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No sales No Dms Original Breeder of Slurricane, Dolato, Jelly breath, Platinum, Black cherry punch and many many more!

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@inhousegenetics_official photos and videos

Fruit punch (forbidden fruit x purple punch) grown by @elevate_maine #fruitpunch


Crystal cookies v2 grown by @papajesusfarms #crystalcookiesv2 (animal cookies x platinum)


Slurricane grown by @laidback_labs #slurricane


Keep your eyes peeled!! (Pun intended) going down before Christmas!! Thanks for the photo random person😆🤘


Here is a list of the banana OG (OG JUANITO) crosses dropping in the near future! 1.BLUENANA (blue sherb x) 2.DIRTY BANANA ( kush mints x) 3.DIVINE BANANA (divine gelato 3 x) 4.BANANA CAKE(wedding cake x) 5.TROPIC BANANA (tropic heat x) 6.BANANIUM (platinum x) 7.NANITRO (nitro cookies x) 8.DUAL OG (true og x) Limited 1. (TWISTED BANANAS)Slurricane x 2. (BANANA POUND CAKE)London pound cake x 3. SPECIAL FREEBIES Candy rain x banana og #ogjuanito #bananaog


Some crystal cookies looking like a diamond ❄❄ grown by @530_grower and is a cross of (animal cookies x platinum) yes these are available worldwide #bestfreebies #bitxhimhigh #crystalcookiesv2 #inhousegenetics


Gunna leave this person anonymous but just wanted to share one of the MANY people I've helped in one way or another. I'm a firm believer you treat people how you want to be treated! Alot of people could learn from that one line alone. I appreciate each and everyone of you that have professionalism and respect. That goes much further then hating in my eyes✌


I only gave out maybe 5 packs of these tropic fusion (Tropicanna x purple punch) here is one grown by @cloud9i502 #tropicfusion


Platinum dosi (dosidos x platinum) grown by @tunaaaa_room #platinumdosi


Garlicane (gmo x slurricane) grown by @bluevelvet420


Just wanted to say happy holidays and I hope everyone enjoys what they have and those around them! Family first💪 blessings 🙏


Platinum silk (platinum x silky Johnson) these will be one of the freebies at select vendors🔥🔥🔥❄ grown by @greengoldcollective #platinumsilk


This is my goliath male!💪 (platinum x (gg4 x grateful breath) I make so many fems people tend to forget I offer alot of fire regs🔥🔥 my hand is for size comparison


Who has some high rez pics of slurricane?


Divine gelato #3 (gelato41 x dosidos) x (sunset sherb x dosidos) x gelato 33👌🔥🔥


Jmo (gmo x jelly breath north cascade cut) #jmo #inhousegenetics


Tropic heat x banana og coming soon!! Tropic heat grown by @greengoldcollective #tropicheat


Crystal cookies (forum gsc x platinum) still smashing it grown by @530_grower yes these are available through our vendors. #crystalcookiesv2

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