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CERTIFIED Life & Leadership Coach MSc ,PCC Former IT Exec 🌻 #lifecoach 🌱 #leadershipcoach#mindfulleadership 🌋 #emotionalintelligence 🤕 #brainhealth

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#firstdayofschool #firstday #newbegining #summerbreakisover The little people in my life with their shiny, curious eyes are back to school!🤩 The excitement of their new beginnings lights up my heart. I hope for new beginings too. Having that feeling of building new friendships and camaraderie that is something I miss. There is a raw element of possibility that memerizes me. I know I made great relationships back then that makes me think of them on this day. My dear classmates on this pseudo aval e mehr, I think of you all!!! @baharakkeshavarz @nooshinvaghefi @bitajam And the list goes on.... at Venice, California


#meditation In fall 2015 before my injury, I discovered @unplugmeditation . I clearly remember the serenity I felt when I entered that space with white walls. I was having a lot in my mind. I was not a regular meditator back in the day but I was an avid beleiver in meditation with an on and off practice for like 15 years then. One day I met @suzeyalofschwartz there. She told me about #insighttimer. She wrote it down for me in a notebook I was carrying then as I was thinking and exploring a lot at that time. Little did I know then that insight timer will become my pal for a long 1.5 years. After my injury, when the drs told me they have no clue and cure for me, I remembered meditation and resorted to it. Kind of hopeful. Kind of hopeless. How can my meditation help a situation that science can not?! It was my struggle. It is 850 days insight timer is a part of my life. For the first year, i was always in excruciating pain. I could not read, write, talk on phone, walk, look at screen and this app was my little pal for meditation. It took me a while to figure out and see how I can manage the pain. And now I think meditation is a jackpot in life that you can access it any moment! at Venice, California


#spinning by the lake! One of the best experiences! I could see the hill in front of me behind the lake. When the instructor said: let's go up the hill, it felt so real. The music was really the sound of water fountain and birds singing. The last time i attempted to spin, i went to 24hr fitness. They have this huge screen. The class started with that loud music and image of going up the hill in the pitch dark. I guess I lasted like 7 minutes before my head started to hurt. I tried to leave and the instructor tried to encourage me to stay as they lock the door when the class starts.. I'm sure it can be a lovely experience but was too much for my head at that time. I like spinning so was dreaming of being able to.do it again in this life time. I'm happy that i could change that last image of spinning today with this new one. #grateful for this new memory and experience. May be I'll try that one in gym again. Hoping to last more than 7 minutes.🌞 at Welk Vacation Resort


There is no #fastforward button no matter how much we like one! We all go through times when we wish we could press a fast-forward button. We want to propel ourselves into the future. We want to leave our current circumstances. Whatever is painful, we want to.leave it. Be done with it. Move away from.it. We want to leave it behind Asap! I know I have been there. Thinking, praying, begging for it to just pass. Can we do it? Realistically the answer is NO. We know it. So , we can suffer in anticipation. Or We can be with it consciously and learn from it. Is it easy? Probably not. But we can learn life lessons and gain wisdom. Wisdom that can change us and our lives for good. As we will.learn to be with life differently. at Welk Resorts


Taking a #walkingmeditation with my little guy. May be more taking a break from all happening... It has been interesting week to say the least. The world on my side has been eventful... My parents gluing their heads to news to see what is happening in Iran with US sanctions. My heart skipping a beat seeing their old, wrinkled, worried faces and the news of how an economy is slumping and hitting people hard. It is so hard to be so emotionally close to a crisis in the making and try to stay calm. My friends mourning the loss of their young brother which has deeply impacted me. Their brother and I had a brief encounter 2 years ago and I vividly remember how I was touched by his urge for simplicity. Later I saw his artwork on IG. You know these virtual accounts make us connect with people deeply at times even with people we do not see ever or often. I really felt his presence in this life more than a 15 min talk in this way. RIP young man. My genius client who came to the US with a lot of hopes and is trying to get out of the plummeting of his hopes. Hope for better life makes us leave love behind in other lands and really fight for that better life we imagine. And for some fun may be I should share the news that research produced today that I'm sure will.help some folks in.their underwear buying.Wearing looser underpants could be a simple way for men to improve their sperm count and the hormones that control it, a US study suggests. In a study of 656 men, by researchers at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, in the US, boxer short wearers had a 25% higher sperm concentration than men in tight-fitting underwear. 'Brain boosts sperm production'. Sperm production is known to be sensitive to temperatures above 34C (92F), which is why the testicles hang down away from the body. Life goes on and meanwhile I cherish the last days of summer with my own little Yoda. at Welks Resort


#experiencelife #experiencenewthings #lifeisexperience #beopen Never miss a chance to see new things! GPS sent me through freeway 71. I don't think I had ever gone through it. Suddenly the look of amazing temple with mandhirs caught me. I knew it was the elobartion of a Hindu temple . We changed our way to find the temple. Even though i have traveled to India before with my dear friend @baharakkeshavarz but we did not go in depth into Hindu rituals and temples. We learned about #murtipratishtha , #aarti ,abhishek and immersed ourselves in the magnificance of wood and stone carvings. One thing that stood out for me was the idea of being a devotee and losing oneself in the #murti of God. I studied with #selfrealizationfellowship but the idea of being a devotee was always foreign to me. Although I really beleive in #pramahansayogananda work and teachings but I always adopted what made sense to me. I guess I have never been a devotee. I have never surrendered fully to any discipline. Is it because of my logical mind? Does logic lead to a closure of heart? Isn't it easier to just beleive in something and go with it all the way? I don't know the answer to any of these. Even immersing in #trust and letting universe do its work is new for me. It has taken me a while and a lot of effort to live effortless.;) at BAPS Swaminarayan Chino Hills Mandir


