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Thank you German lady for being the prop in this shot :) so funny that i found her husband who was sitting next to me on this rock here on Instagram a couple of days ago. Guess we both enjoyed a lovely sunrise and got a good shoot as well :) @canonnordic #liveforthestory at Madeira


Only three days left then Montenegro, how many of you have been there? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼 in the comments if you have :) btw can you see the wifey? at Madeira


Let us walk into new adventures my dear. When we close one chapter we open up for a new. What’s your weekend plans fam? #liveforthestory at Madeira


Last easter in Lofoten. Feels good to know that i will be back in Norway this easter too. Hope you had a amazing valentines day, i surely had with tacos, nutella and ice cream, and of the best wife i could ask for 🙏❤️ #liveforthestory at Lofoten


It was so fun walking this path with my wife because after a couple of hundred meters you get to a tunnel which you have to walk through if you wanna continue on the path. But she hesitated due to the risk of falling objects( which only happend outside the tunnel ), so i walked through it alone to get my shot i wanted on the other side. While standing there and getting the shot i met a couple in the 55+ age who gladely walked through the tunnel in the other direction, and who do you think decided to also walk through it and get to my spot? 😂❤️ @canonnordic #liveforthestory at Madeira


Never been to such moody place as Madeira, and i can’t wait to go back again to be honest :) will announce all the winners in a day or two :) @canonnordic #visitmadeira at Madeira


Happy sunday fam. Watching sunset here with my better half was something pretty spectacular. So Montenegro in two weeks, to where will your next trip go? @procenterab at Madeira


You guys truly are the best, can’t believe we hit 20k today 🙏❤️🙏 as i said a week ago i want to give you something back, so i will pick 20 people that get my preset pack for free and 5 people that get to pick one photo of mine and get it as a print in the size 50x70cm. Or smaller if you like that ofc. So comment with a ✈️ if you wanna participate, and ofc i won’t mind if you tag a friend of yours so they could participate as well 😂🙌🏼 have a lovely weekend fam. 🙏 at Madeira


It’s not everyday you walking around over the clouds, but my love does it perfectly ☺️ have you ever walked above the clouds, and if you have please let me know where it was 🙌🏼. @canonnordic #liveforthestory at Madeira


A little throwback to a nice roadtrip up to Lofoten with @charliespicture & @nattesferd . Can’t wait to go back there this summer and witness all that green and midnight sun 😍 thanks to @minisverige for hooking us up with the nice car. at Lofoten


Would love to call this island my home, and would love to call that house my home even more 😍 what a view to wake up to everyday. @canonnordic #liveforthestory at Madeira


Faroes sunsets, can you spot me, @maberraa and @elmooniraola ? @visitfaroeislands #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands @djiglobal at Drangarnir


Can’t wait to watch beautiful sunsets with you again, three weeks then Montenegro and hopefully some sunsets :) Hope y’all had a lovely weekend. @canonnordic #liveforthestory at Madeira


I wanna be on the road again😭😂 I’ll announce the winner in the soccerfield contest tomorrow so stay put for the result :) @canonnordic #liveforthestory at Madeira


The two best things you need when traveling, the wifey and a good rucksack. Check out @douchebags to get yours ☺️ #ad at Madeira


Haven’t looked through the answers yet but will do it tomorrow :) and tomorrow it’s friday, any travel plans? @canonnordic #liveforthestory @visitfaroeislands #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands at Drangarnir


CONTEST! How many football/soccer fields do you thing they have on the Faroe islands? Will pick one winner ( if there is more then one that have the correct answer ) and he/she will get my presetpack so start guessing :) @visitfaroeislands #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands at Eiði


So i finally booked Montenegro. Have you ever been there? Let me know in comments. @canonnordic #liveforthestory at Hallstatt, Austria

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