracted. These distractions alter our perception of reality, sucking us into the digital ether, leaving us dismayed and beleaguered in our quests to achieve our goals. Technology has lost its allure. Digital detox is the new luxury but can we really live without my companion Google? That is why coaching will become more and more needed. Technology is NOT leaving us. For those that are willing to cut through the proverbial noise, life coaching offers a shortcut to achieving their dreams. It offers an alternative approach, to increased productivity and lessened attention to distractions. Come join us and experience it yourself! at Venice, California


#lifelonglove #morethanajob #passion After 1.5 hr of waiting in line we got to see the #photoark @annenbergspace on its last day! The pictures were definitely amazing but what really blew me away was his passion! @joelsartore had spent 3 decades of his life capturing the beauty of 12000 species..some already extinct or endangered... It is amazing when one falls in love with what they do, when a job goes above and beyond a job, when someone knows their WHY... It just becomes magical. Do you feel that passion towards what you do? 🤔 All photo credits go to my little girl: Ava Mehr! 🤗 at The Annenberg Space for Photography


#coffeeandchat #yummycoffee It looks like a cup of coffee But it is a lot more.. Sure, drinking the yummy latte is enjoyable. But what makes it special is sitting in that minimalistic cafe in the rainy weather.. Looking at the outside window into the sky pregnant with some rain.. Taking a sip and chatting about whatever comes up... A time dedicated to being with a friend brings joy, opens new connections, and allows us to discover more in each other... Each person is a universe. I have always beleived people come to my life and stay in it for a reason... I miss many amazing people I have met in these years near and far. I have added a new segment to my scheduling system in 2019: coffee and chat. I plan to send it to my global network to at least have a virtual coffee and catch up... I gonna have my home.made latte which is perhaps not as stylish as this latte but hey catching up with any of my amazing people will always make it a magical time...😊 How do you like this idea? at 310 Coffee Company


#calmmind #calmyourmind #positivityiskey #positivity #groupcoaching It is 2019. You have 365 days ahead of you. 365 possibilities to make every single day of your life more in line with what you desire. It all starts with a clear, calm mind and it goes on with believing that you have the power to do what you want and get to where you desire. The ability to think clear is NO random thing. The ability to be calm and focused is NOT necessarily an inherent ability. If you pay attention to your 2018, may be there were a lot of times that you wished you could be more calm and at peace but YOU WERE NOT. Do you have any regrets now that 2018 is over? Are there moments that you wished for a different outcome? Did you wish for some changes and it never happened? Did you want a job that would be closer to your house so you did not have to commute 4 hours a day but never even took a step forward? Was it because you were distracted? Was it because you did not believe in yourself? What was it? Do you want to change your BRAIN for the better?🤔 Do you have a desire to be more calm, feel more positive, and really feel joy in where you are with your life regardless of what is happening?🤗 Do you feel you need to build that foundation, that core, that inner strength inside you?🎆 If you said YES to any of these questions then I have an invitation for you: Join My Small Group Coaching Program Link to register in bio!😊 at Venice, California


#brainhealthy #brainhealth It might seem funny but it is true when it comes to brain health. Brain is an organ that is mostly taken for granted. We learn to exercise and use our body in optimal way. We learn about our personal hygiene We learn about learning and becoming knowledgeable. But we don't get a chance to learn about caring for our brain that makes all these other things possible! How funny is that?! Every thought, every emotion, every time you get sad, happy, stressed, etc is impacting your brain. Your brain is always ON like a refrigerator! How do you use your brain optimally? How do you care for it? at Venice, California


#dream #daretodream #daretodreambig Last night in her acceptance speech at Golden Globes, Glenn Close reminded me of the notion of dreaming and the ability to dream. She won Best Actress in Drama for her work in The Wife. Based on the novel by Meg Wolitzer, the film follows Joe and Joan Castleman, a couple who travel to Stockholm, Sweden, so that Joe can accept a Nobel Prize. It is then that Joan begins to reflect on her life, and on the many ways in which she has sacrificed her own career and happiness for her husband. Life story of many people especially women. This is what Glenn shared beautifully:"You know, to play a character is so internal and I’m thinking of my mom, who really sublimated herself to my father her whole life. And in her 80s she said to me, ‘I feel I haven’t accomplished anything.” And it was so not right. And I feel what I’ve learned this whole experience is that women, you know, we’re nurturers, that’s what’s expected of us. We have our children, we have our husbands if we’re lucky enough and our partners, whoever. But we have to find personal fulfillment. We have to follow our dreams. We have to say, I can do that and I should be allowed to do that. You know, when I was little I felt … Muhammad Ali was destined to be a boxer, I felt destined to be an actress. I saw the early Disney films and Hayley Mills and said, “Oh, I can do that.” And here I am today. It will have been 45 years in September that I am a working actress and I cannot imagine a more wonderful life." How many people can say they have or had a wonderful life? at Venice, California


