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Rooted & rocking reggae 🎙💃🏽 Professional Wandering Soul 🌌⚓️

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What do you guys think of this freshly painted Frida by my good friend @theartofjimmyovadia?!! Perhaps a new print design is brewing.... who’s down to rock it? ❤️❤️ Love you Jimmy! Thank you!!! at Rock and Roll San Diego


You subliminally become what you say out loud. This month I focused on boycotting negative self-talk. I emphasized speaking in a nicer tone when it isn’t easy to and going the extra mile with protecting myself from the harshness of others. It has made ALL the difference to my day to day grind. Happy Sunday you guys!! 🌻🌞 Take time to smile. @fiveohfilms 📸@sugarshacksessions at San Diego, California


Wildflowers can't be controlled, and neither can the girl with a soul boundless as the sky, and a spirit as free and wild as the ocean. #MelodyLee 📸 @edgarg760


😻 Vegas this month!! @sublimewithrome @theexpendables 🎰🎰 at Oceanside, California


Nothing is ever black and white! at San Diego, California


Vast and beautiful landscape here in El Paso at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio


In this moment we could see an arc of the solar system. VIBES!! Can’t believe it’s our last day in El Paso... 📸 @fiveohfilms | @sugarshacksessions at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio


Let her walk, Let her talk, Let her run as she pleases She’ll love and loathe and she’ll know when she’s needed No better love than the love she can feel inside. #VenusHasArrived #StayWild 📸 @fiveohfilms | @sugarshacksessions at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio


10 songs down. Care to see the names? 1. Stay Wild 2. Reason To Fly 3. Message In A Bottle 4. The Way That You Roll 5. G’wan Boy 6. Put It Down 7. Stay With Me Tonight 8. I’m Messed Up 9. She Go 10. Frida Kahlo At least a few more to track!!! 📸 @fiveohfilms | @sugarshacksessions at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio


Pulled in by your jet stream Falling for your gravity If I lose me, I lose me now Send my anchor down Wait a second Mother Nature, Let me show you what I’m made of Cuz you know I’ve been pushed around But I don’t stay down. It’s hard to put the words to what I’m feeling now But we gotta make it happen someway, somehow We were broken now we’re open high on on a cloud Look at what we did now, Now we got our shit down You’re a message in a bottle, I’m a mess but I got you Turn me up like an old tune, Keep me wild while I shine through. ⚓️🌌 #MessageInABottle at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio


Even when you don’t feel like it, you were born for a reason. Find your purpose and follow it!! Most importantly: be KIND. <> When you’re on an up: SMILE for somebody; make them laugh, buy their coffee in line. When you’re feeling down: seek a friend, a stranger, music, nature... something. You’re not alone and don’t deserve to feel that way. Life isn’t easy so don’t make it harder on yourself. Self-love is the best journey of all. Make some friends that encourage your weirdness — nurture the relationships that already do. Forget about the past and get your future straight. Or curvy! Whatever floats yer fancy! ⛵️ When’s the last time you took a vacation? Drop a comment below and let me know where you wanna end up on the next wild adventure 👇🏽👇🏽 at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio

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