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January Movies 2018, Part 2. #film365 #moviereview #2018 #january


After posting each film that I saw in 2017, I’ve given this blog a break for the last month or so. I had fun keeping track of every movie I watched last year and I’ve decided to keep it going but to do monthly recaps rather than individual posts. I know it’s maybe not as exciting to simply post a list but it’s much easier for me to do it this way. Perhaps next year I’ll go back to individual posts in future. In the meantime however this is the format. I watched a movie nearly every day in January. This is part 1 of the list. #film365 #moviereview #2018 #january


Top Movie 2017 // 1 #Dunkirk


#235 The Lego Batman Movie (2017) // Final film of 2017 and what an awesome way to finish. Sadly missed this in the cinema but it was worth the wait. Loved the first Lego movie and this one is just as funny, if not better! It’s a simple but effective story with a comedic twist. Also features a great range of characters in this, Sauron and Bane being particular favourites. Bloody good stuff! Can’t wait to see it again - 8.5/10 #film365 #moviereview #2017 #legobatman #willarnett #rosariodawson #zachgalifianakis #michaelcera #ralphfiennes #chrismckay

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