Like a mirror darkened by patches of rust, #unresolvedemotions can stay within our soul. They can even become wounds. The famous iranian writer #sadeqhedayat said: In life, there are wounds that eat our soul like leprosy. Let's learn to allow our emotions to surface, acknowledge them and let them flow. at Mexico


#neverlosehope #bebymyside #purelove #heartfulloflove #heartfullofgratitude They stood by my side in the hardest moments. Their smile, their presence, their warmth gave me hope that one day I can smile again with less pain. I am grateful for it. May be that is why i feel so much joy being in the journey with my clients. Life coaching is amazing. It lets you open the window to another soul and be with it. Just be with it. No judgement. Just observe and you shall see. A life time.of analyzing systems, processes, and how we optimize things has prepared me to be with the big picture... And what we think is the problem is almost never the issue. The reality is always hidden inside us based on our beleifs, our being.. And that is what makes it all exciting. at Venice, California


#prayforpeace #hopeforbetterdays Although I have lived for two decades outside Iran, my heart has a big piece of it forever in that land. The 120% drop in rial value has led to the increased #suffering and #poverty. It has stopped people's access to medication needed for their survival. I don't know what future holds but I am praying for restorative justice, for an end to suffering however possible. I'm hoping for that fire That warmth in the middle of snow That melts away any hope that is frozen and let's it flow A flow of water that in turn melts the snow on its way to let the new grass grow When the sun shines again. 🌞 at Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine


I recognized an old pattern in me. I had gone back to a lot of #doing rather than #Being. I had to stop. And let go. And remember this #alanwatts saying: When you swim, you don't hang on to water or you will sink and drown. Instead you relax and let yourself float. Floating is effortless and pure joy. It might not be word for word but that is the essence: *Set the intention *Relaxing the mind and trusting that it will work. *And just float. And now time for me to immerse... at Santa Monica, California


In #icfla event with two amazing coaches. @christiemann1 shared her beautiful vision on really feeling and showing our emotions. We are wearing the capes and holding different emotions in hands. #anger #joy #sadness #frustration #happiness Whatever you feel, do you really allow yourself to feel it? Do you really let it come out? #justbe at Skirball Cultural Center


A letter to my headache😲 My head hurts. And no taking a pain killer will not stop the pain. #pain what can I tell you? Trying to embrace you but you are not easy to cuddle with! I wish we could part ways for good one day. Until that day, I guess our coexistence continues. 😇 at Venice, California


#searchinside No better place to look. All our stress and anxiety comes from memories in us and losing our anchor. They are not always from people, work, social places. It is how we process events and people. Do you crave a change? Do you want to restore that balance? Let's talk.🌞


#mammamia2 was a super delicious movie to watch. Aside from the fact that I enjoy #Abba, the film is fun, colorful, vibrant, cheerful, moving, emotional, and even sexual!! What moved me most was how #heartbased the movie was. Young Donna aka #lilyjames was this amazing girl who absolutely lived in the moment:The best things in life, the very best things- happen unexpectedly! "Life is short- world is wide. I want to make some memories" It is a feel good and actually great about what your heart tells you and all will go miraculously well and even better! There was such a beautiful flow to following ❤ that i really enjoyed. I know the real world might not work that way but we are talking about a different mindset when a young oxford graduate sings about kissing her teacher, is called to a Greek island because she feels good about it and absolutely has no plans whatsoever of what she will do when she gets there... She lives in the moment for the moment. If you are in Los Angeles and want to see this as a group in #amcdinein in #marinadelrey on friday, please raise your hand!👋 #abbafan #mammamia2018 at Marina del Rey, California


Being that #tactful always attracted me. During his nation’s “darkest hours” in World War II, Winston Churchill, inspired the United Kingdom – and much of the rest of the world – with his strength and certainty that the Allies would defeat the Nazis, however hard the struggle. He was certainly inspiring and powerful. However, power can lead to "power complex". The power in brain of powerful people like CEOs acts as if they had suffered a traumatic brain injury—becoming more impulsive, less risk-aware, and, crucially, less adept at seeing things from other people’s point of view. This is a real change in brain. So, what is the key to being powerful and humane? Practicing to stay "grounded" is the answer. at Venice, California


If you are in Los Angeles and curious about coaching, please join us on July 31st in west la! If you are a coach, feel free to join us for #networking or #brainstorming . We had a beautiful event last month. An attendee was curious about which coaching program to choose. There is so many of them out there that it can be daunting! We focused on his WHY for becoming a coach, held some space for him, and some magical openings happened! Any questions, please ask! See you on July 31st! 😉


Loving my crazy bunch. Every moment we spend together is a lesson for me. How they perceive the world and navigate it is amazing. #shunryusuzuki #shoshin #beginnersmind #zen " In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but and expert's mind there are few." Trying to keep that #mind open with these kiddos!🌞


#activelistening #mindfullistening He was #present with his heart. Listening to me, asking questions. How present are we when we talk? As a leader, many times the focus is on what we need from others to be done that we forget to connect. #empathy gets lost. With the hectic pace that dominates the working day, it's understandable for a manager or a leader to focus on scratching the urgent. #empathizing establishes a relationship bond that leads to sustainable improvement. "Listening deeply to another is a form of meditation. " thich naht hahn What role Empathy plays in your day and life?

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