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Daniel Koch

I’m a father & husband first. Oregonian Volvo enthusiast I like little metal cars

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FXH Diecast.
Mark Kasimoff

Todays dumb sale. All prices are shipped. Gone fishing white lighting: $50 Indianapolis 500 white lightings X2: $30 Backyard 400 white lightings X2: 30 Supernatural hitch and tow GM: $25 Concession stand Hicatch and tow GM: $20 Horse trailer GM: $20 Falcon tire GM & Regular: $30 M2 Chase and regular Camaro: $30 M2 Daytona Chase $25 Again all prices are shipped. If you have any questions feel free to DM me. Discounts if you buy more. #hotwheelscustom #hotwheels  #hotwheelscollector #hotwheelsrealriders #diecastaddict #diecastcollector #diecastcars #diecastcustoms #hotwheelscars #matchbox #johnnylighting #autoworlddiecast #glcollectibles #greenmachine #toycars #toycollection #toycollector  #pdxhotwheelsenthusiast


I gave up after getting this error about 30 times. If anyone has an extra I would love to pick it up from you. Just don’t try and get eBay prices. I have more important things to do than to stare at my screen trying to get a car.


September is such a crazy but great month. On the 11th we got to celebrate 1 whole year with our little squishy. She’s so much fun and very talkative yet she doesn’t care for sleep that much. At least she looks cute while fighting it. On the 15th my big little man turned 9. Wow 9. I can’t believe how time has Flown bye. You might have your challenges but you are such a kind hearted and loving little boy. I am so very proud of the accomplishments that both of these little ones have achieved so early on and I can’t wait to see the amazing things they do in life. #happybirthday #firstbirthday #oneyearsold #9thbirthday #growinguptoofast #blendedfamily


So @tomicashowroom Has decided to make the @itemb FD rx7 into a casting. This car is owned by Evan brown Who him and I go way back. What this post is mainly about is tomica Did not get any form of written or agreed-upon permission to make a casting out of his personal car. So now they are going to make money off of his personal design and he isn’t going to See a single dime from it. I might also add that they’re casting looks awful. They missed a lot of crucial details in this car. They don’t even have the spoiler or the handbuilt rear window louvers that looked amazing. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think a diecast company should be allowed to make a car out of somebody’s real car without permission or without that person getting Any kind of royalties for it? #tomica #tomicalimited #itemb #diecast #diecastcars

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