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Quality over quantity👌 No sales No Dms Original Breeder of Slurricane, Dolato, Jelly breath, Platinum, Black cherry punch and many many more!

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Another limited freebie drop I did and consists of gelato 45 x (platinum x kush mints x animal cookies bx2) grown by @lovin_in_her_eyes and only 1 seed was popped! I made this stock to hunt for males with selected traits to make some super fire regs!. I have 2 selections made and testing starts at the end of the month with the new crosses 💪 who's ready for regs?? #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine #dank #fire #regs #hothothot


This is what I expect to see when fully flushed! Pictured is slurricane grown by @eighty_east and photographed by @imprmxeddy


1 of many different methods I use for reversals is this spray from the man @therealriotseeds @riotseedco @riotseeds this stuff works great and easy to use! If your in the slightest interested in making your own fems hit him up and grab a bottle 💪 #reversal #fem #femspray #teamriotseeds


Forbidden jelly grown by @mr.grimm.wa and is a cross of (forbidden fruit x jelly breath) what kinda flavor do you want to see us do more of?? #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


For anyone interested in the UK our gear is available @attitudeseedbank pictured is platinum punch I believe grown out by @phatpanda #platinumpunch #bestfreebies #bitxhimhigh #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


Some different phenos of sugar cane💦💦 grown by @desertheart09 @desertheartgarden now available through our vendors #sugarcane #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


Sugar cane!! Available through vendors starting tonight pic credit @breathefree222 #sugarcane #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


Just a couple different phenos of sugar cane drippin💦 grown by @trichomegrown and dropping tonight through our vendors 🤟 #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine #sugarcane


More sugar cane grown out by the @theherbwhisperer dropping this Friday at a vendor near you! #sugarcane #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


Dropping this Friday is this beauty sugar cane (platinum x slurricane #7) fems. Pic credit @smoke_valley_seeds #sugarcane #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


Let the flowers do the talking! #slurricane grown by @eighty_east and photographed by @dankwithdaniel420 #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


I wanna say thank you to everyone that has followed me on this crazy journey. With that said it's time to branch out and we would love to have everyone's continued support into the rec market.🙏 go give the new page a follow and for those of you with any questions feel free to hit the team up on their page. @in_house_genetics_recreational #inhousegenetics #dank #rec #qualityoverquantity #highend


Guess what's back in stock very soon!?? Sugar cane (platinum x slurricane) anyone who has pics and wants to be featured tag me in your post 👍 pic credit: @ufo_genetics #sugarcane #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


Bananium (platinum x banana OG) grown by @midnighttrich_farm I'm actually surprised I have any of these left! That platinum putting the midas touch on everything she hits💦❄❄. #bananium #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine #dank #fire


Just to answer all the dms asking what freebie this is here you go! Tart pops (zkittlez x skunk x tangie bred by @kushfamilybeans )x purple punch ) often I pass out freebies that are testers and someday may or may not be released. With that said alot of the freebies are NOT tested yet! I cannot stress enough the importance of inspecting your garden and this goes for any new gear from any breeder. Take into consideration you have never grown that cross out and you as a grower should be taking things easy instead of throwing the kitchen sink at them and not even looking at them closely throughout veg and bloom. My recommendation is keeping a close eye on ANY new gear. I always do a lower feed on them until I get to know and understand the plants needs.This allows you to see how they react in your environment without stressing them out. I tell everyone less is more! Or another saying k.i.s.s! Keep it simple stupid. I will say this.. if you get a mite infestation your not paying enough attention to your garden. And that goes for ANY issues that overlooked can get out of hand and ruin your crop. To sum it up all it takes is taking your time to inspect your plants daily to ensure that they stay healthy and stress free✌ #freebies #tartpops #inhousegenetics #inhousebred


I passed these out as freebies for a bit (chem 4 x platinum) grown by @ginger.larf as you can see the platinum never disappoints 💦💦 #jupiter #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #hightimesmagazine @hightimesmagazine


Platinum dosi (dosidos x platinum) grown by @dutchcrunch_organics I have some more platinum crosses coming later this summer❄❄❄ #inhousegenetics #inhousebred #platinum #platinumdosi


This was a another test from @cowboysbuds cut done on the original slurricane. Grown by @_epicgenetics So far 6 different test from numerous labs and several growers all over 30%. you wanna find your own they are now available through our vendors. #slurricane #inhousebred #inhousegenetics #dank #fire #frosty #heavyhitters #30percentclub

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