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Flyfishing, Bad Flytying, SUP, Ford Transit Camper Conversion, Road Tripper’, History Teacher, and advisor for Delsea HS Anglers Club

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The biggest trout ever...they wont say where they caught it. At least a 12’er. #gatortrout #yesterdays #screwmonday at Yesterdays Bar


Had to resort to little grubs. Quit at 8.


God I hate full moon and wind....tough afternoon. Im on foot trying to shake the skunk.


I glued these cones in my @carbonmarine line bucket so hopefully less tangles. They weren’t too bad but sometimes happen at the worst time. That square is the test patch from @seadek to hook flies on when im running. #flyfishing #carbonmarine #nomoretangles


Ate some lobster at the Raw Bar after cruising the coast with @avwqt76 and finished the night with a handful of schoolies.


Tempting but im not going through there. Nice try mischievous trolls.


We hit the Salmon River today. The fish were sporadically moving through. The best action were in the holes obviously but they were packed with people. We came early to try to beat the crowds. Ive seen it worse but it sucks when you cant really fish where you want because there are too many people. We did a lot of hiking up and down the river. We hooked 6 but didnt land any. I just broke a few off Because they were foul hooked. I had one that decided it was going back to the lake. Was dumping so much backing off I just grabbed the spool and broke it off. It never paused. Nice day.


Its about that time. Heading up this weekend with @avwqt76 for an early attempt. #salmon #fall #douglastonsalmonrun #ny #flyfishing


Took the nephew out for magic hour. Nice pickerel and bass on the Pop R. #magichour #bassfishing #rapala #stcroixrods #shimanoreels


#amyeating #crabballs @mikesseafood on a rainy and windy day.


Cruisin’the shore and chillin’ by the water listening to the rain and wind against the van. Watching a surf film dreaming of sunny days... #vanlife #coastal #singlefinyellow #peaceful #rain #surfing


On the night shift playing with schoolies. #stripedbass #flyfishing #nightshift


I run a fishing club for the high school I teach at. Its a legit club and we have a lot on our agenda this year. Follow us @delsea_hs_anglers_club to see what the kids are up to. Also follow @operationsafehaven2016 and try to help out if you can!! They are our host and home waters. He is helping homeless veterans and giving back to the community. Every little bit helps!!!


First time I could get up since the summer before ACL surgery when I tore it. Trying to get back in better shape to get back in the ocean and slide on some waves. This was a HUGE day for me. Helps my motivation that I could get up today.


Dinner down the shore then back to the grind tomorrow....Year 15 at Delsea Regional HS!! #backtoschool #mylifeisover #haha at The World Famous Anchorage Tavern

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