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Under the sun, we all burn. Ones who still have their skin left, hide it until the end. They're the ones who fear most than the ones who fear the sun.

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You always face the greatest struggle, the greatest opposition, the greatest discouragement right before the breakthrough. So let your smile become your spear, your heart become your shield. For your dreams so high, you never stop believing in yourself! Throwback to #greatkills Creds: @pinkflyinggiraffes _______________________________________________________ 
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Those lonely days... _______________________________________________________ at Skinners Falls–Milanville Bridge


We wish you a Merry Christmas And a happy New Year 🎄🎊🎆 at Callicoon, New York


Fused with the pastel colors, the sky nurtures our feel of belonging; it keeps us going with a hint of blue, orange, red, yellow and all other colors of life. It places a smile upon our faces, and let us embark on countless journeys together. May it be the guide to us, for all the journeys we’ll have, for all the time we’ll share. at Milanville, Pennsylvania


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw Creds: @pinkflyinggiraffes _______________________________________________________ at Seattle, Washington


Giraffe looking cranes saluting the sun, Ferris wheel bathing in it. They both now it only rains twice a year in #Seattle. Once from October to March, and again from March to July. _______________________________________________________ at Pike Place Market


I meet you where the sun sets _______________________________________________________ at Sandy Hook


Capturing the play of lights _______________________________________________________ at Sandy Hook North Beach


Adhered to the Great Gum Wall of Seattle, gums are left melting, coloring this lovely street. Fruity smell of various gums, with various genetic makeup. Let's take a deep breath and savor the memories encapsulated in #Seattle. It's a ceaseless battle. _______________________________________________________ at The Great Gum Wall of Seattle


3/3 or my redemption waiting, reflecting and radiating the colors of memories that have not cherished yet? _______________________________________________________ at Royal Ontario Museum


2/3 my blues dripping black? _______________________________________________________ at Royal Ontario Museum


1/3 What's down the road? _______________________________________________________ at Royal Ontario Museum


your favorite sweater @pinkflyinggiraffes _______________________________________________________ at University of Pennsylvania


I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees #Thoreau _______________________________________________________


Keep Off Log Deck creds: @pinkflyinggiraffes _______________________________________________________ at Batsto, New Jersey


The smell of the spices, exotic and colorful, surrounds your whole body as you enter #ChelseaMarket. Such a sensation that it burns you inside with every breath, and revives your fever of love, and of this beautiful life. As #MichaelBuble once said, "What a lovely way to burn." _______________________________________________________ at Chelsea Market

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