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Motorcycle repair/ custom bike shop located in Oceanside, CA "Ain't nothin' better than leavin' behind where ya already been...”

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Last day to register for the Timing Class tomorrow at The Highway Garage!!!! Still have some spots left in the class.... If you are already an expert at Timing a Harley you can still Register for $50 bucks and come kick it in the shop with us and enjoy all you can eat and drink pizza and beers! PayPal jakekeough@ymail.com or Venmo @highwaymanco Gonna be a gooder than fuck Friday night🍻 #thehighwaygarage #chopcult #schoolsuckschoppersdont at Oceanside, California


Weekend Checklist: •Directions written by hand on a piece of paper •Choppers • Friends • Ride to where there is no internet’s Yea, last weekend was a success.. 📸@Therearedozensofus #thehighwaygarage #getlost #letthegoodtimesroll


Last weekends footy!! So much fun being in the wind! It’s about the trip not the destination, the trip maaaaannn. My Generation. #thehighwaygarage #thewho #rocknrollnride 📸 @acrowclmt


This Friday in The Highway Garage!!!! The first installment of Chopper Class: “Timing”. I’ll cover timing on all sorts of different ignitions and you’ll get hands on experience. Bikes Beer and Pizza are provided so you just gotta show up ready to learn something. Lots of interest and the spots are filling up quick!!! PayPal $50 to jakekeough@ymail.com or Venmo @highwaymanco to reserve your spot. This way we can have enough pizza and beer for everyone!!! DM me when you sign up and I’ll shoot you the address. Should be a great time to hang with friends and meet new ones while wrenching on old choppers!! #thehighwaygarage #schoolsuckschopperdont #cuttingclass #choppersforever at Oceanside, California


Such a killer weekend, tons of twisty miles with new and old friends, campfires, tall tails, more twisty miles, all the burgers, Lizards, wrenching, @hkhoedown @longbeachgraphix, @haleyevans7 , Shovelheads, and my bike ran absolutely flawless all weekend despite me hammering it. Rad times, can’t wait for more, definitely feeling lucky🙏🏼 @haleyevans7 @acrowclmt @cliffornia_ @slim_reaper91 @therearedozensofus @slow_company @ladyy_lorien #thehighwaygarage #highwayman_co #ridelikethewindtillimfreeagain at Oceanside, California


Headed out to @hkhoedown tomorrow with this crew of miscreants. Gonna hit all the backroads and canyons. Should be a blast!🏞 #thehighwaycrew #highwaygarage #choppersforever #reapersrevengechopper 📸@Therearedozensofus at Oceanside, California


If yer down for a groovy time a bunch of us are gonna be kicking it @belchingbeaver in Vista. Vans, Choppers, buds and good times. C’mon out and party! #grimcreepersvanclub #thehighwaygarage #vanclubwithachopperproblem #choppersforever #ifyouaintavanneryouaintshit at Vista, California


Happy B Day to my road dog @acrowclmt !!! Always down to lend a hand get dirty and get shit done!! You fuckin rule my man👊🏼✊🏼 Many more miles and smiles ahead!! #thehighwaycrew #thehighwaygarage #roaddog #choppersforever #stokeseekers #howdoyouburyanevo


Stoked on this new blaster from @mylesschallhorn . Thanks buddy, now let’s get some chopper miles!!!! #tattoo #tattyblaster


King of the Road Says ya move too slow!!!!!!! Tuesday’s kicking ass as per usual, choppers, burnouts, wheelies, food, friends, yea man, that’s the good stuff...... #fumanchu #kingsoftheroad #thegighwaygarage #tacochoppertuesdays #theywereoutoftacos @acrowclmt @therearedozensofus @mylesschallhorn @slim_reaper91 @fundip666 @rcf_iii


•Maybe I would have paid attention in school if they were preaching at me about choppers!!!!!! •Due to a great response I decided to offer a monthly class about critical maintenance, custom fab, increasing performance, and dialing in your motorcycle. •This first class will be everything you need to know about Ignition Timing. Hands on experience on all types of ignitions. •DM me to reserve yer spot: $50 pre registration per person. We’ll provide the beer, pizza, and bikes. So grab a bud and show up ready to have a good time. •4/20, spend Friday night with some like minded folks learning how to work on your scooter. Smoke em if ya got em!!! DM for more info🚬🚬🚬🍻🍕 #thehighwaygarage #choppersforever at Oceanside, California


Street Choppin Cheetah with a heart full of napalm!!! @rileyhawk show stopping 69 Slabside Shovelhead all complete. This was a makeover of Riley’s previously bitchin shovel. Part show part real deal rider, this thing is gonna turn heads wherever it goes!! Coolest part of this build was getting creative with Riley and doing something different, hope y’all dig it. Special thanks to @mtmupholstery and @paintbychaka #thehighwaygarage #iggychop #shovelheadtillimdead #69 at Oceanside, California


@acrowclmt getting his bitchin slabside shovel all ready for some long summer miles! Here in The Highway Garage we do everything from light fab to full chopper builds. Hit us up if ya need some help getting your two wheeled freedom back. We can get ya’s in the wind.🔥🔥🔥🔥 #hulkamania #howdoyouburyanevo #thehighwaygarage at Oceanside, California


Taco Tuesdays with this crew of Wild Children last night. 80s metal Bowling, Beers, Bikes, Vans, Rain and @acrowclmt crushing the edits. Typical Tuesday in Oceanside really... enjoy and 🔊🔊 Volume Up 🤘🏼 #tacotuesday #choppersforever #thehighwaygarage #wildchild #wasp #metalfever #ridetovanvantotacos #vannin #sparetime @tannercribbs @haleyevans7 @rcf_iii @acrowclmt @one_ball_shea


Sorceress Sundays🔮 #thehighwaygarage #thesorceresschopper #peopleschamp4 at Oceanside, California


Taco Chopper Tuesday’s goin off here in Oceanside!! Wrenching, riding, buds, wheelies, Whitesnake, roller skates and tacos!! Turn the volume to 11🔊 #thehighwaygarage #badboyz #wheeliesandrollerskates #tacotuesdsy #towin @tannercribbs @acrowclmt @haleyevans7 @planetsleaze @rcf_iii @fundip666 @therearedozensofus

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