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This summer truly has been one of the most epic ones for me. Got married on Ibiza, shot a beautiful wedding in Oslo, got to see Lofoten, Preike, Hallstatt, Seceda and Bled. Really hope the fall and winter deliver some epic adventures, i know for a fact that Senja is up in three weeks ☺ @canonnordic #canonepicsummer #liveforthestory @haglofs #haglofs


Hope y'all had an amazing weekend. I surely had an awesome weekend and got the honor to shoot a beautiful wedding in Oslo which was amazing. What a lovely couple and wonderful persons. And don't forget, tomorrow is a new week and new opportunitys, always believe in yourself. @canonnordic #canonepicsummer #liveforthestory @haglofs #haglofs


Back in the lovely Norway again. But this time to shoot a wedding in Oslo. No worries i'll be back in the wild next month when heading to Senja 😍🇳🇴 @canonnordic #canonepicsummer #liveforthestory @haglofs #haglofs at Norway


One lucky boat that gets to sail in this beautiful waters. @haglofs #haglofs #beattheelements @canonnordic #canonepicsummer #liveforthestory


Woah this place was just insane. So quiet and calm and the scenery was just breathtaking. Can't even imagine how many beautiful places i've missed that only lies a short distance from the roads. Next month i get to visit Senja which i've been eager to explore. Have you ever been up there? @canonnordic #canonepicsummer #liveforthestory @haglofs #haglofs #beattheelements


So i finally got to see this spectacular place in real life, or maybe not the whole greatness due the heavy fog that was laying over the fjord. We drove from Stockholm for almost 13 hours straight and when we arrived we started the hike immediately to not miss out the clouds. Two hours later after walking in the rain we got to the top and missing out on clouds and fog was our last concerne 😂 So therefore i have to get back one day and witness the whole view over the fjord. @canonnordic #liveforthestory #canonepicsummer @haglofs #haglofs at Norway


Will never forget this summer weekend when myself and @jackharding drove through four countries to visit Hallstatt in Austria, Bled in Slovenia and Seceda in Italy. Had like 4 hours of sleep during the whole weekend but let me tell you it was so worth it. We also had the honor to link up with @giuligartner & @linajakobi in Seceda. Tomorrow i will finally get to go out and shoot again when me and @petersimagery heading to Norway ☺ #CanonEpicSummer #liveforthestory at Bled, Slovenia


Rest in peace to the adventurer who lost his life today on the Faroe islands while out hiking the mountains. 🙏❤ It can happend everywhere so remember to always take safety first 🙏 @visitfaroeislands #visitfaroeislands #atlanticairways #faroeislands at Faroe Islands


This summer will probably be one of my best, in four days i get married to my soulmate, in roughly seven weeks our ceremony is on Ibiza with family and friends, then i'm turning 30 in september ☺oboy what a summer. Btw the shot is from Norway. #liveforthestory #canonnordic @canonnordic


What did you do this weekend? Anything fun or maybe some adventures? #canonnordic #beattheelements


Go say hello to my friend @charliespicture 👋🏼 #canonnordic #beattheelements


Neighbours with similar view 👌🏼 #canonnordic #beattheelements


I could definitely spend my last days around that area, no question about it. #canonnordic


Who will be around Bergen, Odda, Geiranger between 22-25/6? #canonnordic #beattheelements


Two more weeks then back to Norway. Can't wait 🙌🏼 what's your weekend plans? #canonnordic #beattheelements #haglofs @haglofs


Anyone going up to Lofoten in the near future? #canonnordic


In between two mighty creatures that nature brought us, the mountains and the oceans. #canonnordic #beattheelements


Happy birthday 🇸🇪! How many here have been driving on that bridge? Comment with a 👋🏼 if you have.

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