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Today is the first official day of spring. Do you wish winter were longer or are you welcoming spring? Image by @ryendunford of @matechuk111 #ImagesofCanada 🍁 Selected by @jakegrahamphoto #IOC_ryendunford at Canada


Pausing to take one final view of the rising sun before dropping in. Image by @markus1eder of @felixwiemers #ImagesofCanada 🍁 Selected by @jakegrahamphoto #IOC_markus1eder at Golden, British Columbia


Larger than life views from the Kluane National Park and Reserve, YT Image by @erynmacgillivray #ImagesOfCanada Curator: @arjsun #IOC_erynmacgillivray at Kluane National Park and Reserve


Magnificent Mount Rundle, Banff National Park Image by @jessemartineau #ImagesOfCanada Curator: @arjsun #IOC_jessemartineau at Banff National Park


At one with nature Jasper, AB Image by @alicia_haque of @mchutch5 #ImagesOfCanada Curator: @arjsun #IOC_alicia_haque at Jasper, Alberta


πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Sunrise above Talus Lake in Tombstone Territorial Park. Image by @nick_fitzhardinge . #ImagesofCanada . . Curator: @robnelson4 . . #IOC_nick_fitzhardinge at Tombstone Territorial Park


πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Can you see the ice rink on the south east corner of the lawn in front of parliament? Image by . #ImagesofCanada . . Curator: @robnelson4 . . #IOC_alt_photo at Parliament Hill


Brandywine Falls, British Columbia. Image by @instadavew #ImagesofCanada Curator: @markjinksphoto #IOC_instadavew at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park


Sunrise adventures in Edmonton, Alberta. Image by @kimtannas #ImagesofCanada Curator: @markjinksphoto #ioc_kimtannas at Edmonton, Alberta


Beautiful Northern Pygmy Owl in Vancouver, British Columbia. Image by @windycorduroyphoto #ImagesofCanada Curator: @markjinksphoto #ioc_windycorduroyphoto at Vancouver, British Columbia


Coastal exploration. Image by @terrillsands #ImagesofCanada Curator: @seandmcmullen #ioc_terrillsands at New Brunswick

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