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Rainey He Xiaole 何曉樂

中国房车锦标赛长安福特赛车手 | CTCC FORD Works driver | LMP3 原型车耐力系列赛 | 2018 Nürburgring 24h

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🎉🎉🎉Congrats our team PHANTOM PRO RACING Team Champion in CHINA GT Malaysia Race2. #6 Sunny & me P1, #5 Chris & Alex P3, #3 Yang & Yan Am-Am class P3, fantastic weekend for our new team opening race. Thx all team crews hard work. You are best. #hexiaole #phantompro #malaysia #racingsuit #amg #amgacademy @xzuitbarry @michelin @liqui_moly_worldwide @mercedesamg @chinagtchampionship @sepangcircuit @phantomproracing @amgperformances @sunnyyswong @alexj_fontana @n24hcn at KLIA International Departure, GATE C12


China GT Championship GT4 race 1 completed. Strong start and flawless driver change execution put the Phantom Pro Racing #5 to victory. Congrats to Chris Chia and Alex Fontana. Sunny Wong and I brought #6 back in P2. Yan&Yang also scored a P2 for #3 in the Am-Am class. Hats off to the team and more to come tmrw. #AMG #GT4 #sepang #hexiaole #phantompro m #amgacademy #malaysia #racingsuit #xzuit @amgperformances @phantomproracing @chinagtchampionship @sepangcircuit @mercedesamg @liqui_moly_worldwide @michelin @xzuitbarry @wearflags_china at Sama-Sama Hotels


2019 CHINA GT opening race in Malaysia, Perfect start PHANTOM PRO Team. I got P3 in the first qualify, my teammate Sunny did fantastic job, got pole postion for sunday race. Many thx to the team for the good preparation in few months, We still need fully attack for the race weekend. #hexiaole #amg #malaysia #racingsuit #xzuit #chinagt #racing #motorsport #mecerdesbenz @xzuitbarry @michelin @liqui_moly_worldwide @mercedesamg @sepangcircuit @chinagtchampionship @phantomproracing @amgperformances at Sepang F1 International Circuit


[East Meets West - All Chinese Lineup Entering German Arena] This year, an all-Chinese nation drivers lineup will compete a few rounds at the Nurburgring. Starting in March, there will be over 10 race weekends hosted at the Nurburgring through out the year until October. Our fleet will compete in VLN1, Qualification Race, and 24h Nurburgring. To fuel the program, the Chinese squad is honorably supported by British Speedline Lubricants, and Giti Tires. Both are established brands in the industries, and have been actively participating in worldwide motorsport events. In order to maximize performance and efficiency, our drivers will collaborate with German team, WS Racing, a professional racing team that has extensive knowledge and experience with the demanding Nurburgring. The weapon the team choose to compete in the “Green Hell” is the Audi R8 LMS GT4. The 495hp GT racer is designed to be a fast and reliable model, and has proven its capabilities by winning titles and victories in different classes and major events. We have three drivers from China and Hong Kong from different disciplines to kick off VLN1 in March. Rainey He from Beijing is a racing veteran in Chinese Touring Car Championship (CTCC). He also raced with Phoenix Racing last year in multiple events, including the 24hNBR. Andy Yan from Hong Kong, who has many titles in his hands, including TCR, CTCC, HTCC, Macau GP, had just represented Hong Kong at the FIA GT Nations Cup in Dec 2018. Sunny Wong from Hong Kong, also has the Macau GP winning trophy and TCR, China GT titles in his pocket. Our three drivers surely formed a strong first wave. But we are excited to say couple more young talents from the China region will join us for the Qualification Race and 24hNBR. And we hope in near future, to form alliances with more passionate individuals and business ventures to enter this motorsport gig. Race Calendar for the CN/HKG Fleet: 23 Mar - VLN 1 18-19 May - 24h Qualification Race 20-23 Jun - 24h Race of Nurburgring @vln_de @xzuit_official @gititiredeutschland @speedlinelubrica @24hnbr @ws_racing @hexiaole @andyan_3 @xzuitbarry @sunnyyswong @24hnbr @audisport #audir8lmsgt4 #hexiaole @vln_de at Beijing


Completed 3 days testing in this @amggt4 at Sepang Circuit prior the China GT Championship. All crews still learning the car the track and championship. 💪💪💪 #amgchina #amg #amggtr #amggt4 #sepang #amgacademy #chinagt #hexiaole #rainey @mercedesamg @amgperformances #malaysia #amgcustomerracing #racingsuit #xzuit @xzuitbarry @liqui_moly_worldwide @phantomproracing #phantompro at Macau International Airport


PHANTOM PRO Racing Team, 2019 new challenge, Very happy share this important to join. Feel so honored can driving Mercedes-Benz AMG GT4 for CHINA GT in new season, with the team first Chinese new year, new starting new generation. 🎉🎉🎉PHANTOM PRO 魅影赛车,2019年的新任务,新挑战,很高兴在除夕之夜与大家分享这个重要的加盟。可以驾驶奔驰AMG GT4征战CHINA GT新赛季倍感荣幸,与车队共祝的第一个春节,也是全新起点的象征💪💪💪 #amgacademy #amgcustomerracing #amggt4 #hexiaole #mercedesbenz @mercedesamg #chinagt #2019 #phantom @phantomproracing #新年快乐 #新春快乐阖家欢乐身体健康恭喜发财万事如意 #福