#buildingcommunities #buildbridgesnotwalls In Iran we had walls around houses. Real walls. I remember we even added some more metal fences to the walls. We had to lock down the doors at night. There was always that fear that someone might breakin. When I came to states, I was mesmerized by all the open lawns in LA that led to someone's house. I loved the openness and this mechanism that there is not walls that gaurantee the safety. Granted as years went by, more and more walls are born. New houses have walls and fences around their yard. People tell me how they used to be closer to their neighbors... What do walls bring us? In Iran, it was anxiety...did you lock the door? Did you lock the windows? Did you lock the second lock? May be it is time to rethink the real notion of walls..any wall..and see how life without walls could feel safe too... Ah...and thinking about that bridge building comes from my utopian thinking...kind of unicornish, may be? at Wyndham Indio


#friendsinlife #losingafriend #grief I just learned that one of my old university mates from Tehran Polytechnic has passed away. I was a Masters student back then. Since Engineering departments did not have many girls at the time, I made friends with all the girls doing their Bachelor's... she was one of those girls.. Cancer took her. She is gone. She has two little kids and somehow my heart aches a whole lot just thinking about their faces and what is going through their little minds... This is not a happy note at the begining of the year but it is very real. Because death can be real. Because those words from a dr can be real: "Sorry, we have nothing to help you." Or " just go, try this and see what happens." Humans can become less than the little guinea pigs when it comes to matters of health challenges. I wish I could hold her little kids and whisper in their ears:"You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair." And it made me think of my own grandma aka maman tehrani. I lost her xmas of 2014 and it took me a long road to realize when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. I sit here with tears and stare at the horizon..letting the silent language of grief do the talking... at San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur


#happynewyear #happy2019 #2019 With these birds, I am sending each of you good wishes: love, happiness, great health, abundance, and the courage to connect with your heart! May we all live a SATISFIED life by connecting with our hearts! A poem for you on this first day: It's only the beginning now. A pathway yet unknown. Beginings are great. Exciting, heartwarming, amazing. Let's savour the moment and be with it. At times the best beginnings of our lives May end in sorrow, But even on our darkest days ...the sun will shine tomorrow. So we must build in us That strength and enough courage for Whatever life may bring, And look beyond the winter chill to smell the freshness of spring. Into each life will always come A time to start anew, A new beginning for each heart As fresh as morning dew. Although life has games, Its ocean has always waves The storms of life will leave behind The wonder of a rainbow. The years will never take away Our chance to start anew, It's only the beginning now So dreams can still come true. Dream on and dare to drem big and bold! Kathy Hadizadeh San Jose del Cabo


#followyourheart #whatmakesyoualive #findyourpassion #2019dreams What makes you ALIVE? What really makes your heart beat? What is it that brings you JOY? Simple questions but many don't have an answer for it. I saw this last night and the combination of that heart and Frida sat so well in me. Something in her story and work is always about connecting with heart. Voila! Life consumes us at times in a way that we live but we are not ALIVE. Let's learn to be ALIVE while we LIVE. Make 2019 your year! Make it your mission and ask yourself: what beings me alive? Feel free to share...🤗 at Barrio Burger- Steak & Wine


#brokenfootlife #mothernaturerocks Ah, the mighty nature The amazing rocks The blue water I feel one with you. And I ask the birds hovering around you to blow you kisses for me... For I Iove love seeing you, being with you, enjoying you... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I can't tell you how happy I was to make it to this cruise. Being in crutches and wheelchair, moving from one place to another is not easy. My little people and Farbod did a great job of getting me out and around. Ario kept joking that he will send mommy to swim with sea lions (they are on the rock if you look closely) but I am so glad I did not end up in the water! Things that happen when you can not walk on your own and your 7 year old decides for you!😄


#brokenfootlife #holidays2018 #reflection The foot made it to the amazing places where the sun keeps shining and it can continue to swim in the pools mermaid style :) Graterul. And something funny: The ocean broke my foot. However, seeing this body of water, all I want is being able to get to the beach and be able to walk on the sand again..i want to feel that ebb and flow of water on my feet..the amazing dynamics of this body of water. I can't go in the sand with crutches.. people come and tell me of their swim with white sharks, of 17 feet sting rays playing with them in the water, of whales jumping up the water. And I stare from the pool at this exotic body of water with hopeful eyes..


#xmas2018 #showinglove Getting a chance to see the excitement in their eyes Feeling the presence of those whose love touches my heart every day Lifelong friendships no matter how far we live from each other A reason to get together and laugh Feeling that life is still going on with all ups and downs, with all broken foots and bruised bones, with all post concussion syndromes, with all my amazing clients, with all friendships, with all disappointments and what the hell moments, with all the hope that shines on top of that tree as a star... That is what I like about this time of the year and Christmas.. at Westlake Village, California


#santaclausiscomingtotown #gratefullife #brokenfootlife #lookwhatsantabrought How lucky am I? Look what Santa brought me!! A pair of forearm, metalic, and super stylish crutches! They even have some lights to shine at night! I love these Santa but I hope I can soon return them to you for next person in line!;) at Venice, California

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