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Rooted & rocking reggae 🎙💃🏽 Professional Wandering Soul 🌌⚓️ Based in San Diego 🖤 Raised on O’ahu 💚

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Jared Watson
For Peace Band

The #JustPassingThroughTour with @SlightlyStoopid continues today!!! Let’s get it 🌈📸 @carly_snappinnecks with the dope shots!!!! at Wilmington, North Carolina


Fundraising tonight in Wilmington for the victims of #HurricaneFlorence! Cruise out and support if you’re in the area ☔️✊🏽 @burntmillcreek @givethanksband 100% of the proceeds to charity at Wilmington, North Carolina


Day off vibes in a cold, leaking tour bus 🚌🌧 has me wishing Cancún with @SlightlyStoopid could come a little faster 🤪 Ok seriously we have been DYING to play @closer2sun for years!!!!! How did we get so lucky?! We love you guys. #literallydrivingthroughhell #anditscalledbackswamp #ishouldbedoingcrunches #iate2dinnersatwafflehouselastnight at Backswamp


Be humble... sit down! First time in Nashville, Tennessee!! Let’s do this! 📸 @jameyjet #soldout #topgolf #justpassingthroughtour #slightlystoopid #hirie at Topgolf


Oh the feels 🤣🤣 except I still LOVE touring and can’t wait to see where the roads lead next! Big up @inkbypena for the share ✊🏽✊🏽 #michaeljackson #tourlife at Pensacola Beaches


Pensacola, FL tonight!!!! Doors at 7pm. Can’t wait to raise some vibrations!!!! 👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽 at Vinyl Music Hall


In my truly short human existence I’ve always believed there are signs for us.... DE-SIGN-ED for us to see and actively se-iz-e. Lately, I’ve been reading about how to interpret your dreams as signals from your subconscious and how they can relate to you in both the metaphysical and physical world. I’ve learned that our blaring alarm clocks ((you know the ones that shock us awake every morning?)) hijack our narrative of the world beyond noise and clutter: our dream-state. They literally jolt us out of our dream consciousness. And those signs our body was trying to convey to us? Potentially lost. Our society doesn’t promote intuitive awareness; I mean imagine if they did... we’d see more empathy in the decisions being made for the planet and all of its inhabitants. I’ll tell you, in the last week since studying, “Dancing The Dream” by Jamie Sams and the explanation of the Native American Medicine Wheel, I’ve hit a new spiritual domain I’ve been frantically calling for. Since reading all of this material, I’ve had signs upon SIGNS reaffirming my going in the right direction. For the first time in years, I feel in control. Not at all of the situations around me - everything’s been pretty whack lately - but of my own self. How to see inwardly before reacting outwardly. How to find the humor in the mundane... like this silly picture of what a day-off on the road looks like. I’ll never aim for perfection, just inner peace. I’ll never be fully accomplished, just fully grateful. And I’ll never be entirely clean of transgressions... except on laundry day 🤐🤫😇🙃👐🏽 at Alabama


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will... raise a 🤚🏽 if you agree! Pensacola! We’ll be in your city headlining at @vinylmusichall tomorrow!!! 16 hours to trek, but I’m looking forward to eating some Cracker Barrel on the way 😻🤟🏽


#RepostPlus 🖤@dan_life_construction - - - - - - Ive been to over 25 concerts and seen over 45 artists, and Hirie brings energy like I've never seen before from any other band. This jam out session is nuts....🎶🎵🎷 And she does it all in platform heels? 😲 - - - - - - Words like these not only inspire, but encourage us to keep learning and growing and improving to find the BEST possible ways to entertain you!!! We are so blessed to be following our dreams as musicians!!! Thank you Dan for your kind words. We’ve learned a lot over the years from bands like @patobantonandthenowgeneration, @thirdworldband, @steelpulseofficial and many more that captivated us with their stage moves and live performance!


The excitement of jumping onstage with @slightlystoopid is UNREAL!!!!! 💓💓💓💓 Thank you thank you St. Louis for showing love!!!!


West Coast fam!! Don’t forget to join us at the @musicboxsd NOVEMBER 24th!!!! We’ll be playing alongside @gingerroots_official & @lowtopsmusic!!!! So stoked for this one! Many surprises in store (⌒▽⌒) at St. Louis

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