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this lovely sunday lunch has me hyped to consume all of the fish tacos in the San Diego area this coming weekend! 🐟🐙🦀🦐 – grilled Tajin scallops, fresh homemade heirloom pico de gallo, queso fresco, homemade verde hot sauce, white corn tortilla.


good morning to everybody... except the orange buffoon! ☕️


Happy [RUN THE] Record Store Day [JEWELS] 2018 to all the crate diggers today! this ‘Stay Gold’ RTJ vinyl case & Marvel Comics record was the top release on my list for sure! 👉🤛 at Shuga Records Chicago


exactly one month until the day I get to refer to this incredible woman as my beautiful bride for the rest of my life! at Greenhouse Loft


I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work for a company that encourages me to be involved in varying aspects of our business in two of the finest American cities. A company that pushes me to embrace my creativity in so many different ways & allows me to “flex my hustle” as my homegirl Asta always says! I’ve been down with Emporium since day one & I (we) don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon! 👾 at Emporium SF :: Arcade Bar Venue


FOOTLONG! who got the footlong? 🌭 at Faction Brewing


it’s Friday... let’s RAMPAGE! 🦍🦎🐺 at Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue


couldn’t sneak a round in this morning, but also couldn’t let this beautiful Spring day go to waste... excited to get 18 in soon!🏌🏼‍♂️ at Diversey Driving Range & Mini Golf


hit that yung left swipe to see the cold ass Rampage-inspired Emporium x Jugrnaut collab shirt! releasing this Friday at the OG arcade bar, less than 100 pieces available so pull up early! 🦍🦎🐺 at Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue


making a very rare bartending appearance this Tuesday evening with G-Weasley, Laurmione, & Voldariomort! come through for some potent potions! 💀🐍 at Emporium Popups


shut up, muggle... i can have a couple two, tree more! 💀🐍 at Emporium Popups


there’s nothing quite like a riverfront Nitro Javatron on a brisk April Sunday 🤖 at Metropolitan Brewing

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