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#AerieReal Role Model @jagmodels @models1 @NEDA and L’Oreal @PrincesTrust Ambassador 🕊 . Episode3 is now LIVE WATCH MY NEW SHOW NOW👇 #MirrorChallenge Similar users

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How we felt today getting the @aerie fam together for our 2nd year @TimesSquareNYC talking #AerieREAL self-care, mindfulness and celebrating our bodies with yoga practise and meditation🙏 Thank you to the 12,000 yogis who came out and the whole team who make this day so magical. So proud of my girls @erincrittling for the beautiful grounding meditation I’m so grateful to have you as a friend and @catherinegignac your yoga practise was powerful and connective thank you❤️ #AeriePartner #SolsticeTsq at Times Square, New York City


Episode 3 of my #MirrorChallenge is now live! 👆watch right now - link is in my bio👆 Comment below what you would say to your bullies right now... This is @michelleparksss story. Diagnosed as a child with epilepsy, wheelchair bound and told she may not live till high school. Michelle fought and survived, she is no longer in a wheelchair but still living with her epilepsy. Even after being so strong bullies decided to try and make her life hell and horrendous bullying happened all the way through school and college. When I asked Michelle to look in the mirror her pain and the voices of the bullies had crushed her self esteem and worth. In this episode you see her speak to her bullies in the mirror and her younger self and decide to take back control of the narrative she had for who she is. The voice notes from her loved ones proved to her that this superwoman is a survivor, uplifts those around her and inspires them to keep fighting. That there is so much to celebrate and love about herself that the bullies no longer have any power over her self worth. She knows she’s good enough being her and I’m proud to know you too @michelleparksss thank you for sharing your story. Please watch and share this episode for everyone that needs it. #youareNOTalone #bullyingendshere #weareallgoodenough


Reason 642 I was feelin myself last night... 😋 Because I was wearing my fave Color Riche lipstick by @lorealmakeup in shade 642🙌 It’s actually the only lippie I bought on vacay! And because it’s from the ‘shine’ range I didn’t need to bring a lipgloss, so did last nights look with only 3 products. (Lipstick, mascara and highlighter) Swipe to the last vid lol seriously love and use this lipstick so damn much even the number has rubbed off 😂 You know how it is when you find the perfect nude! And I’ll be stocking up when I’m bk in the 🇬🇧 because @bootsuk it’s 3 for 2 right now! (I’ll put the link in my insta stories😍) And you can even use code “70SHADES” to get £1 off of all Color Riche lipsticks at until 27th July! Time to celebrate the 70shades of this iconic #lipstick I’m seriously here for it and proud to be part of the campaign ❤️💄 #loreal #makeup #justcantgetenough . Here’s the link to shop my lipstick and get the discounts👉


Always building something. Videos b online again soon and no sign up or subscriptions needed... follow my where will start uploading soon as I’m back 🙏


Episode 2 of my #MirrorChallenge is now live‼️ Click the link in my bio to watch👆👆👆 Welcome to @simplykyspencer story. A survivors story: mental abuse leading to an eating disorder then being sexually abused on school campus at only 14 by his boyfriend he loved Kyle was then accused by the school and authorities of soliciting sex for drugs or money - “because boys don’t get sexually abused or raped”. Having to come out this way to his family with a call from the school suspending him rather than protecting and helping him, Kyle fought on his own for years and wanted to do the mirror challenge not only to face himself and realise he’s a survivor but also to let everyone out there with a #metoo story know that they are not alone. Thank you Kyle - holding back tears writing this because you shared everything with me and now the world and I’m beyond grateful your story needs to be heard and I hope you all share the episode with anyone that it could help. And now we celebrate Kyle and everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community, you are loved and you are enough❤️ #pride #kylesstory


Love your body!! 🍑🍑 And celebrate each other’s too! She’s beautiful like her and I’m beautiful like me #WomenSupportingWomen Thank you so much @sassyredlipstick for having me be part of your latest blog post all about celebrating ourselves our bodies and each other❤️🙌 so happy to be a part of this amazing uplifting community on IG and having met you and now be friend IRL🤗 it’s friends like you Sarah that inspire me to keep spreading the self-love! 💕 Be sure to head over to @sassyredlipstick give her a follow and then go read the blog post to see the rest of our unretouched photos! I’ll put the link in my insta stories too😘 📸Photos & creative direction by @tripp


💄💋Can you guess which lips are mine?😋 So excited to announce that I’m one of the faces behind the new L’Oréal Paris Just Can’t Get Enough campaign 🙌 I love a lipstick 💄 and the iconic Color Riche Lipsticks have been my go to (esp shade 624😍) and this campaign is to celebrate the fact there’s now 70 shades‼️👀 – in Matte, Satin and Shine finishes. For me I usually wear a shine as it feels moisturised and don’t need any gloss on top but I’m also a fan of red lippie or a pinkier pop of colour to finish off a look lol So hope you like the video turn on sound😝 and I’m gonna pass it on to my girl @ajodudu loved shooting this campaign with you, shot by the incredible @rankinarchive 🙏 Oh and guess what!!! All the lippies are 3 for 2 at 😬 #JustCantGetEnough @lorealmakeup @bootsuk


Catching feelings Friday


So when I posted this from my #Maldives holiday this @aerie collection wasn’t out yet.. soooo I’m happy to announce this style (called the Henley) has dropped!🙌 Can’t wait to see all your #unretouched #swim pics so make sure u use #aeriereal because the real you is good enough! And PS thank you so so so much to everyone whose watched my show and for all the incredible comments! Isn’t @angelsharibrown so inspiring 🙏❤️


My first ever show the #MirrorChallenge that I created, produced with @clevver and hosted is now live‼️ Episode 1 is @angelsharibrown story. LINK TO WATCH IN MY BIO👆👆👆 Angel shares the insecurities she faced as a teenage mom when her new body had stretch marks, excess skin and more. She used wigs as a crutch and even a clip to pull her stomach skin tight. Angel did the #MirrorChallenge with me to face these insecurities and embrace her real self. ❤️ The reason I created this show was because redefining what I saw when I looked in the mirror helped me find peace and fall in love with my body. After years of battling with body dysmorphia and disordered eating, I came to the realisation if Instead Of focusing on the parts of my body that I hated, I would seek out things I could love and celebrate. After breaking the negative and damaging thought cycle or self loathing I was able to reprogram how I viewed myself and place value in WHO I was not just the outer packaging. Over the last few years I have shared this self-care with others and it’s has been life changing - so I decided it was time to share it with the world. So F your superficial make over shows, I don’t believe anyone’s appearance needs fixing especially for revenge or to fit into some perfected illusion that’s not even real. YOU and Angel were always good enough #timesup and now we will together decider to see that we are enough and celebrate the beauty in our differences and imperfections of who we are. So are you ready to watch episode 1? Let me know what you think in the comments and show @angelsharibrown for being so brave to be vulnerable and share her deepest insecurities with the us. ❤️ PS I can’t wait to see all of your videos and pics of you doing your own Mirror Challenges! 😘


So who’s ready for summer 18??? . . . #throwback to my fave ever @aerie #pink #swimsuit 💕


The blonde is back. . . on set today w @aerie big tings coming soon 🤐🤫🤭 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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