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Best ig video of all time 😂 no debate needed


There is always some kinda secret agenda when they pass laws like this it’s not to benefit us at all especially when they all of sudden go against there beliefs just a week ago it’s too many ppl now y’all trying to flood certain states with rape babies or babies that a woman had no choice in creating . Idk what the real reason is but I’m positive that it’s some sick ass reason why they doing this. When a group of men like that team up b make decisions like this u know it’s a beneficial factor for there secret agenda , call me a conspiracy theorist but y’all know the bs is bout to kick off soon #getYaPassportReady


When u see one of ur favorite producers in the world @dj_toomp post a video jamming a record u produced with ur boys @evil_g3timez @dang_cuzo mannnn nothing else matters 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 STREETMONEY WORLDWIDE FAMILY ‼️ #STREEEEEEEEET‼️ # LLBMW 4 LIFE 🙏🏾


Mannnnnnn what , right on da head 🎯 @freshjonesworld




@junethejenius preach 🙌🏾 this msg so powerful


It take a lot of responsibility , realness , and understanding to do the job that no one else would do if you had a step daddy and he took care of you or y’all thank them and learn from it it’s a lot of niggas out here that won’t do it nor for there own. Don’t compare or measure deeds that’s done for children just be a good parent period #commonsense


He couldn’t have done it...nope not him 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂


Trenches 🎥Odw @1troux @rothrecords 🎥by @foolwiththecamera #area1entertainment #drummsection


Troux “Trenches” Coming Soon!!! Follow @rothrecords @1troux @area1ent to stay updated ..produced by @evil_g3timez x @iamstoopidbeatz x @dang_cuzo 🎥 x @foolwiththecamera


‼️THURSDAY @GHOSTBAR performance x @1troux @rothrecords push up powered by @wellknownyoung


I’m trying to figure out how this justice system got so much time to dig and fuck wit black ppl over dumb ass charges that wasn’t life threatened but in fact invasion of his privacy but then (scroll left) this pure racist white , caucasian, red neck mf can’t be found , no big investigation with our tax dollars that we spend to find him n his bitch ass beat on the boy for what walking while black , I’m far from rAcist not one hate bone n my body but AMERICAN AINT THE LAND OF THE FREE this the land of the whites only (even tho they stole it from another race) @offsetyrn be careful them folks ain’t smelling ya ya dig you doing and moving to good for dem


How sway ?!?! 😡🤬 that’s y i have no faith in the justice system


Y’all famous folks don’t hang wit ya boy no more tho huh , I think him and atown is a perfect example of how some of these industry ppl do they be all in ya face but Really laughing at you I think these niggas had the biggest clout chasers , now wrd is he taking pictures for tips now N Vegas damn everybody around him used him ... don’t let nobody use you make sure u got the right circle around you


Fuck the negative vibes 🤷🏾‍♂️


If I ain’t ever put u on the next 🌊 here u go I swear y’all gon wanna be apart of this this the anthem for anybody who feel like this there moment on my kids this is it follow @1troux @rothrecords right now to stay tuned in on the album it’s Odw may2019

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