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Happy After Dinner Dance!! @brian_swartz & I know we’ve done a good job with her dinner when we get the belly-up, super-twist, thrill-dance. 💃🏾 #bulldog #bulldogsofinstagram #dinner #dance #dinnerdance at Los Angeles, California


U mad, bro? Here’s this morning’s stare down whilst eating breakfast. Enjoy! We do. #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldog #stare #staredown #minniethebulldog #terriblecarpet at Los Angeles, California


I love @willdurst Happy to see him celebrated @flapperscomedy ❤️ #standup #comedy #defiance #laughter


Great crowd first show. Sold out second. It happens. ❤️ @flapperscomedy @rachelsafety #standup #comedy #funnywomen


Don’t freak out but I’m headlining @flapperscomedy Yoo Hoo this Fri & Sat & I used to look like this. PLUS @rachelsafety is on all the shows & @kyleclarkisrad is on the Sat show. Come! It’s rad! And there’s parking! #comedy #standupcomedy #denim #funnywomen #kyle #flappers #tbt at Los Angeles, California


3 generations. I’m adopted & connected with my half brother on @23andme in July. And last week- - this. I met mom & grandma. Grandma’s 100 years old, btw. What an amazing thing, this. 💕 💕 💕 #adoption #reunion #dna #23andme #mom #grandma #Texas #Texan


Headlining @flapperscomedy Fri & Sat. Come see!! W @rachelsafety & more!! at Los Angeles, California


So this just happened. Texas hill country traffic jam. #geese #texas #kendallcounty #wildlife #boerne #boernebros #traffic #guadaluperiver #roadtrip with @brian_swartz ❤️ at Boerne, Texas


Sorry for the profanity but it’s my first fan art! Pro-fan art! Thank u, Brother The! #fanart #dontmess #howtohateyourself #weirdeyes at Los Angeles, California


Another great How to Hate Yourself at @hollywoodimprov tonight! Thank u, awesome crowd. & the hilarious, touching, insightful, vulnerability & comedy & stories & music 🎵 of all the performers! So great!! at Los Angeles, California


I would llloooooooovvvveeee for you to go to this show. It’s Saturday W @jackietohn @eddiepep @anylaurie16 @bsfinkelstein @fieldingedlow @theheatness @imlaurahouse Funny ppl taking a look at that voice inside...who’s a bit of a dick. #standup #standupcomedy #funnywomen @hollywoodimprov #howtohateyourself at Los Angeles, California


For 2 years, I’ve taught meditation at a theme park & I love the juxtaposition. Calm next to chaos. Thrill ride screams 500 feet away from “Relax & let go.” Exploding water stunt show & enlightenment. Seems total opposite but it’s really all the same thing. Today I talked about awareness. We’re not aware of so many thoughts that are driving us all day (like, how to Hate Yourself thoughts). And after, a woman said “I needed to hear that! Sometimes it’s like you’re Talking to Just Me!” I love to hear that. & I am talking to just her because I’m talking to just me. & it seems different, but it’s really all the same thing. And I love to get reminded of that. I love comedy & meditation. Seemingly opposites. But both are about awareness, waking up & joy. #meditation #comedy


Just added the super fun super great @bsfinkelstein to How to Hate Yourself this SAT!!! Now, for sure come! It’s @ @hollywoodimprov Lab 7 pm w many awzm performers like @eddiepep &&& @jackietohn !!! @anylaurie16 @theheatness COME come! #comedy #comedythatmatters #funny at Los Angeles, California


How to Hate Yourself!! I’ve done this show for 2 years. It’s the funniest comics with a ton of heart. CRUSHING a grateful audience. We take a look at that weird voice inside. Imposter Syndrome. Shadow Self. The critic. I call it my “How to Hate Yourself” voice bc when I listen to it...that’s pretty much what happens. Kept inside, voice real sad. Said out loud, voice is ridiculous & absurd. JOIN US!!! It’s super fun. THIS Sat @ @hollywoodimprov Lab #comedy #standup #standupcomedy #funnywomen #funnywomenrock at Los Angeles, California


Perspective. I love @annelamott ‘s writing. So light & friendly, then deep & touching. This one has a story abt a simple act where...quite possibly she was used by god to feed someone. & other great thoughts. Also abt her frustration & conflict during the Bush administration- which seems like blissful salad days now. I was reading while squished on a 5 hour flight from Orlando. Felt like only 2 3/4 hours. That’s a good book. ❤️ #bookstagram #book #bookshelf #foot #dog #inspiration #perspective #annelamott


& Look who came to pick me up. What a day! ❤️ at Los Angeles, California


This is my brother. This is my new favorite picture. I’m adopted & Jeremy found me on @23andme In July. He is amazing. A beautiful guy with a beautiful family. Impossibly, I had booked a gig that took me to Florida this weekend and he happens to live there. I flew over & he drove up. He is the first person I have ever met with whom I share DNA. Same mom, different dads. But I see us in his eyes. And his nose. There’s something rambunctious in me that seems to run in the family. We connected & talked and laughed. And I got to buy him ice cream bc now I’m a big sis & I have a little bro. And it’s the coolest. Yesterday I met my brother. And this is my new favorite picture. #love #family #connection #happyending #brother #sister #23andme #adoption #reunion #grateful & seriously #blessed at Orlando, Florida


Awww. Come on, you guys! LOVE!!! 💕💕💕 Thank u @brian_swartz for being my whatever-that-pattern-is swan. ❤️🏆🙏🏽

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