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Photographer based in London, working everywhere | Kiwi forever | 📩 [email protected]

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Protection, Vision, Abundance, Beauty by @Klove.Studio | #BePartofArt #DubaiDesignWeek #DowntownDesign #ShotoniPhone


This is the short film we made for the project ”Born of Nature” Art and Videography by @david_popa_art Photography and Music by me. Learn more about the project from the link in my bio ✨


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The various programmes across @sutdsg , such as classrooms, laboratories and meeting rooms, are connected both vertically and horizontally to promote interactivity. Both large and small communities can form as a result of the programme clusters, and the voids and staircases that link them. #unstudio #benvanberkel #campus #campusdesign #university #singapore #sutd


Edificio de Viviendas Turín en proceso de obra


Caught some small kine action at the double, good times with braddah Dave 🤙🏽


Cars in Cuba. One thing I love about photography is that it allows us to preserve moments in time. Each photograph is a catalyst for a cascade of memories. I took a deep dive into my frames from Cuba yesterday and published a new section on my website. Link in my bio and stories, would love to hear what you think. Swipe right for the whole collage!


looking forward to the calm and cosy days. Its going to be my girls first advent and christmas time and soon her first birthday. We‘re trying to make it a special family time, and don‘t put too much focus on presents. Which is not easy, because there are so many cute and great things for small kids. 😅 But we want to protect her and our home from plastic and too much stuff, so we choose wooden toys and some diy stuff as well. #lessismore #woodentoys #woodlovers


• Even that desolate wasteland you may stumble upon becomes an open canvas fruitful of opportunities for you to paint as beautiful •