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Hey Monday. I usually like you but today not so much. PS you won’t win. #grindharder


Two weeks ago I felt weak. I had to push myself beyond my thinking. I had to force every move, I had to tel myself I didn’t feel the way I felt and that I WILL do this. Today I BELIEVE what I said. I feel the way I said. Strength returns, just believe it.


New beets who dis? #eatyoveggies #beetsnotbydre


I was gonna say, smile because it’s Taco Tuesday...whoops...That goes to show you how I separate my days🤔. However, I find it totally acceptable to have tacos on hump day and all the dayssss. You get the drift. What will you be tackling today? Today I was up with coffee before the sun, Hallelujah🙌🏻 Major house cleaning with the windows open, it’s an amazing 70ish degrees out😍 Does anyone else find cleaning therapeutic? (minus the glass shower🤪) I mean I’d rather be in the gym but I do like bofff. Then later I’m off to do some office work😬 P.S. I’m totally that mom that takes 152,000 pics of my kid but I don’t post much because Mama BEAR🐻 Point is now my daughter INSISTS on taking my picture. So creds go to her❤️ #leavemealonegrammarpolice #thisishowmybrainrolls #iknowpropergrammar 😂 #thispichasnothingtodowiththecaption


Happy Monday y’all! I’ve decided that I would let you in on some real life. Life isn’t always about what ig shows. It gets messy and hard but not many show that part. Well hey, we want to be positive and inspire people duh, but I think it’s also very important (if not more) to be relatable. Shower was skipped today, hair thrown in a bun, wild outfit that maybe shouldn’t be worn in public 🤣 Truth is, I feel like crap. I live with hypothyroidism which I believe is now causing my immune system so be in the dumps. Hence one sinus infection after another. Ive always been healthy and active, I eat right, I take my supplements, I’m blessed with an amazingly supportive husband that will do anything in the world for my daughter and I to ensure we are healthy and have anything and everything we need. I thank God everyday for that blessing. Through sickness and health! But you can bet your booty it will be health. I’ve had my butt kicked by this for the last 3 months with being sick but I’ve decided it will not define me. I lost weight and all my gains in the gym I worked so hard for, it makes me lethargic and foggy and wants to knock me down. It succeeds at times. I will fight and I wont allow it to affect my work and my loved ones. Time to persevere and prove whose boss. Just know we all have our struggles, don’t let instagram fool you into thinking otherwise. Take care of yourself and stay positive! I get knocked down and stand back up, somedays sooner than others but hey🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m up yo👊🏻 #mouthbreather #notcomplainingjustsaying #somepeoplehaveitworse #blessed


12 years later and just today I’m thinking to myself while listening to Austin speak “wow that was super inspiring”. It’s a honor to be at his side, it’s truly been one of my favorite things since the day I met him and it still feels like that too❤️ #dasmybestfriend #LOVE


You guys picked them. It’s been real 2017, looking forward to more goal crushing in 2018 and wishing you all the same. Be safe #bestnine2017 #happynewyear


My handsomes!! Caught him relaxing the other day which is a rare occasion. I absolutely adore this man. He's like a machine that never quits. Like a fine wine that gets better with age. Like a wolf that's always hungry. If you know him you know he's a mover and a shaker and will give you the shirt off his back. He will drop to his knees and tie your shoe and give you a giant bear hug afterwards. He will answer his phone at 3 am for you and be wherever you need him if necessary. He will make you laugh till you cry. He's got a contagious vibe of extreme passion for anything he puts his hands on and I absolutely love it all. #myboys #husbandgamestrong #doberstrongtoo #fancy


As we go through what is considered the "busy" time of year I can't help but sit back and reflect. I don't want to be "busy" I don't want to be "stressed out" because after all, it is a choice right? It may not be our choice on what gets handed to us at all times HOWEVER, it is our choice on how we choose to react to it and what's going on in the world. I choose to react to this amazing, hustle and bustle season with gratefulness, enjoying the best gift ever, my family. Not being stressed out, waiting in lines and traffic to buy tons of "things". To me that is time I'm missing out on the most priceless gift I've been blessed with. The priceless gift that gives back times a million. People may not always remember what you "bought" them but I'm pretty sure they will always remember how you made them feel. I choose to make my family FEEL like the priceless gift that they are. That is definitely how I am made to feel. I'm not saying buying things is a problem, because yes we do gifts. What I am saying is, don't loose focus on what's most important because of it. Don't let it steal tons of precious time from your family and most importantly don't let it harden you. I see a ton of happy people out there and a ton of angry. Perhaps the angry is being stretched too thin, perhaps they are trying to please someone that expects more than they can give? Perhaps they don't have a family? Perhaps they lost their job and have no work? Perhaps perhaps perhaps, let's not forget, everyone has a story so let's give grace and lighten up. Love hard and work hard, it's not about what you get, it's about what you GIVE. Don't add pressure but instead be grateful for what you DO have. There is a ton of extremely meaningful things that can be given that costs very little or nothing at all. Give the GIFT of time. Make a gift Volunteer Wash their vehicle Bake cookies, cakes or candy Give "experience" gifts. Take them somewhere or teach them something you know. SMILE, give a compliment or TEN. You'd be surprised how far that goes. We have made this the core to our relationship and all I have to say is, try it. Don't get "complacent" YOU can always do better and be better.


Work, 'tis the word of the day. Work for you, work for your spouse, work for your children, work for your future, if you have a team, work WITH them. Focus, focus on your goals, set them, crush them, make more, take as long as it takes to reach them, make adjustments, start over if you must, push harder, don't you ever give up. Life, life is a gift, family is a gift, health is a gift, work is a gift. Treat them all like the gift they are. Your BODY is a gift, treat it so and everything will thank you. Including your future. You can't do superior things with average effort. GOOOO get it!!!!


Magical Day with the loves of my life.


Finally had some beautiful weather today so we took the girls out to play a little. I haven't shot in months! Felt good and I'm excited to learn and do more. Here's a little snip of @austinweiss new @sigsauerinc MCX rattler 300 blackout, suppressed by @silencerco omega 9k. Loved it


Happy Birthday to our little Pepe Le Pewwww!!! This was shortly after bringing him home from @popeofwelding He has been the BEST little buddy to our family!!!


Whattup my fwiends! Holy cow I've been MIA from here lately. Life and work has just been SOOOO busy in the most amazing way. There's times to grind and times to shine. Grind it has been. For @austinweiss its literally nonstop lol and for me balancing wifey, mama and running the @grindhardgarage. It's a blast and a balance all at the same time. It's easy to get stressed when there's tons of stuff going on but you have two choices. Either do it or don't. We choose DO it. If you can't handle the stress, you can't handle success. This has taught us to be organized and super appreciative of our time together and the flow of business and our team here. On top of all that goodness though, comes sacrifice. Don't for one second think it's for free. Austin is off to Sema with clients working his magic and man would I love to be on his arm right now! However, we are a team and have to be apart for this Sema show to handle business here and over there. TEAM work makes dream work and I am so blessed and happy to be supporting him from here while keeping things cranking away over here!! He has provided us with such and amazing life, it's the least I could do. #grindhard


💯 #prayforvegas


Really wish I were out shooting this gem and not #hurricaneirma prepping. Can't wait to take her out! #thefix #Q #65creedmoor


Our Hearts and Prayers are with those in Texas. We wanted to help so we've decided to donate 100% of the proceeds of our #Merica sticker sales starting today (August 30) to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We will be hand packing these personally so please have patience and thank you in advance for your support. Link in bio.



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