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What a memorable trip this was, Maderia truly blowed us away. Can’t wait to go on a trip with wifey again, it has been to long since last trip. To where is your next trip? :) at Madeira


Rest in peace Tim ”Avicii” Bergling. 1989-2018 Photo: Unknown To be honest i never thought something like this would ever affect me, but it did for multiple reasons. Two days ago the world lost one hell of a musician and one of the greatest creators in the last decade. He didn’t just deliver hits after hits, he did what he loved 24/7 no matter what. After seeing his documentary ”Avicii: True Story” yesterday i started to think about how the industry really push people to the end no matter what, just to get that extra dollar. It also affects creators in such way that a lot of creators end up not enjoying their work since it becoming a must do, not a like to do situation. We all together must listen to our souls and bodys and also respect others, no money in the world can buy you all the health you need. So listen, react, help and keep doing it day after day and we’ll end up on a good path with a bright destination. This tragic moment opened my eyes and i started to think about life and what’s really important in a way i didn’t do before. I personally spent way to much time on social medias and chasing them ”banger” shots i’ve seen so many others taken and on the way i’ve lost some of the passion. I shouldn’t complain because i’ve witness such amazing places, met so many lovely people i now can call friend and got the opportunity to work with a lot of cool brands. And i lost inspiration to be honest, it feels like the same wheel just keep on spining around the same block day by day. But my life outside social media sort of stopped or ended up in a pause mode, except the fact that the rest of the world continued while i wasn’t moving. With that said i just wanna let you know i’m gonna take some time away from social medias and just living life outside it with friends and family. I’ll be around not just in the same way. And i wanna thank you all who followed along the road for those years, you guys are the best 🙏 Hopefully you get the rest you wanted and needed now Avicii, you surely will be remembered and tributed forever. // Kenny Löfström at Stockholm, Sweden


So what’s your thoughts about the fee’s you have to pay if you wanna visit some of the amazing places on the Faroe Islands? Let me know in comments. Can you spot med and wifey? @djiglobal #djispark at Old Harry Rocks


So weekend tomorrow, what’s your plans? at Hallstatt, Austria


That day when we almost got stuck in the mountains due to sudden snow and ice 😂 but hey who’s not up for some extra adventures :) Have you ever got stuck in a snowstorm? at Sveti Stefan


When that first light hits you, you know it will be a good day. So what do you prefer, sunrise or sunset? at Madeira


So today i got my first photography wound while sliding down a small cliff side 😂 what was your first wound related to photography, how did it happend and where was it? at Madeira


From the U.K coast to the Italian. Can’t wait for some warmer weather and to see all those lovely small villages along the coastline. What are your weekend plans? @canonnordic #canonnordic at Old Harry Rocks


So heading to Italy tomorrow, close to Genua and Pisa. DM me any tips or other nice-to-know stuffs :) @canonnordic #canonnordic at Durdle Door


This has to be one of the dopest islands on the planet, end of story! :) Does anybody have good tips on restaurant close to Manarola or Vernazza? :) @canonnordic #canonnordic at Madeira


Before the hype got real here. Still one of the dopest spots for a cabin if you ask me, and definitely a place i would love to retire in when i get older. But to be honest i wouldn’t survive the weather there all year round 😂 @visitfaroeislands #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands at Faroe Islands


Last night in Norway for this time, i’ll be back in july if not earlier. Here’s a shot from the amazing southcoast of U.K. Ever been at that place? @djiglobal #djimavicpro at Old Harry Rocks


So apparently i’ve done a shitty pre-plan for the Norwegian trip since some places are closed and other are frozen 😂 but hey who cares, now we get to be spontanious and just do the best of the weeked and still have a super time with good friends. What are your weekend plans? Let me know in comment. @canonnordic #canonnordic at Norway


Never thought England had such beautiful views to be honest, but i’m glad they do :) The coast line offered us spectacular views and some really good food in cozy places. Tomorrow it’s of to Norway, who’s around and wanna meet us up? @canonnordic #canonnordic at Jurassic Coast


Norway and Atlantic ocean road in two days. Can’t describe how stoked i am to finally get to see this road :) have you been there? @canonnordic #canonnordic at Hallstatt, Austria


Is this a hidden gem or what? at Madeira


Happy weekend fam. Cu tomorrow Jurassic coast. at Kvalvika Beach


So what’s your weekend plans fam? at Madeira

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