🎉🎉🎉2019 新年快乐🎉🎉🎉,昨晚和12小时耐力赛58号68号两个车组的好兄弟们一起度过跨年赛事周末好开心,为2018完美收官。全场冠军奖杯是对所有参与者的认可,车手:田、蚊、楠、曦;椒、罡、冉、琦碰到多年不遇的极寒天气,顺利完成实属不易,我也上去体验了一把溜冰的感受[奸笑][奸笑][奸笑];亮亮、大哥权、Vivian及所有机械师团队在这冬日的付出令人感动,你们都是最棒的[抱拳][抱拳][抱拳],与🏆相比我更珍惜和这些好朋友的欢乐时光😄😄😄,尽管每年只有几天这样的机会,但是见面从不陌生,总有聊不完的话题。希望大家2019顺顺利利,通过汽车运动结实更多志同道合的好朋友[拳头][拳头][拳头]👻👻👻 at Beijing


Xmas #曲奇 at Beijing


圣诞节假期的三天集训非常成功,小何从零基础到了可以在协助下走了几趟中级道和高级道[鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌]非常感谢小可老师的耐心教导以及精心制作的视频。 #snowboards #thaiwoo #太舞滑雪场 #滑雪板 #崇礼 at Beijing


🤔🤔🤔First class of MTR🚇 #港鐵 at Hong Kong


2019 广州马拉松半程组顺利完赛,赛前的两天都没有太多兴奋,起跑后却找回很多跑步的乐趣,今早的低温降雨天气确实会让我深深记住广马,速度上没有什么退步很满意,最后冲刺非常过瘾。广马的赛事组织和整体秩序感觉很高水准,感谢今天在雨中一直为赛事服务的工作人员[抱拳][抱拳][抱拳]


2018 CTCC 上海收官站结束,今年长安福特车队拿到年度季军,队友Martin拿到车手年度亚军,虽然和我们的预期有些距离,但是还是能被整个车队在赛季中遇到种种困难时上下团结协作、从未放弃的精神所感动,很珍惜和你们一起工作的时光,真的辛苦了大家。当然本站最大亮点,还是特别荣幸请到世界房车赛最年轻的冠军车手Pepe Oriola加盟,为我们带来了非常宝贵的意见和帮助,一个练习进入状态,非常职业,待人非常Nice的家伙[强][强][强]。最后祝贺我们强有力的竞争对手东风悦达起亚车队夺得车队、车手双料冠军[强][强][强]!围场里的朋友们很多要明年再见啦[握手][握手][握手];2018 CTCC Shanghai Final race, this year Changan Ford Racing Team got the second runner-up, teammate Martin Cao got the driver's runner-up, although some distance from our expectations, but still can be united and coordinated by the entire team in the season when encountering various difficulties I was touched by the spirit that we never gave up. I cherish the time I worked with you. It really worked hard for everyone. Of course, the biggest highlight of this weekend is Pepe Oriola join us, the youngest champion in the World Touring Car, to bring us very valuable advice and help. very professional, and treats people who are very Nice. Finally, congratulations to our strong competitor Dongfeng Yueda KIA team won the team, the driver double champion. Many friends in the paddock want to see you again next year. @frdmotorsports @xzuitbarry @andyan_3 @pepeoriola74 @xzuit_official @ford @fordperformance @briankma @kiamotorsworldwide at Beijing


I really don't know how to say the feeling at moment. I am OK although this is a very high speed accident. Motorsports is a very safe sport, and of course high quality racing car and professional organizer are indispensable. Looking forward next season, never give up. #lmp3 @frdmotorsports @frd_lmp3 @elms_official @ligiersportscars @24heuresdumans #nevergiveup #lookingforward at Beijing


🎉🎉🎉恭喜PTRS车队以及Josh & Nigel夺得2018 中国原型车耐力系列赛年度车队及车手冠军。对于我们富盛车队来说这不是一个完美的周末,尽管在比赛的周日才找到正确的调教方向,但是在正赛换上我之后遇到后车的失误造成严重事故未能完赛,倍感遗憾。做为年度收官的比赛这是一个精彩周末,做为天津武清V1赛道的开幕赛更是难能可贵的比赛。辛苦啦车队的工程师与成员一年的付出[抱拳][抱拳][抱拳] at Beijing


New CHANG’AN FORD FOCUS Launch event. Strong products, wish super big sales. @ford @changanford @frdmotorsports @fordperformance @fordfocusstclub @fordfocus #ford nice to know @mike_D and @kblock43 , big thanks all support. #drift #kenblock #hitfm #launch #success #chengdu #panda at Cheng Du,china


#福 #寿 #禄 at 成都太古里

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